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Bid Battles Value List [UPDATED]

Bid Battles Value List [UPDATED]
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Are you in search of the latest Bid Battles Value List? Your search ends here. We provide you with a comprehensive Bid Battles Value List to keep you updated on the most current in-game prices.

Bid Battles Value List

Within this guide, you’ll find value lists for Bid Battles. It’s important to note that these values can fluctuate, so treat them as approximate estimates.

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Comprehensive Bid Battles Value List

General ItemsUngraded PriceReplica/
Damaged Price
Bronze Grade PriceSilver Grade PriceGold Grade PriceRarityGeneral Items Images
Mini VolcanoTbaTba$4,800$6,000TbaTbaTba
Disco BallTba$1,200Tba$3,600TbaEpicTba
Bloxy AwardTbaTba$10,800TbaTbaLegendaryTba
Pot of Gold$777Tba$933TbaTbaLegendaryTba
Riot Shield$180TbaTbaTbaTbaUncommonTba
Gumball Machine$50Tba$60TbaTbaUncommonTba
Stone Lantern$429TbaTbaTbaTbaRareTba
Dentist Chair$476Tba$572TbaTbaCommonTba
Boxing Gloves$50$25TbaTba$100CommonTba
Scales of Justice$174TbaTbaTbaTbaRareTba
Golf Club$26TbaTbaTbaTbaCommonTba
Cash RegisterTbaTbaTbaTba$268UncommonTba
Crash Test Dummy$438TbaTbaTbaTbaUncommonTba
Wooden Keg$408TbaTbaTbaTbaUncommonTba
Boxing Ring$10,000TbaTbaTbaTbaEpicTba
Shark Apple$9,999TbaTbaTba$19,998LegendaryTba
Lifeguard Chair$1,100TbaTbaTbaTbaUncommonTba
Ban HammerTbaTbaTbaTbaTbaEpicTba
Dragon Capsule$3,200TbaTba$4,800TbaEpicTba
Steampunk Throne$11,300TbaTba$16,950TbaEpicTba
Medal Collection$2,300TbaTbaTbaTbaLegendaryTba

This is the complete Bid Battles Value List. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. 

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