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Roblox Heroes Online codes

Roblox heroes online codes list 2020
Written by Wayka Mido

This post is about all active heroes online codes for 2021, in addition to the expired also. we update this post as new codes are available.

Heroes Online is a Roblox game based on a famous manga series called My Hero Academia.

In Heroes online you have to choose your side as a hero or a villain, and make your way up by improving your skills and obtain powerful quirks, gears and skills. the goal of the game is to defeat whomever stands in your way.

Active Roblox heroes online codes

This is the list of available working codes along side with rewards for each code.

Code : Reward

  • TheLastOne: 5 Epic spins
  • 2kids: 5 Epic spins
  • Bluebird: 3 Epic spins
  • Tsukuyomi: 10 Rare spins

Expired codes for heroes online

this are the previously working codes for Heroes online, we included those for you to get an idea what players got in the past and what you might expect in the future.

CodesSpins Rewards
20182 Rares
20k1 Epic
30K!2 Rare
7Days5 Rare
Anniversary!1 Epic
Assemble!1 Epic
Avengers Assemble!3 Epic
Avengers!1 Epic
Bizarre6 Epic
Bloxnote1 Epic
Bloxxit5 Rare
Commoner1 Epic
CraftYou3 Rare
DamagePlayz3 Rare
delux2 Rare
Endgame1 Epic
ErenYeager!7 Epic
GearGearNoMi5 Rare
Gentle2 Epic
Grateful1 Epic
hallowhallowOnthewall1 Epic
Heroborne7 Rare
Herogame2 Rare
Iggy5 Epic
iHaveLegs2 Rare
iMbAcK5 Rare
iNtErNeT1 Epic
Jannnuary5 Rare
July5 Rare
KiddStan3 Rare
Lawliet1 Epic
Le30002 Rare
LilDeluxe1 Epic
MaineGame3 Rare
Mentoris5 Rare
mySoundAcademia5 Common
Naturia1 Epic
NewMap!10 Epic
NightFame5 Rare
NotUs1 Epic
Onnnline5 Rare
Overhaul5 Common
Phoenixxxx5 Common
Rebirth2 Epic
Relllease2 Epic
Rising1 Epic
sansOnline3 Common
season45 Common
Shinnnobi5 Common
shinobiX7 Rare
ShootStyle!5 Common
Sixteenth5 Common
TerraBlox3 Rare
Thrones3 Rare
Ultima1 Epic
VillainsOnlinnne5 Common
Witcher3 Epic
YareYare7 Rare
Expired heroes online roblox codes

Heroes online Quirks

This is the full list of Heroes online alongside with level of rarity and the damage ability of each one. we Ranked this list of Quirks from the extremely high damage to the lowest damage.

Fat  AbsorptionLegendaryExtremely High 
Dark ShadowEpicHigh 
Muscle AugmentationRareHigh 
One For AllLegendaryHigh 
One For All PrimeLegendaryHigh 
All For OneLegendaryMedium 
Naval LaserRareMedium 
Zero GravityRareMedium 

how to use codes in heroes online?

These are the exact steps on how to use spin codes in heroes online :

  • click on codes on bottom left menu
Roblox heroes online codes ALL NEW SECRET WORKING CODES
Roblox heroes online codes ALL NEW SECRET WORKING CODES
  • Past the code in the area that says “Enter your code here
Roblox heroes online codes ALL NEW SECRET WORKING CODES
Roblox heroes online codes ALL NEW SECRET WORKING CODES
  • once the code is redeemed you will get a message saying: you have received X amount of spins.
  • if the pop up message is in purple the spins is Epic, and if it’s blue then its a Rare spins and if it’s white then its a white spin.
Redeem Roblox heroes online codes ALL NEW SECRET WORKING CODES
Redeem Roblox heroes online codes ALL NEW SECRET WORKING CODES


How do you farm SP in Heroes online?

In Heroes online you can’t farm Sp, instead you can earn it by leveling up and participating in events, or play playing team battle.

Final Words

That’s it for Heroes online codes, we will make sure to update this post once new codes are available. make sure to check it once a while.

and if you came across any Expired or new code just let us know in the comment and we will update the post.

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