All Mining Champions codes For 2020

Mining Champions codes

Mining Champions codes will allow you to get multiple rewards like pets, gems and Ore and many other things, in this post we listed all 12 available codes for Mining Champions.

Mining Champions is a Roblox game that was created on july 2020 by BitFlame Team. the game got more than 4 million visits since then.

All Active Mining Champions codes

this is the latest Mining champion codes list for September 2020 :

MuchShinex2 shine boost
MuchLikex2 shine boost
FreeLuckx2 Luck
FreeShinex2 shine boost
10KCODE  a free pet (NEW)
schizelpops  a SchizelPops Pet
russo  a Russo Pet
Release  250 free gems
razorfish  a Razorfish Pet
LuckyMoon  x2 luck
GRAVYCAT  a Gravycat Pet
FreeShiny  x3 shiny boost
FreeBoost  x2 ore
DrakeCraft  a DrakeCraft Pet
3KCODE  x2 luck

till this date there is no expired codes for mining champions, but if you came across any new codes or expired ones in this list just tell us in the comments and we will make sure to update it.

How to redeem Mining Champions codes

to redeem codes for Mining champions just follow the steps below:

  1. click on the twitter icon on far bottom left
Mining Champions Roblox codes
  1. you will see a pop up screen like this
Mining Champions Roblox codes
redeeming codes for Mining champions
  1. enter the code in grey area that says “type code here” 10KCODE for example
codes for Mining Champions Roblox
  1. when redeemed successfully you should see a screen like this :
codes for Mining Champions Roblox

Final thoughts

Mining champions Makers added quests and trading option, so make sure to check the latest update.

if you want more accessories like hats, back accessories and pets check the Roblox Promo codes list.

also if you play any other Roblox game check the available codes here :

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