All New Gladiator Simulator codes for October 2020

Gladiator Simulator codes

Gladiator Simulator codes will allow you to get free gems, coins and Xp boost and other rewards.

Gladiator Simulator is a Roblox game that was released in late April 2020, and it reached more than 8 million visits since then.

All active Gladiator Simulator codes

these are the active codes till this moment, we will update this list once new codes are available.

10KLIKES  20 minutes of x2 coin and XP boost
1MPET  a free 1M pet
1MVISITS  20,000 Coins and 20 minutes of x2 coin and XP boost
BETA  5,000 Gems & 5,000 Coins
SORRY  20 minutes of x2 coin and XP boost
Xonnek  21,000 Gems & 22,000 Coins

How to redeem codes for Gladiator Simulator

it’s easy to redeem the Gladiator Simulator codes, but if you don’t know how here are the steps :

  • click on the blue twitter icon on the right
  • a pop up like this will show
  • Enter one of the codes in the table above
  • click redeem
  • enjoy the reward

Final thoughts

Unfortunately there isn’t any Gladiator Simulator wiki yet but if you have any question go ahead and post it in the comments, hopefully some more advanced player can answer that.

Also if you came across any new codes or a code that won’t work just comment below this post and we will update it.

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