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Build a Boat for Treasure codes

build a Boat for Treasure codes
Written by Wayka Mido

Roblox Build a Boat for Treasure codes allow you to get new items, gems, pets, and coins, etc.

These codes make it easier for you to advance in the game and leave other players behind.

Active build a Boat for Treasure codes

Those are the actual true & active codes available in build a Boat for Treasure codes:

  • Be a big f00t print: free blocks
  • hi: 5 Gold
  • Squid Army: 22x Ice, 22x Gold
  • =D: 5 Gold
  • =P: 5 Gold
  • chillthrill709 was here: free blocks
  • fuzzy friend?: free blocks
  • Lurking Legend: free blocks

Expired build a Boat for Treasure codes

this is the list of all expired codes for build a Boat for Treasure for you to get an idea about the past codes and the rewards that players got from them.

Level 1616 Star
Valentine’s Day10 Balloons, 3 cakes, 5 pink candy, and also 10 Heart
BBBOOOAAATTTSSS!!!1 Boat Motor, 1 Car seat, 4 Woodblock and also 1 Cake
Update Tomorrow5 Pink Candy, 5 Ring Firework and also 5 Star Block
There is no code15 Balloons, 5 Cake, 5 Super Firework and also 5 Neon Block
HiddenCode70925 Neon Block, 1 Cake, 10 Balloons and also 5 Cannon
OneYearOneCheer5 Pink Candy, 10 Balloons, 1 Cake and also 5 Cluster Fireworks
100 wooden rods100 wood post
1M Members5 Ultra Thruster, 100 Balloons, 10 Cake, 25 Neon Block, and also 3 Pink Candy
50fabric50 Fabric
A Boat20 Wood, 1 Wooden Crow´s nest, 1 gold Throne, 1 Wooden Helm, 4 Cannon, 1 Harpoon, and also 10 Star Block
Free Star Jetpackearn 1 Star Jetpack
Not a Code25 Ice, 3 Cake, 5 Star Block, 1 White Thruster, and also 1 Chillz Plushie
The Decoding Of The Boat1 Soccer Ball, 5 Bundles of Dynamite, 50 Grass Block and also 1 Harpoon
HMMMMM1 Worthy’s Plushie, 5 Star Block, an also 1 TNT
500M Visits4 Portal, 5 Cake, 25 Balloons, and also 20 Star Block
Veterans Day10 Banner, 10 Star Block, 10 Balloons, 5 Circle Fireworks, 5 Super Fireworks, and also 5 Cluster Fireworks
TTTRRREEEAAASSSUUURRREEE1 common chest block, 5 stars, 5 pink candy, and also 15 neon block
build a Boat for Treasure Expired codes

Codes for blocks or for gold can be redeemed. You can enter codes at the bottom of the configuration menu in a textbox. Codes are not case sensitive, so the squid army, Squid Army, and sQUiD ArMY will all function in the same way. NOTE: A few codes will only function on new servers on this page. There are several hours of fun we can get in Build a Boat for Gold.

How to Redeem Build a Treasure Codes Boat

You must click on the Shop item (left side of the screen) to redeem the codes. Then press the Settings icon and scroll down to the codes window after that. Upload your code, and press the Redeem Code.


How do you build a good boat in a boat for treasure?

you can use any materials to build a good boat in the boat for treasure, and because boats are one of the main features in the game here are some tips that will help you build a better boat :

  • First Put stronger blocks in the center
  • put the weak blocks as defences
  • team with others to make a better boat
  • build a roof on top of the boat to protect you when the boat flips over
  • build a boat that is strong in all areas not just the front

Notes to keep in mind while building :

  • if you team with someone to build a boat all their blocks will vanish if they decide to leave
  • the number of the blocks or it’s weight doesn’t effect the boat
  • turn isolation mode to prevent other players from colliding with your boat
  • Anchor blocks that floats when you’re building the boat will drom when you launch the boat

What is the strongest block in build a boat For Treasure?

The gold-block is the strongest block you can use to build a boat and its recommended to put them inside and in the center .

What do hinges do in build a boat For Treasure?

The Hinge Block is an ability block that was added in June 2019 and its a small wheel that helps to speed and move blocks depending on their weight. and you can use them to connect two wheels and in magnet cannon.

What is the rarest block in build a boat for treasure?

The Rarest items in build a boat for treasure are the chest blocks with 1% chane to find them . and the second rarest item is Harpoon with a chance of 30% to find it.

How do you do find me in build a boat for Treasure ?

Here are the steps to do a find me in build a boat for treasure :

  1. Find teleporting glue block with the word “Butter” written on its sides
  2. click the teleporting block 5 times
  3. enjoy getting get 25 glue blocks, 5 buttons, 3 levers, and 1000 gold .

Notes : Players are not allowed to attach blocks to their avatar in order to finish Find me quest.

Why does my boat explode in build a boat for treasure?

The reason behind your boat being exploded or even your avatar is to prevent control glitch and the flying glitch to get more gold.


for more detailed information please check build a boat for treasure wiki here.

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