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Flood Escape 2 codes

Flood Escape 2 codes 2020
Written by Wayka Mido

Flood Escape 2 codes or FE2 codes that will reward you free coins and gems, and they are often released during events or new skin release.

Flood Escape 2 also called FE2 was created in April 2017, it”s a Roblox game where you have keep your air up while going through maps, once you reach the endzone of each map you will be rewarded Xp and coins and move to a more difficult map.

All Flood Escape 2 codes

These are all the codes for FE2 that are still active. most codes are released during new events or new skins.

No active codes at the moment.

Expired Codes Below:

Code : Reward

  • 2021goodwill: Coins and gems (New)
  • 4000onTwitter: 60 coins and 10 Gems (NEW).
  • Happy400M: 100 coins, 30 gems, and 1,000 XP.
  • iwannavote: 60 coins and 10 Gems.
  • happybirthdayfloodescape2: Third-anniversary cake.
  • LotsOfItems: 200 Coins.
  • finally: 50 coins and 20 Gems.

How To redeem Flood Escape 2 codes

It easy to redeem the codes for Flood Escape 2, just click on the shop icon on the bottom then on codes and enter one of the codes from the list above.

How To redeem Flood Escape 2 codes
How To redeem Flood Escape 2 codes

Flood Escape 2 Maps

Maps in Flood Escape 2 are what the game is about, there is a total 27 maps that you can explore and upgrade to and they are organized into 5 difficulties

Easy maps

Easy Maps are made to introduce you to the game and get familiarized with buttons, easy maps consist of 4 maps:

  • Castle Tides
  • Lost Woods
  • Axiom
  • Poisonous Valley

Normal Maps

Once you can pass the easy maps the Normal maps are the next step to get familiarized with higher difficulty in FE2, Easy maps consist of 8 maps:

  • Flood Island
  • Cave System
  • Infiltration
  • Oriental Grove
  • Sky Sanctuary
  • Decrepit Seas
  • Mysterium
  • Forgotten Tombs

Hard Maps

the hard maps consist of 7 maps and they are a bit harder than the normal maps as you will need to learn extra skills to finish each map, here are all the Hard Maps:

  • Lava Tower
  • Crystal Caverns
  • Snowy Peaks
  • Dark Sci-Forest
  • Graveyard Cliffside
  • Wild Savannah
  • Sedimentary Temple

Insane Maps

Insane Maps requires you to be fast and respond quick, they are the second hard set of maps in the game.

insane maps consist of 7 maps:

  • Familiar Ruins
  • Abandoned Facility
  • Gloomy Manor
  • Lost Desert
  • Sinking Ship
  • Dark Sci-Facility
  • Beneath The Ruins

Crazy Maps

Currently there is one Map under the Crazy map it’s the Blue Moon map , it’s hard to finish as it requires a lot of focus and skills, and it has a lot of obstacles that are hard to complete.

Flood Escape 2 test maps

test maps or also know as community maps in FE2 are maps that are whitelisted by other players

How to whitelist your map?

Here is how to list your map in Flood Escape 2:

  1. Find your model,
  2. copy its ID on the URL address,
  3. enter Whitelisting : FE2 Map Test,
  4. paste the ID in the box,
  5. click Submit Map.
  6. A message will show indicating a successful whitelist. If the queue is full, try again in a few days.

Flood Escape 2 secret room

The Secret Room in Flood Escape 2 is a hidden tunneling system that you can get to and explore, it is found next to the lobby.

where is the secret room in Flood Escape 2?

Here is how to get into the secret room in Flood Escape 2


what does rebirthing do in Flood Escape 2?

if you rebirth in Flood Escape 2 you level will reset to level 1, each player has the ability to rebirth 10 times.

Final thoughts

Flood Escape 2 is definitely a game to try if you like challenges, if you find any expired codes in the list above let us know in the comment and we will make sure to update it ASAP.

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