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Roblox Mad City codes

Mad City codes for 2020
Written by Wayka Mido

Roblox Mad City codes will allow you to get Vehicle skins weapon skins and cash.

Mad City is a Roblox Game that was created in March 2017 by Schwifty Studios and it got very famous as it reached more than one billion visits since then. it’s often compared with Jailbreak game.

In Mad City game play you get to choose between being a criminal/super villain who performs heists around the city or be a police/Hero and help bring justice in the city.

Here in this post we will list some codes for mad city along with some important information about the game that you might need to know while playing the game.

All Active Mad City codes

This All Mad City codes and the rewards for each code:

  • BILLYBOUNCE: Billy Bounce Emote.
  • 0MGC0D3: Green Dots Vehicle Skin.
  • Ryguy: Ryguy Vehicle Skin.
  • D1$C0: Vehicle Skin.
  • Napkin: Vehicle Skin.
  • RealKreek: Vehicle Skin.
  • 5K37CH: Vehicle Skin.
  • Bandites: Vehicle Skin.
  • uNiQueEe BACON: Vehicle Skin
  • KraoESP: Vehicle Skin.
  • 0N3Y34R: Birthday Fireworks Vehicle Skin.
  • M4DC1TY: Black Hex AK47 Skin.
  • W33K3NDHYP3: Monochrome Vehicle Skin.
  • T4L3N: Talon Vehicle Spoiler.
  • B3M1N3: Hearts SPAS Skin.
  • B34M3R: Sunbeam Vehicle Skin.
  • S33Z4N2: Frosty Vehicle Skin.
  • STR33TL1N3: Streetline Vehicle Skin.
  • S34Z4N3: Plasma Vehicle Skin.
  • TH1NKP1NK: Pink Vehicle Skin.
  • S34Z4N4: Purple Zebra Vehicle Skin.

Expired Mad City Roblox codes

Till this day there is only Two expired code for Mad city:

  • 100KCash this rewarded players with 100,000 Cash
  • Datbrian this rewarded players with DatBrian Vehicle Skin

How to Redeem Mad City codes

To redeem the codes in Mad city is an easy thing here are the steps to do it:

  1. Click on M key or on the menu icon on the bottom right
redeem Mad City codes
  1. click on the twitter icon
  2. Enter the code
codes for Roblox Mad City
codes for Roblox Mad City
  1. Hit submit button to claim the code

Mad City Jetpack

In this section you will know everything you need about the jetpack what is it and how to get it.

What is a jetpack in mad city?

the Jetpack is an item that will allow you to fly for 40 seconds, it has a Green light in the middle that indicates that it’s fueled and it change to red once it needs fuel. If the Jetpack runs out of fuel, you will fall down automatically.

how to get the jetpack in mad city
how to get the jetpack in mad city

How do you get the jetpack in Mad City?

In order to get the Jetpack you have to get The Boss Keycard that will allow you to open the door to the Jetpack it’s also known as the special Keycard

after getting the Boss keycard do the following:

  1. go to the airport
  2. head to the right side of the main building,
  3. Interact with white door while having the Keycard
  4. the door will open and you will find the Jetpack inside
  5. interact with the jetpack to add it to your inventory

Note that when you get the jetpack you will lose the Boss keycard, also after having the Jetpack you won’t be able to deploy the parachute when falling.

mad city Treasure Map

mad city Treasure Map has three “X” and in one of them there is a key that will allow you to open the chest in the Pirate ship, once you open that chest you will be granted the flying power in Mad City.

mad city mech

The Mad City Mech Suit is a bipedal mech weapon that was added to the game in April 2020, each server has a Max of two Mech suits.

how to get mech in mad city?

To get the Mech suit in Mad City just head to one of the locations outside the city whee it might spawn and you can freely access to it.

Mad City Mech location

Here are all the 8 locations where you can find the Mech suit in Mad City:

  1. in the Airport location near the beach
  2. On a tall mountain near the hangar with the Overdrive and Thunderbird
  3. On the shores on the outer rims of the volcano.
  4. On the hill in the Sandy Suburbs.
  5. close to the Jewelry Store on a small ledge just around the volcano.
  6. On left of the Warehouse Criminal Base in the beach behind the parking lot.
  7. near the Easter Isle Police Station, on the grass on the Easter island.
  8. Inside the Military Base.

Mad City vehicles

These are all the vehicles in Mad City :

Mad City Land vehicles

911Parking lot near Warehouse Criminal Base
AdversaryFactory parking lot
ATVParking lot near Warehouse Criminal Base
AvengerCar Dealership
ChallengerWarehouse Criminal Base
CruiserPolice Base
Cyber QuadCar Dealership
Cyber TruckUnknown
DominatorPolice Base
FirestormCar Dealership
FuryCar Dealership
G WagonUnknown
GTISandy Suburbs
GTRGemini Car Dealership
Hyper GliderHangar at Easter Isle
InfernoGemini Car Dealership
Invisible Boat MobileUnknown
Itali GTUnknown
Light BikeMilitary Base
MiniSandy Suburbs bordering Paradise Pier
Monster TruckUnknown
MustangWarehouse Criminal Base
NeroCar Dealership
Night RiderCity Gas Station
O66-TerminatorMilitary Base
OverdriveGemini Car Dealership
PatriotMilitary Base
R150Grocery Store parking lot
RhinoMilitary Base
Road BlazerGrocery Store parking lot
RoadsterCity Gas Station
Rocket SledUnknown
ShelbyParking lot near Warehouse Criminal Base
SmartParking lot near Warehouse Criminal Base
Snow MobileUnknown
StingrayWarehouse Criminal Base
SWATPolice Base
T150Hangar at Easter isle
The InfinityGemini Car Dealership
ThunderbirdHangar at Easter Isle
TracerPolice Base
VapidWarehouse Criminal Base
WidowmakerMountain near Airport and Criminal Base
Mad City Land vehicles

Mad City Sea Vehicles

BoatFreePrison and City Docks
Jetski10Prison and City Docks
Hydro500City Dock
Mad City Sea vehicles

Mad City Flying Vehicles

HelicopterFreePolice Base, Hero Base, and Easter Isle Police Station
UFORank 100 in Season 4Unknown
BansheeDefeating Cluckles in Season 2Unknown
HeatseekerDefeating Kua Kua in Season 3Unknown
Cyber PlaneGiven to the first 100 people who completed the red house mystery.Unknown
Mad City Flying vehicles


How do you become a villain in Mad City 2020?

To become a hero in Mad City you have to defeat a hero, and here are the steps to become a villain just y yourself:

  1. Become A hero of your choice
  2. fly or drive to the prison
  3. Find an empty place like the washroom
  4. Rest and see if you drop the crystal
  5. if not do the steps again until you reset and drop a crystal
  6. once the crystal is dropped switch to prisoner team
  7. go to the location where you dropped it
  8. pick the crystal
  9. Now you are a villain

how to fly in Mad City?

Follow these easy steps to fly in Mad City:

  1. get a Super power like fireballs or Lasers
  2. click on space bar two times
  3. You will then be floating in the air
  4. Use A, S, D,W, keys to move in different directions.

How do I get into the pyramid in Mad City?

The pyramid is located in the desert across the jewelry store, once you enter the pyramid you will have to pass 6 hazards, and after the last one you will end up in the Vault where you get your reward.

Robbing the pyramid will get you up to 7500 cash and 15,000 cash if you have the VIP game pass, and 500 XP.

Can you still get the Banshee in Mad City?

the Banshee in Mad City is no longer obtainable, as it is elusively obtainable in season 2.

How do I get the secret gun in Mad City?

the secret gun or the Frost gun is a close range weapon and this is how you get it:

  1. Take the grenade from the crime base or the gun shop
  2. Go to the park in the middle of city
  3. head to the tree in the middle of the park
  4. keep throwing grenades at the three until it drops a blue crystal
  5. pick the crystal and head to the jewellery store
  6. Find an Empty frame at the left side
The Frost Gun placement
  1. put the crystal in it and you will get the Frost Gun
Frost gun secret gun in mad city
Frost gun secret gun in mad city

How do you get heatseeker in Mad City?

the heatseeker is an aerial vehicle that as introduced in season 3, and you can get it by defeating Kua Kua, but it’s no longer available.

How do you get the flying car in Mad City?

There is two Flying cars in Mad City: Banshee and Cyber Plane and both of them are not available.

How do you get the free car in Mad City?

There Three Free vehicles in Mad City:

  • Camaro: it’s located in front of the prison in the garage
  • Boat: located in Easter Isle docks and in prison docks
  • Helicopter: located in Police Base, Hero Base and Easter Isle Police Station

How do you get the laser gun in Mad City 2020?

The laser gun in Mad city also called The Death Ray, to get you you need to get the Golden key from the Pyramid’s vault after you interact with the treasure chest (crouch or jump on it).

after you get the Golden Key head to the Cluckdonalds in the city, you will find a secret storage in the back put the key in it and a secret door will open where you will find the Laser gun.

How do you rob casino Mad City?

Here is what you have to do in order ti rob the Casino in Mad City:

  1. To enter the Casino through the spinning door in the the front.
  2. access through two doorways to the main room which will be obstructed by two sets of bars.
  3. Hack a computer on the front desk to get in.

How do you rob nightclub in Mad City?

Here are the steps that you have to follow to rob the nightclub:

  1. Get in to the nightclub through one of three doors on the outer sides .
  2. Head to the two gray double doors near a DJ.
  3. stand up in the stairs wait for them to open.
  4. the heist is activated.

Final Thoughts

This is all you have to know about Roblox Mad City codes if you have more questions about the game you can check mad city roblox wiki here. also join the Mad City official discord server here.

and if you came across any expired Mad City codes in the list above please feel free to let us know in the comments.

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