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Coin Master village cost List + BOOM villages

Coin Master village cost List
Written by Wayka Mido

Boom levels are villages in Coin Master where you get more gold and rare cards more than other levels .

Coin Master village cost & BOOM Villages List are handy to know how much you will spend in each village before starting.

Coin Master boom villages are levels where you get more golden cards and rare cards more than any other levels , it’s important to stay in these villages a little longer and buy more chests .

Below you will find the full list of Boom Villages and the Villages price list for you to know how much coins you will spend before starting to build your village .

coin master village cost list

Building Coin master villages costs lot of coins , starting from Village 1 that costs 3.1 Million coins until the last village (Apocalypse City Survival) that costs 2.255 Billion coins to build, that’s why you have to know the cost of each village before building it to make sure you don’t run out of coins.

in the table below we put a coin master village cost list , you can filter by name of village or the number of the level you’re in also we added boom level filter for you you to know the stop levels , in order to get more cards of course.

LevelVillageCostBoom Village
1Land of Vikings3.9 million
2Ancient Egypt6.5 million
3Snowy Alps11.9 million
4Inca16.5 million
5Far East20.4 millionBoom Village
6Stone Age21.7 million
7Sunny Hawaii25.8 millionBoom Village
8Troy32.3 million
9Africa38.8 million
10Atlantis43.5 millionBoom Village
11The Future44.7 million
12Woodstock46.8 million
13Arabian Nights51.2 millionBoom Village
14Moon Landing53.5 million
15Wild West58.3 millionBoom Village
16Netherland60.4 million
17Jungle64.1 millionBoom Village
18Wonderland67.3 million
19Miners70.3 million
20The Arctic75 millionBoom Village
21Apocalypse76.3 million
22Candy Land79.3 millionBoom Village
23Army Camp80.3 million
24Halloween84.1 million
25The Tribe83.2 million
26Australia88.7 million
27Columbus87.1 millionBoom Village
28Mexico94.7 million
29Magical Forest101.3 million
30India107.1 millionBoom Village
31The 50's114.6 million
32Thailand121.5 million
33Coin Manor136.1 million
34Dragon Lair144 millionBoom Village
35Greek Island150.1 millionBoom Village
36LA Dreams157.9 million
37The Wizard167.5 millionBoom Village
38Oil Tyrant176.9 million
39La Familia192 million
40Area 51204.7 millionBoom Village
41Night of the Dead206.4 million
42Steampunk Land218.2 million
43The Zoo225.6 million
44Russia240.4 million
45Musketeers256.2 millionBoom Village
46Lady Bug270.2 million
47Theme Park286.2 millionBoom Village
48Tibet314.4 million
49Hell341 millionBoom Village
50Easter348.7 millionBoom Village
51Japan353.6 millionBoom Village
52Swamp363.7 million
53Wizard of Oz380 million
54Timbuktu400.9 million
55Jurassic Ville431.6 millionBoom Village
56Canada435.1 million
57Mongolia460.5 millionBoom Village
58Jacks Beanstalks480.1 million
59Scotland512.4 million
60Robin Hood541.4 millionBoom Village
61Deep Sea566.6 millionBoom Village
62Don Quixote604.3 millionBoom Village
63Colosseum631.6 million
64Cat Castle653.8 million
65Olympus678.2 millionBoom Village
66Trolls707.2 million
67Aliens739.2 million
68Da Vinci787.5 million
69Sand Land823.1 million
70Elves868.5 million
71Switzerland907.8 million
72Truckers967.1 million
73Spain1.1 billion
74Little Red1.1 billion
75Unicorn1.2 billionBoom Village
76Scientist1.2 billion
77Romania1.2 billion
78Singapore1.3 billion
79Tin Soldier1.4 billionBoom Village
80Crazy Bride1.4 billion
81Pilot1.5 billion
82Fairy Tale1.6 billion
83Car Racing1.7 billionBoom Village
84Gnome1.7 billion
85Desert Punk1.8 billion
86Detective1.8 billion
87Baba Yaga1.9 billionBoom Village
88Barbarian2.1 billion
89Restaurant2.1 billion
90King Arthur2.2 billionBoom Village
91Sinbad2.3 billion
92Bikers Bar2.5 billion
93Caribbean Resort2.6 billionBoom Village
94Super Heroes2.7 billion
95Egyptian Pyramids2.8 billionBoom Village
96Olympic Games2.9 billion
97Mountain Climbers3 billion
98Milky Way3.2 billionBoom Village
99Ski Slope3.4 billion
100Royal Monkey3.5 billion
101Snow White3.5 billion
102Goblin Ghetto3.9 billionBoom Village
103Yemen4.2 billion
104Wu Xing4.3 billion
105Circus4.5 billionBoom Village
106Yokai4.6 billion
107Golf Course4.8 billionBoom Village
108Lucha Libre5.1 billion
109Cyber Cowboys5.3 billion
110Rice Farmer5.7 billionBoom Village
111Captain Shipyard5.9 billion
112Irish Craic6.3 billionBoom Village
113Oktoberfest6.6 billion
114Amazon7 billion
115Aztec7.1 billionBoom Village
116Forbidden City7.2 billion
117Ice Queen7.5 billionBoom Village
118Samurai8 billion
119Santa's Factory8.4 billion
120Soccer8.8 billion
121Tennis9.2 billion
122Thanksgiving9.8 billionBoom Village
123Toys10.2 billion
124Venice10.6 billion
125Witches11.2 billionBoom Village
126Yankee11.5 billion
127Zanzibar12 billionBoom Village
128Moby Dick12.8 billion
129Turkey13.3 billion
130Argentina14.1 billionBoom Village
131Boxing Club14.7 billion
132Carnival15.7 billion
133Dracula16.4 billion
134Future Park16.9 billion
135Gymnastics17.9 billionBoom Village
136New York18.1 billionBoom Village
137Swamp Princess18.9 billion
138Punk Rock19 billionBoom Village
139Railroad20.2 billion
140Rio22.3 billionBoom Village
141Space Pirate23.3 billionBoom Village
142Mech Workshop24.8 billionBoom Village
143Jocke & Jonna25.9 billionBoom Village
144Colombia26.4 billion
145Petra27 billion
146Monkey Kingdom27.5 billion
147Persian Sultan28.2 billion
148Desert Party28.6 billion
149Hercules29.2 billion
150Shaolin29.8 billion
151Baker Shop30.7 billion
152Billiard31 billion
153Noah's Ark32.3 billion
154Doomsday33.5 billion
155Orc35.2 billion
156Fairy36.2 billion
157Ice Age37.8 billion
158Cleopatra38.1 billion
159Valhalla39.1 billion
160Supervillain40 billion
161Horse Racing42 billion
162Jazz Club42.7 billion
163Fashion43.1 billion
164Barber Shop45 billion
165Mermaid City46.4 billion
166Street Dance47.4 billion
167Saloon Slickers48.5 billion
168Centaure50.7 billion
169Dungeon Lair52.2 billion
170Brazil Amazon54.8 billion
171Morocco56.2 billion
172Firefighters57.1 billion
173Jousting58.3 billion
174Sculpture Workshop60.5 billion
175Babylon61.3 billion
176Boarding School64.1 billion
177Movie Set66 billion
178Dino Ranch65.5 billion
179American Football70 billion
180Beauty and the Beast72.1 billion
181Galapagos74.5 billion
182Robo Tech Girl76.7 billion
183Darwin80.1 billion
184Dinner81.1 billion
185Mad Hatter83.7 billion
186San Fransisco85.7 billion
187Rally Racing88.1 billion
188Madagascar91.1 billion
189Police Station94.2 billion
190Bee Hive96 billion
191Napoleon98.9 billion
192Basketball102.7 billion
193Film Noir106 billion
194Baseball109.1 billion
195Pet Saloon112.1 billion
196Scouts Camp115.8 billion
197Leprechaun119.2 billion
198Athletics122.7 billion
199Burglar126.4 billion
200Ice Hockey130.2 billion
201Talk Show133.6 billion
202Havana138.2 billion
203Cyber Future142.2 billion
204Magic Show147 billion
205Arcade151 billion
206Jamaica155.5 billion
207Louise The 16th159 billion
208Sea Master Park165 billion
209Zombie Boogie169.8 billion
210Motorbike175 billion
211County Folk Band180 billion
212Trainer of Dragons186 billion
213China Wall191.25 billion
214Mail Man197 billion
215Theatre202.5 billion
216Grand Biking Tour208.75 billion
217Space Cleaners215 billion
218Dwarf Workshop221.25 billion
219Swimming Pool228 billion
220Odysseus235.5 billion
221Haunted House242.6 billion
222250 billion
223257.6 billion
224265.5 billion
225273.6 billion
226282 billion
227290.6 billion
228299.5 billion
229308.6 billion
230307 billion
231327.75 billion
232337.75 billion
233348.1 billion
234358.75 billion
235369.75 billion
236381 billion
237392.6 billion
238404.6 billion
239417 billion
240429.75 billion
241442.8 billion
242456.3 billion
243470.25 billion
244484.6 billion
245499.5 billion
246514.75 billion
247530.3 billion
248546.6 billion
249563.3 billion
250580.5 billion
251598.25 billion
252616.5 billion

After you advance in coin master you will get interested to know how much coins each village will cost you , and the more levels you complete the more costs it gets to finish a village .

Coin Master boom villages list

Boom villages in coin master are villages where you have a chance to more Golden and rare cards by opening chests, so it’s advised to stay longer in these villages.

Here is the known list of Boom villages in Coin Master:

  • Village 5 : Far east
  • Village 7 : sunny hawai
  • Village 10 : atlantis
  • Village 13 : Arabian nights
  • Village 15 wild west
  • Village 17 jungle
  • Village 20 the arctic
  • Village 22 Candy land
  • Village 27 columbus
  • Village 30 india
  • Village 34 dragon lair
  • Village 35 greek island
  • Village 37 the wizard
  • Village 40 area 51
  • Village 45 musketeers
  • Village 47 theme park
  • Village 49 hell
  • Village 50 easter
  • Village 51 japan
  • Village 55 jurassic ville
  • Village 57 Mongolia
  • Village 60 Robin hood
  • Village 61 Deep sea
  • Village 62 don Quixote
  • Village 65 Olympus
  • Village 75 Unicorn
  • Village 79 Tin Soldier
  • Village 83 Car Racing
  • Village 87  Baba Yaga
  • Village 90 King Arthur
  • Village 93 Caribbean Resort
  • Village 95 Egyptian Pyramids
  • Village 98 Milky Way
  • Village 102 Goblin Ghetto
  • Village 105 Circus
  • Village 107 Golf Course
  • Village 110 Rice Farmer
  • Village 112 Irish Craic
  • Village 115 Aztec
  • Village 117 Ice Queen
  • Village 122 tennis
  • Village 125 Witches
  • Village 127 Zanzibar
  • Village 130 argentina
  • Village 135 Gymnastics
  • Village 136 New york
  • Village 138 Punk rock
  • Village 140 Rio
  • Village 141 space pirate
  • Village 142 Mech workshop
  • Village 143 Jock & Jonna

Villages To get gold cards in Coin Master

These villages are proven by player that they get these Golden Cards:

  • Village 5 8 10 for sets up-to 10 you can complete all sets on village 10
  • Village 15 for sets up-to 15.
  • Village 20 For rares cards like Monk wizard and scarecow And gold cards too.
  • Village 22 For Queen Set golds
  • Village 25 For big set Heroes golds
  • Village 27 opens lettuce set you can get lettuce here but I will say 28 little good to get lettuce Card.
  • Village 30 Opens Excalibur card you can get here.


How much coin master village cost?

Coin Master village is the 33th village in the game and it costs 136.1 million coins to finish. the cost of the village might rise if someone attacked it before you finish it.

What’s the last village in Coin master?

The last village in coin Master is Village 219 : swimming pool

Coin Master village cost List

What is village master on coin master?

A village Master is an event where you get extra rewards by completing your village .

How do I protect my village in Coin master?

you can protect your village in coin master by using shields or rhino pet . you can also protect it by building only when you have enough coins .

What are the boom villages in Coin master?

Boom village are coin master stop levels where you stay longer and buy chests to get more cards and complete extra sets .


Ignoring coin master boom villages is the biggest mistake a lot of Coin Master players make by rushing through levels as fast as possible and they don’t know the importance of cards and competing card sets as an extra option to get more free spins .

Coin Master village cost List
Coin Master village cost List

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