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Roblox Imposter codes

Roblox imposter codes
Written by Wayka Mido

In this post we ill keep you updated with Roblox imposter codes as per release.

The Roblox Impostor game was released on 17 September 2020, and it already reached 16+ million visits by the next day. this game is still in beta version and still in development, so you might face some bugs and shutdowns along the way.

Roblox Impostor game isabout two imposters and the rest is innocent, so basically you’re in a map and you have to do quests and basically the imposters have to kill every single innocent before they complete every single task and this game is basically a rip-off off among us if you guys haven’t already played this i mean you guys probably have played among us or seen it by now on youtube.

Roblox Imposter codes

These are the active code for Roblox Imposter :

  • socialdistance: Free Mask.
  • ilikeyacutg: Free reward.
  • ROCKTOBER: Free reward.
  • GAMER: Free reward.
  • BETA: Free Animal Hoodie.

How to redeem The Imposter codes

This is how to redeem the codes:

  • click on the blue star codes
redeem all codes for imposter roblox beta
redeem all codes for imposter roblox beta
  • enter code Beta
redeem all codes for imposter roblox beta
  • Click redeem
redeem all codes for imposter roblox beta

Final thoughts

there are some players who say that Imposter is a rip-off of the recently famous game Among us, and they might get copyright srike

. but the Imposter is still in beta and they might add extra or different game play in the future.

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