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Roblox Mega Fun Obby codes

mega fun obby codes For October 2020
Written by Wayka Mido

Mega Fun Obby codes are codes that give you extra skips to help you advance.

Mega Fun Obby is a Roblox Game that was created in July 2009 by bloxtun, the game is very popular among Roblox players and it was visited more than 1 Billion times, and it has more than 2000 stages.

Mega Fun Obby codes

Below you will find all the working codes for Mega Fun Obby, All the codes are skip codes:

  • willybwin2 – Redeem for 2 skips (NEW)
  • positivity – Redeem for skips
  • m33s33ks – Redeem for skips
  • merryxmas2020 – Redeem for skips
  • update2245 – Redeem for Skips
  • dizc0rd – Redeem for Skips

Expired Mega Fun Obby skip codes

these are all the codes that’s been reported by visitors that are expired:

update2225  Skips
imbaaack  Skips
update2190  Skips
stillonthegrind  Skips
 update2115 Skips
 goinonvacation Skips
 pasta Skips
 chiefskingdom Skips
 onetwothree Skips
 newyear2020 Skips
 ALMOST2020 Skips
 holiday2019 Skips
 update2050 Skips
 update2030 Skips
 vision2020 Skips
 twok Skips
 wontgiveup Skips
 dorian Skips
Expired Mega Fun Obby codes

how to get a prestige in Mega Fun Obby

To get a Prestige you have to complete certain levels in order to get, and you will be seeing it at the end of the stage as a block.

how to do a prestige in Mega Fun Obby?

To do a prestige in Mega Fun Obby click on settings icon on the bottom right then on prestige then click yes, note that doing a presting you will be reseted to level 1.

how to do a prestige in Mega Fun Obby
how to do a prestige in Mega Fun Obby

how to reset everything in Mega Fun Obby?

To reset everything and start from level one you have do the prestige, that you can find in stage 1750.

Other Roblox Codes

that it for Mega Fun Obby, its very fun game that you might stuck playing for hours . you might also want to check Roblox Promo codes list to get free items for your avatar. and if you play other Roblox games check this list of Roblox games codes:

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