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Wizard Simulator codes

Roblox wizard simulator codes
Written by Wayka Mido

In this post you will find the complete full list of Roblox wizard simulator codes and rewards for each code.

wizard simulator is a Roblox game that was created in April 2019 and updated this September , till this date it was visited more than 39 million times.

In wizard simulator you will go on an adventure to defeat bosses and collect secret treasures also you have to unlock new staffs, pets and spells in order to be the strongest wizard in the game.

All active wizard simulator codes:

Code : Reward

  • random: 30 minutes of all Boosts.
  • 2020update: 30 minute Drop Boost.
  • dairebboost: 20 minute Gold Boost.
  • wisdomboost: 20 minute XP Boost.
  • extra: Random reward.
  • pvp: Random reward.
  • polaris: 500 Coins.
  • robzigame: 250 Coins.
  • daireb: 250 Coins.
  • wisdomclock: 250 Coins.
  • release: 500 coins.

Till now all these codes for wizard simulator are working and there is no expired codes yet so please if you came across a code that’s not working please tell us in the comments.

Steps to Redeem wizard training simulator codes?

To redeem the wizard training simulator codes follow the steps bellow :

  • on the icons on top screen click on store
redeem wizard training simulator codes
redeem wizard training simulator codes
  • Click on codes on bottom left
  • enter the codes from the table above on the grey area that says codes
  • once redeemed you should see something similar to this :
Roblox wizard training simulator codes redeemed success
wizard training simulator codes redeemed success

what is elo in wizard simulator ?

ELO in wizard simulator is your PVP score, so if you get a kill you gain ELO if you get killed you lose ELO .it doesn’t currently do anything.

how much does the lost dragon do wizard simulator ?

the lost dragon in wizard simulator is a pet that you can buy only by using robux, and it costs 799 Robux.

how to get shield in wizard traning simulator ?

To get the Greater shield in wizard traning simulator you have to reach level 70.

wizard simulator pets

Dummy WarriorCommon
Dummy ArcherCommon
Dummy SpearmanCommon
Dummy SwordsmanCommon
Magma SpiderCommon
Earth WolfCommon
White BearCommon
Magma ClamCommon
Earth CrabCommon
Pirate GunmanCommon
Pirate SwordsmanCommon
Stone EaterCommon
Black AntCommon
Shadow WormCommon
Magma GolemCommon
Elite Dummy ArcherCommon
Elite Dummy SpearmanCommon
Green WaspCommon
Earth TitanCommon
Small JelloCommon
Gingerbread SoldierCommon
Shadow Corn BatCommon
Magma DonutCommon
Zombie CupcakeCommon
Toxic DonutCommon
Headless DummyCommon
Fire HorseCommon
Dummy KingEpic
Shadow WolfEpic
Rainbow CrawlerEpic
Water GolemEpic
Magic JellyfishEpic
Earth WormEpic
Project ScorpionEpic
Blood TreantEpic
Shadow WaspEpic
Apache HelicopterGodly
Shine Apache HelicopterGodly
Queek QueekGodly
Shiny Queek QueekGodly
Shine JorneGodly
Shiny DarkinGodly
Lost DragonGodly
Earth GolemLegendary
Rainbow FairyLegendary
Magic SwordLegendary
Magma HorrorLegendary
Sky DragonLegendary
Dummy WizardRare
Magma WolfRare
Ghost SlimeRare
Earth ClamRare
Acid CrabRare
Ghost AndRare
Grass ScorpionRare
Cherry BlossomRare
Ice TitanRare
wizard simulator pets

wizard simulator wiki

For more detailed information about wizard simulator wiki and spells check the fandom page of the game here

The takeaway

this is it for Roblox wizard simulator codes , if you are looking for more Roblox Promo codes please check the following posts :

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