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Roblox RoCitizens codes

RoCitizens codes 2020
Written by Wayka Mido

RoCitizens codes that are still active will reward you some cash and pet rewards.

RoCitizens is a Roblox game that was created in June 2013, and its one of the most popular games in Roblox as it was played more than 600 Million times, also the developer is still rolling out some useful fun updates.

RoCitizens is roleplay based game, where you build houses, career, a phone ect…

Active Roblox RoCitizens codes

Here in this list, you will find some RoCitizens money codes , all the codes below are valid and we will add new ones when available:

  • MILLION: $2,500
  • goodneighbor: $2,500 and also a trophy (last code)..
  • sweettweets: Twitter Trophy and also $2,500.
  • code: $10.
  • easteregg: $1,337.
  • rosebud: $3,000.
  • truefriend: $4,000.
  • discordance: $3,500.

Expired codes for RoCitizens

This is the Expired RoCitizens codes , we also included them to give you an idea what people got from past codes and what to expect in the future.

1337Gave you $1,337!
supdatemberGave you $4,000!
cantthinkofcodenamesGave you $2,000!
ilovefirebrand1Gave you $4,000!
xmasbonusGave you $1,500!
bugsareannoyingGave you $2,500!
gimmegimmegimmeGave you $750!
allthemoolaGave you $1,000!
canigetahottubGave you a free Hot Tub!
cornerpocketGave you a free Pool Table.
ggpdGave you $10,000!
goodluckspellingsovereigntyGave you a Sovereignty Computer!
rainydayGave you $3,500!
youwishyouhadafishGave you $1,500!
ihaveafishGave you $1,000!
coldhardcashGave you $3,500!
alittlesomethingGave you $4,000!
500millionGave you $5,000 and 500 million award!
20valentineGave you $4,000 and Crystal Rose!
xmas19Gave you 3 gifts and $3,000!
RoCitizens6thGave you $6,000 and Snowglobe!
Expired codes for RoCitizens

How to redeem codes for RoCitizens

Claiming the codes for RoCitizens is very easy, just click on the shop icon on the bottom left then on the twitter icon, then enter one of the codes from the list above.

How to redeem RoCitizens codes 2020
RoCitizens codes

RoCitizens money glitch

there was many glitches in RoCitizens game that will help you get some money but after the last update they got patched, we will update this post once new glitches has been discovered.

How to get a bus in RoCitizens?

To get a school bus in RoCitzens follow these steps:

  1. head to the school
  2. go stand on the blue circle that says Bus driver
  3. click start
  4. and then on the phone click on spawn
how to get a bus in RoCitizens
  1. Press the school bus
  2. and after it shows go to spawn and choose the bus again
RoCitizens how to get a bus
  1. Now you can use the bus as you want

how to be a robber in RoCitizens?

Here are the steps To become a robber in RoCitizens:

  1. go into the gray storage unit beside Paghetti’s.
  2. Enter the blue circle in the building
how to be a robber in RoCitizens
how to be a robber in RoCitizens?
  1. press the green “Start” button.

how to get a house in RoCitizens

  • Go to the shop and buy a blueprint
  • go to a plot of land that is for sale
  • once you find it go “My house app”
  • demolish the old house
  • the click on the sign that says “for sale”
  • choose between importing and old house or building a new one
  • now you can build your house and customize it in the app

how to sell your house in RoCitizens

As it started in RoCitizens wiki you can sell your house you can only demolish it and build a new one.

Blueprints cannot be sold or traded.

RoCitizens wiki

how to rob the bank in RoCitizens?

there are 2 ways To Rob a bank in RoCitizens :

First method (the easy one):

  • once you become a criminal you will be granted a gun, go pint it to Jose and he will hand you all the cash in the registry.

Second Method (hard one)

  1. go to the hideout and find Sam (he has many supplies for the perfect robbery)
  2. Buy the supplies from him (bomb, lockpick, and key card)
  3. make your way to the bank.
  4. At the bank, you will use the key card to enter the white door.
  5. when see the vault, place the bomb right on the vault door
  6. wait for it to open.
  7. When it opens, use the lockpick to open one of the many safes, all have a different amount of cash inside.
  8. You can bring up to 3 lockpicks to steal from the safes

Note : to rob the bank the second way it will cost you 750$, and you need a police officer to be in duty to perform this, A trick to avoid waiting for a police officer is to get a second account and get a job as police then do the robbery as normal.

how to trade in RoCitizens?

In RoCitezens you can trade inside the game during events or trade with other players that have items you want in discord.

how to get a gun in RoCitizens

To get a gun in Rocitezens you need to become a criminal or a police officer and you will be granted a gun.

How to place food in RoCtizens?

if ypu’re playing on Pc and you want to place food on the table just click on it with right click and then it will be selected, then you can place it where you want.

Final words

that’s all for this Roblox RoCitizens guide and codes, feel free to leave any question you might have in the comments. you can also check RoCitizens wiki here for more detailed information about the game.

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