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Roblox Restaurant Tycoon 2 codes

Restaurant Tycoon 2 codes 2020
Written by Cyde

Restaurant Tycoon 2 codes will allow you to get Extra Diamonds and Cash to help you advance in the game.

Restaurant Tycoon 2 is a Roblox game that was created in July 2019 by Ultraw and has reached 284 million visits.

The Goal of the game is to create your own restaurant and serve dishes from all over the world. You can keep your customers happy by cooking delicious meals and providing the best service.

Active codes for Restaurant Tycoon 2

these are all the working codes for Restaurant Tycoon 2:

  • meep: 20 diamonds (NEW)
  • ocean: Dolphin item
  • razorfishgaming: 250 cash

These are the latest codes for Restaurant Tycoon 2. We will make sure to update this list once new codes are available.

Expired Restaurant Tycoon 2 codes

We also included the expired codes for you to get an idea about what other players benefited from in the past and what codes and rewards might be released by the developers.

Bored15 Diamonds
CoffeeBoost20 Diamonds
Drinks150 Cash
Easter (Says it doesn’t exist!)15 Diamonds
Fall2019200 Cash
GhostlyGreetings200 Cash
GoldenOwl201930 Diamonds
Luigi20 Diamonds
Paella25 Diamonds
Parmesean10 Diamonds
Snowflake15 Diamonds
Spooky30 Diamonds
TeamTrees25 Diamonds

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How to get more food in Restaurant Tycoon 2

Once all your food is made, you have to go to the Menu area and buy a box of food. To do that, click on the orange bag icon at the bottom of the screen. Click the “Boxes” icon then click “Exchange 75 Skill Points for One Food Box.”

How to get second floor in restaurant tycoon 2

Upgrade your plot to 3 and it will show up for 8000. If you want to build on the floor, you can. There will be an arrow up to build on the second floor.

How to get more money in Restaurant Tycoon 2

  • Go to EKEA to buy some chairs and tables.
  • Go back to your restaurant.
  • You should have some Chefs and Waiters (preferably more Waiters).
  • Follow this build:
get more money in Restaurant Tycoon 2
  • Open the restaurant.
  • You can help the Chefs if they can’t do all the food on time.

How to get new dishes in Restaurant Tycoon 2

To increase your amount of dishes, open a new restaurant, and choose different countries. These new dishes will then be able to be cooked at any of your restaurants.

Why are my workers unhappy?

If your workers do too much work in a small amount of time, their happiness decreases.

How to get more countries?

  • Create a new restaurant.
  • Select any four countries you want to add.

How to get diamonds?

Diamonds can be obtained by leveling up, redeeming codes or purchasing from the Robux Shop.

How do you get a drive-thru in Restaurant Tycoon 2?

  • Get to Upgrade 3.
  • You can turn it on or off by clicking this:
 get a drive-thru in Restaurant Tycoon 2

How to make a drive-thru in Restaurant Tycoon 2

  • Buy the “Outdoor Expansion” upgrade.
  • Buy the “Drive Thru” upgrade.

Final thoughts

That is it for Restaurant Tycoon 2 codes. If you want more detailed information please check Restaurant Tycoon 2 wiki here.

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