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Roblox Jailbreak codes

In this article you will find the updated list of Roblox jailbreak codes list, also we include some information about roblox jailbreak hacks and glitches.

Roblox jailbreak game was created in June 2017 by Badimo, the game is visited more than 4 billion times.

jailbreak is a prison escape game where you lead your character and team to escape prison and plan robberies on stores, Banks, Jewelry Store or the Museum.

The police will try to stop you from doing all that and keep you in prison, the world of Jailbreak is so big and there is a lot of places to discover and explore.

Roblox jailbreak codes

There are currently no active codes.

Expired Roblox jailbreak codes

Balance6,000 Cash
5Days7,500 Cash
Cargo7,500 cash
kreekcraft10,000 cash
threeyears10,000 cash
onehour25,000 cash
countdown5,000 cash
healthy7,500 Cash
stayhealthy5,000 Cash
minimustang10,000 Cash
feb202010,000 Cash
Leaves5,000 Cash
ThreeBillionParty3 Billion Tire Decals
refreshed7,500 Cash
SuperReader3,000 Cash
jetmissiles10,000 Cash
yoyoheres1code10,000 Cash
reachforthesky7,500 Cash
Facebook10005,000 Cash
DISCORD2,000 Cash
SKYHIGH5,000 Cash
TenK10,000 Cash
jailbreaktwoyears8,500 Cash
SickDay8,000 Cash
DISCO7,000 Cash
MovieMint6,500 Cash
FireFighter5,000 Cash
Royale1 Royale Token
LIGHT2,500 Cash
ExpertReader5,000 Cash
THANKYOU2,500 Cash
QUANTUM5,000 Cash
test1,000 Cash
Expired jailbreak roblox codes

Roblox jailbreak hack

There was a working Hack in form of a script script called Tesla GUI [JailBreak GUI] that appeared on V3rmillion forums. but it stoppen working since June 2020.

this Jailbreak Hack would allow you to do a lot of different stuff in the game like Auto rubbing ect..

Here is a video explaining how the hack works :

Roblox jailbreak hack

Roblox jailbreak museum

The Museum is next to the Radio Tower one and it’s one of the many places you can rob in Jailbreak .

When Rubbing the museum you’re allowed to carry 5kg of goods, unless you have Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass then you’re allowed to carry up to 8 kgs.

jailbreak museum is a popular place for robbing as it offers high bounties for criminals, and it’s easy to rob for experience players, in fact its easier than the jewelry store and the bank.

Also puzzles are easier to solve in the museum compared to other places but the most beautiful thing about the museum is that the police aren’t allowed inside, but keep in mind they can ambush you by the doors.

keep in mind that if you start a robbery you have four minutes of time and if you exceed that time you will be teleported to the front of the building without the money you got.

as four escape routes for the jailbreak museum they are four :

  1. Main door
  2. Left door
  3. Right door
  4. roof escape

How to noclip in jailbreak roblox ?

if you’re looking to know how to walk through walls in roblox jailbreak then follow these steps and you should be able to do it :

  1. Find a wall to noclip through
  2. go to the first person mode
  3. look up and go to the side of the wall by pressing d.
  4. Zoom out and make sure you’e looking up
  5. Press d again until your body touches the wall
  6. Your shoes should cover the screen (if not try to jump)
  7. Hold shift + d
  8. press c twice so your character glitches in (press d twice fast)
  9. enjoy character inside the building

The Jailbreak noclip works on windows, doors and fences.

Tip: if the noclip glitch didn’t work try to increase the lagg.

Roblox jailbreak volt bike

Roblox jailbreak volt bike is good for doing robberies as it moves and accelerate very fast than most vehicles, and its also one of the best when it comes to off roading.

jailbreak volt bike costs 1m which makes it very expensive, also its reverse is very slow compared to other vehicles and not to forget that you’re easily exposed to gun fires when riding it.

Roblox jailbreak vehicles List and cost

Pickup Truck$9,000
Model 3$16,000
Lamborghini$100,000, or R$99 rental
Dune Buggy$45,000
Monster Truck$1,000,000
Volt Bike$1,000,000
SWAT VanR$350
Little Bird$190,000
Black Hawk$1,000,000
Lia’s SpaceshipPriceless (Free for L_iiaa)
Jet Ski$25,000
Roblox jailbreak vehicles List and cost

Roblox jailbreak glitches 2020

Here is a list of top 5 of Unpatched glitches of 2020 :

The no fall damage Glitch

this glitch will protect you from dealing with any fall damage until you die or leave the game.

To do this glitch do the following : While you jump from a height deploy the parachute exact time you switch teams .

The flying car glitch

To do this glitch follow the steps below:

  • have to get a glider,
  • at the same time jump and enter your vehicle.
  • open and release your glider.
  • Now you can fly the car in the sky

The Insta Kill Glitch

To do the insta kill glitch follow these steps:

  1. go to the bank
  2. drive the volt inside the bank
  3. Enter the volt and switch trams
  4. go to gun store
  5. get a grenade
  6. head back to the bank again
  7. if the volt disappeared then the glitch is working
  8. Launch the grenade and you will be able to damage the entire server players

Note : you have to this glitch while the bank is still open, and if it closes you will have to start again. also if you jump while doing this glitch you will die.

Bank Insta Escape Glitch

In order to do the Bank insta glitch follow the steps bellow :

  1. drive the volt in the bank into the vault
  2. collect the money
  3. drive to a higher place in the vault
  4. wait until your head is hitting the ceiling
  5. exit the volt
  6. now you should be glitched out of the bank

Ps : this glitch don’t work with the Corridor floor, Presidential, or Underwater.

Frequently asked questions

how to get keycard Roblox jailbreak ?

The only way to get a key card in Jailbreak is by Pickpocketing a police officer, and you can do it by holding [e] at the back of a Police Officer for 4 seconds until you get a keycard.

where is the criminal base in jailbreak Roblox?

To reach the criminal base in jailbreak you have to escap prison first and then keep going forward until you reach the gas station and after that follow the dirt path on your left until you find the criminal base.

What is the best vehicle in Jailbreak 2020?

The tesla Roadster is the best car in Roblox jailbreak and it’s the fastest electric hypercar in the game, it’s costs 600,000$ in game cash. and it’s located at the badimo charging station near the bank.

Final thoughts

This is it for roblox jailbreak codes and the list of vehicles and some of glitches in the game, for more information feel free to check the jailbreak wiki here.

if you came across any new working codes please us know in the comment and we will update the list above.

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