Brawl Stars: Super City Rampage best Brawlers

Super City Rampage best Brawlers 2021
Written by Wayka Mido

super city rampage best brawlers

Super City Rampage is an event where 3 players team up to battle against a monster and try to beat before he destroys the city.

if the monster destroyed the city or knocked the players all the players lose. but if they win the difficulty of the game increases with each win.

Here is how much monster health increases in the first 6 levels :

  • Normal 150,000
  • Hard 250,000
  • Expert 300,000
  • Master 350,000
  • Insane 400,000
  • Insane II+ 450,000+

after the Insane II+ level till insane XVI level (which is the last level) the monster attack ability increases by 10% after each level you complete.

super city rampage best brawlers List

here we put together a list of 6 super city rampage best brawlers:


super city rampage best brawlers

Colt is a Common Brawler and He has low health but a high damage output.

  • He has fast charges rates
  • his supers can double his damage output
  • Landing all his shots charges half of the other one


super city rampage best brawlers

Rico is a Super Rare Brawler with low health but with a moderately high damage output.

Both his attack and Super fire unique bullets that can bounce off of walls and continue traveling.


  • Rico’s Super does not destroy buildings
  • Rico’s mechanics works best with some of the map’s confined nature
  • Rico’s Star Power Robo Retreat allows him to continue damaging the boss without the risk of suddenly being knocked out
  • Rico’s Multiball Launcher Gadget does decent burst damage in enclosed spaces


  • as more and more buildings get destroyed it becomes less effective.


Max is a Mythic Brawler with moderate health, a moderate damage output, and a very fast movement speed.

super city rampage best brawlers Max
  • Max can unload several shots
  • Max can also provide a decent amount of damage.
  • Max ‘s Super allows herself and friendly Brawlers to escape the monster’s agile attacks


Byron is a Mythic Brawler who can deal moderate tick damage to enemies and provide consistent healing to his allies, but has low health and insufficient burst damage.

super city rampage best brawlers Byron
  • can heal his allies,


  • Byron should maintain a safe distance where he can heal allies


Pam is an Epic Brawler who has high health and can provide a lot of healing to her team, but an inconsistent damage output.

super city rampage best brawlers Pam

Pam is a high DPS Brawler that can constantly deal damage

she can continue to heal friendly Brawlers that are low on health

She is useful in the monster’s angry phase


8-BIT is a Common Brawler who has high health & high damage output, but he has the slowest movement speed of any other Brawler.

super city rampage best brawlers 8-BIT
  • The monster has no attacks that counter 8-BIT
  • 8-bit’s general bulkiness and long-ranged support makes him perfect in almost any team composition.
  • 8-bit’s use his Cheat Cartridge Gadget to escape the monster.


  • his slow movement speed prevents him from escaping the melee attacks


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