All working Treasure Quest codes

roblox treasure quest codes

If you’re looking for Treasure Quest codes then you just came to the right place with the latest active and working codes.

but first what is Treasure Quest ? it is a Roblox game developed by Nosniy Games with dungeon crawler RPG theme . The goal of the game is to go to dungeons and collect as many armors and weapons as you can to become more powerful. The higher your level is, the more dungeons you can explore in the game.

Active treasure quest codes

Theseroblox treasure quest codes will give you Effects, Potions, Gold, Level-ups, and even backpack space . consider redeeming these codes as soon as possible as codes can expire in any given moment , if you came accross a new code or an expired one please let us know in the comments.

10storage+10 Backpack Slots
2hourexp1 XP Potion for 4 hours
2hourluck1 Luck Potion for 4 hours
alienFree Levelup
anothereffect1 Random Effect
anotherpotion1 Random Potion
area511 Luck Potion
autumn1 XP Potion
bankslots+25 Bank Slots
beefy1 Heal Potion
bestcostume1 Health Potion
BIGBOOST1 Luck Potion
blackbelt1 Random Effect
blizmid1 Avalanche
bossanubis500 Gold
brightbeachisback1 Luck Potion
candyquest1 Gold Potion
cavesrevamp1 Effect Potion
coconut1 XP Potion
coralrevamp1 Luck Potion
desertcactus500 Gold
dominusgrind1 Luck Potion
EGGHUNT20201 XP Potion
endlessmode1 Random Effect
evenmorexp1 XP Potion
experienceboost1 XP Potion
experienceboost21 XP Potion
extrastorage+1 Backpack Space
federationgrind1 Luck Effect
freecoins500 Gold
freelevelFree Levelup
freepotion1 Random Potion
freepotion21 Random Potion
freestorage+1 Backpack Slots
givemelevels1 XP Potion
goldrush1 Gold Potion
halloweenupdate1 Luck Potion
happy4thofjuly1 Random Effect
hi1 XP Potion
hugeupdatesoon+10 Bank Slots
hypehype1 Random Effect
i<3candycorn25 Candy Corn
i<3effects1 Random Effect
i<3levelsFree Levelup
i<3storage+5 Backpack Space
icecold1 XP Potion
ilovegold1 Gold Potion
ilovesales1 Gold Potion
ilovexmas+5 Backpack Slots
ilovexp1 XP Potion
imfeelinglucky1 Luck Potion
junglerevamp1 XP Potion
king1 Random Effect
levelupFree Levelup
localization1 Random Effect
luckfordays1 Luck Potion
luckluckluck1 Luck Potion
millionmembers1 Ravager
mythicalplzLuck Potion
naughty1 Luck Potion
newabilities1 Random Potion
newdungeon500 Gold
newdungeonhype1 XP Potion
newlobbyhype1 Luck Potion
newmonstershype1 Random Potion
nice1 Luck Potion
nosniy=noob1 Random Effect
officialrelease500 Gold
omgrobots1 Luck Potion
palmtrees1 XP Potion
pearlhunt1 Random Effect
peppermints1 XP Potion
plzgivemythical1 Luck Potion
PROTECTOR1 Luck Potion
pumpkincarving1 XP Potion
puredamage1 Damage Potion
purehealth1 Damage Potion
questskips4 Free Quest Skips
questskips24 Free Quest Skips
randomeffect1 Random Effect
randompotion1 Random Potion
ranoutofideas1 Effect Potion
razorfishgaming1 Random Potion
samurai1 Luck Potion
sensei=noob1 Random Effect
sewersrevamp1 Luck Potion
shellgrind1 XP Potion
shoprevamp1 Luck Potion
sinistereerie1 Damage Potion
spookyseason1 Luck Potion
SPRINGTIME+10 Bank Slots
stronk1 Damage Potion
sugarquestFree Levelup
summerishere1 Luck Potion
summerpart21 Gold Potion
summertime1 XP Potion
sunshine1 XP Potion
tanqr1 XP Potion
terabritegames1 XP Potion
tofuu1 Random Effect
treasure500 Gold
trueninja1 Damage Potion
twiistedpandora1 Random Effect
ufo1 XP Potion
ultimaterarity1 Luck Potion
update1500 Gold
update101 XP Potion
update111 XP Potion
update121 XP Potion
update141 Luck Potion
update15XP Potion
update161 XP Potion
UPDATE181 XP Potion
update191 XP Potion
update2Free Levelup
UPDATE211 XP Potion
UPDATE221 XP Potion
update71 Random Effect
update8+5 Backpack Space
update91 XP Potion
updatesoonFree Levelup
ved_dev1 Random Effect
winterishere1 XP Potion
xppotion1 XP Potion
yummycandy1 Gold Potion
active treasure quest codes

Expired codes for treasure quest

this is the list of expired codes that are no longer available , we included them for you to get an idea about the past codes and what other players got from each one .

ONEYEAR* 1 One & Done (Cosmetic) [LIMITED TIME]
* 100,000,000visits1100 Million Effect 
* 100,000,000visits21 Random Potion 
* 100,000,000visits31 Random Effect 
* 100,000,000visits4+10 Backpack Slots 
50millionvisits50m Effect
expired treasure quest codes


How do I get the ban hammer Treasure Quest?

The best way to get the ban hammer in Treasure Quest is by skipping your quests until you get a good one that will give you mythic or legends. keep in mind that you chance to obtain a ban hammer is 1 in 4,000.

How do you get the crystal blade in Treasure Quest 2020?

the crystal blade in Treasure Quest is located in a cave near the daily Rewards chest and you will get it by discovering that cave, the crystal blade is one of the rare weapons in Treasure Quest.

How do you get the demon slayer in Treasure Quest?

In order to get The demon Slayer in Treasure Quest you have to go to Crystal cave and collect it there, bare in mine that the chance to get is 1/255 .

How do you get the elemental blade in Treasure Quest?

elemental blade in Treasure Quest is a weapon that you can get by crafting , the crafting recipefor the elemental blade is :

  • 1 Lava Blade
  • 1 Grass Blade
  • 1 Ice Blade
  • 1 Shadow Blade
  • 1 Thunder Blade
  • 1 Crystal Blade

How do you get the Sabre in Treasure Quest?

You can get the Sabre in Treasure Quest in the Sinister Sewers, the cahnces of getting it is 1 to 2500 .

What is an elite boss in Treasure Quest?

an elite boss in Treasure Quest are 10x More Powerful than the normal bosses, If you defeat them its a guarantee Legendary weapon.

Where is the hidden thunder blade in Treasure Quest?

To get the hidden thunder blade in Treasure Quest just get into the cannon and it should send you to the cloud where you find the hidden thunder waiting for you to collect .

How do you get the thunder banana in Treasure Quest?

In order to get the thunder banana in Treasure Quest you have to get both a banana and a Thunderbolt at the same time in Ancient Jungle.

Where is the water blade in Treasure Quest Roblox?

the water blade or the water sword in Treasure Quest Roblox is located in the Coral Kingdom.

Final thoughts

That’s it for Treasure Quest codes we hope that you got some useful rewards .and for more information about different weapons check the Treasure quest wiki here .

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