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Roblox Notoriety codes

Notoriety codes
Written by Wayka Mido

Redeem these notoriety codes and get free cash, contracts and some diamond safes.

notoriety is a roblox that was created in January 2020 by Brick_man and it got more than 130 million visits since then.

Active Notoriety codes

These are all the active and working codes for Notoriety game on Roblox:

  • hotsauce: Top Secret badge.
  • next: $100,000 cash.
  • d4rkn1njarx: $500,000 cash.
  • whatadeal: $600,000 cash.
  • medic: 1 Extreme difficulty Blood Money contract.
  • ninja: 1 Nightmare difficulty Shadow Raid contract.
  • favorite: 1 Extreme difficulty Golden Mask Casino contract.
  • bigbank: 1 Extreme difficulty Brick Bank contract.
  • banksy: 1 Nightmare difficulty Downtown Bank contract.
  • test: 1 Cardboard Safe.
  • 100m: 3 Ruby Safes.
  • shinysafe: 1 Diamond Safe.
  • hellodarkness: 1 Normal difficulty Shadow Raid contract.
  • downtown: 1 Normal difficulty Downtown Bank contract.
  • gunupdate: 2 Diamond Safes.
  • nighttime: 1 Nightmare difficulty cook off contract.
  • onehundredk: $100,000 cash.

How to redeem Notoriety codes

To redeem the codes is actually easy, just click on store then on twitter codes and you will see a pop up like the one below, just enter the codes from the table above and click on REDEEM.

Notoriety codes 2020
Notoriety codes 2020


how to do jewelry store stealth notoriety?

there are two stealth methods in Notoriety:

stealth Method #1:

  1. Head to the store and Mask up.
  2. Locate the power box at the back of the store.
  3. Open the box and disable the cameras.
  4. Secure the back alleyways.
  5. Take care of guards inside the alley by finishing them or taking them as hostages.
  6. pick the lock of the windows in the Alleway to Sneak in through the windows (Don’t break them)
  7. Make sure that the back area & the main area of the shop are secured
  8. Use C4 or the drills.
  9. Make sure the optional loot is secured until drills are done.
  10. Secure the crown.
  11. Leave.

stealth Method #2:

For this method you will need to have the Nimble skill, also this method is useful only if you want to get the crown only:

  1. Head to the back of the store then Mask up
  2. Locat the box at the back of thestore and open it
  3. Disable all the cameras
  4. pick the window and get in to the store
  5. secure the back rooms
  6. Open the safes by lockpicking them
  7. Get the Crown
  8. Escape

how to crouch in notoriety roblox?

To crouch in Notoriety use the CTRL button.

how to use medkit in notoriety roblox?

To use the Medkit or the doctor bag, aim at the ground and hold G. To interact with the medkit, approach it and hold F.

You may need to crouch, making use of the CTRL key. Also the medkits that dropped by guards are automatically used.

how to become infamous in notoriety roblox?

To become infamous in Notoriety you have to reach level 100 and have 20.000.000$ then you will have the option to become infamous and get all the infamy perks.

How do you get skills in notoriety?

the only way to get skills in Notoriety is by leveling up in the game as you will get one skill point everytime you level up, and one extra skill once every 10 levels. also once you become Infamous you will get 32 skills.

how to use equipment in Notoriety?

To use Equipment or deploy them just hold G key button.

what does the ecm jammer do in notoriety?

The ECM Jammer is an equipment that will help you delay the police calls if you ever got noticed by the guards or civilians, the ECM Jammer will delay the calls by 25 seconds and it’s enough for you to get to the caller.

how to shout in notoriety?

To shout in Notoriety just press the F button.

Final thoughts

That’s about Notoriety codes and the frequently asked questions about the game, you can check the Notoriety wiki here for more detailed information about the game.

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