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Giant Simulator codes – January 2021

Giant Simulator codes will allow you to get a big amount of gold, clovers, hearts and quest points.

giant simulator is a Roblox game that was released in March 2019 and it grew to reach more than 58 million visits, it was developed by Mithril Games. the goal of the game is to become a giant and obtain weapons and armors and kill other players.

All active Giant Simulator codes

These are the latest codes for Giant simulator 2021, we will make sure to update this list once new codes are available. the codes in Bold are the latest released ones for January 2021.

  • GiantNewYear: 500 Snowflakes (NEW)
  • SNOWFLAKES: 500 Snowflakes
  • Milo Evolved: 10,000 Gold
  • AzadArtifacts03: 10,000 Gold
  • miloartifacts13: 10,000 Gold
  • Artifact: 500 Quest Points

Expired Giant Simulator codes

PurpleFemTemple10,000 gold
demonking 20,000 gold
fiftymill 20,000 gold
ShyTemple 20,000 gold
PurpleFemTemple 10,000 gold
SoulFarm 10,000 gold
mumazingtemple 10,000 gold
milotemple 10,000 gold
azadtemple 10,000 gold
austintemple 10,000 gold
dantemple 10,000 gold
temple 20,000 gold
Clover2020 2,000 clovers
StPatrick 10,000 gold
Balance 10,000 gold
AustinPets 2,500 gold
Valentine 1,000 hearts
GiantTofuu 10,000 gold
Pets 10,000 gold
AzadPets 2,500 gold
PlanetMiloPets 2,500 gold
RazorFishPets 5,000 gold
Boss 10,000 gold
Newyear 10,000 gold
LaborDay 2,500 gold
Azad26k 2600 gold
subtoplanetmilo 2500 gold
subtopurplefembot 2000 gold
Quest a lost of gold
SubToAustin 1,200 gold
TenMillion 5,000 gold
TofuuRebirth1 5,000 gold
Rebirth 10,000 gold
codes for giant simulator

How to redeem Roblox giant simulator codes

It’s easy to redeem the codes for Giant Simulator but if you don’t know how, here are the exact steps for you to follow:

  • Click on the white twitter icon in the right side
codes for giant simulator
  • a screen like this will appear
giant simulator codes for 2020
  • enter the code in the area that says “Enter code”, we take Artifact as an example.
giant simulator codes for 2020
  • when you successfully redeem the code you will get a message showing in green
redeem giant simulator codes for 2020


How do you get pets in giant simulator?

To get pet in Giant Simulator you have to go to pet shop and buy them using gold coins, you can get extra gold by redeeming the code in the table above.

How do you get soul gems in giant simulator?

There are three ways to get soul gems in Giant Simulator: by soul training, re-birthing or by getting to the Demon King’s world.

Where is the golden egg in giant simulator?

here is a video that lists all the location of Gloden egg in giant Simulator.

What are Roblox game codes?

Roblox game codes are special codes that you can redeem inside a specific game and get rewards that will help you advance in the game. sometimes those codes are exclusive to a certain time and released by developers of the game to celebrate an event or a milestone that is reached.

how do you rebirth in giant simulator?

To perform a Rebirth in Giant Simulator just click on the Sand timer in the bottom right and a screen will pop up with rebirth option. just click on Blue button and the rebirth will happen.

Final thoughts

that is all for Giant Simulator codes, if you want more info about the game check the Giant Simulator wiki, but it’s not complete yet and it needs more details.

If you want to get some items and accessories for your avatar you might want to check the Roblox Promo codes list.

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