5 Tricks to easily get Golden Cards in Coin Master

coin mastergolden cards

Welcome to today i am going to teach you the golden card tricks and tips to easily get them .

how to get a new golden cards ?

so many people ask me that they spend billions and billions on chests without getting a single golden card.
so in this post i will teach you about some tricks to complete your sets and get new golden card very easily

as you can see here that i completed all my cards sets because i have some tricks that i use to complete card sets

Tip 1: Buying chests trick

This trick shows how to and when to buy a chest in any given village .

First when you reach a new village start by building three items and after you get three stars and then stop building and ask a friend to attack you until a house or an item is burning .

then you stay in this village for three days and come back and buy a chest , if you do that it’s most likely that you will see your golden card.

Tip 2 : unlock cards in the right village

This Trick is simple but it requires you to monitor your villages and card sets .

check your card sets that are locked and see at which village they will be unlocked and don’t buy any new chest until you reach that village , if you do that you most likely going to see a golden card if you purchase a new chest . plus the card in that village .

Tip 3: Changing the language!

The third trick is easy to try , all you have to do is go and change the language of coin master game after that go and buy a new chest .

you probably going to find a new golden card .

trick change the language in coin master

Tip 4: Boom Villages

this is the most widely known trick in coin master : the boom villages trick.

what is a boom village

In coin master there are some villages that are special they are called boom villages , when you buy a chest in that village you will likely going to get a golden card .

we made a full list of all available coin master boom villages and you can check it here: updated boom village list

Tip 5: Going to New Village

when you are in a village and bought a lot of chests but you didn’t get any new cards don’t stick to it just go ahead and change the village so you will get new cards .

one important thing to keep in mind is DO NOT buy new chests immediately when you change the village , you have to wait for five days before buying any new chests .

Final words

hope these coin master tricks were useful for you ,and helped you to get more golden cards .

if you know any other tricks or requests please let us know in the comments .

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  • Here I’ve spent over a hour trying to find a complete list of which card/cards are consoderd hard to get/ rate per card set. Y’all have seem to have everything under the sun on here and yet not the one and only thing I was curious about…..

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