Coin Master Free Spins and Coins Rewards

Looking New coin master free spins and coin links ? Get the latest updated free spins rewards and gifts also with 2020 boom villages and card tricks .

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Coin Master Free Spins

In the table below are all Coin master free spins for the last days, make sure to claim your reward before the link expires:

24.09.202125 spins rewardCollect Reward
24.09.202110 spins rewardCollect Reward
24.09.202110 spins rewardCollect Reward
23.09.202125 spins rewardCollect Reward
23.09.202125 spins rewardCollect Reward
23.09.202110 spins rewardCollect Reward
23.09.20212M coin RewardCollect Reward
22.09.202125 spins rewardCollect Reward
22.09.202125 spins rewardCoin Master Wild Wednesday Coin Craze
22.09.202125 spins rewardCollect Reward
22.09.202125 spins rewardCollect Reward
22.09.202125 spins rewardCollect Reward
21.09.202125 spins rewardCollect Reward
21.09.202125 spins rewardCollect Reward
21.09.202125 spins rewardCollect Reward
21.09.202125 spins rewardCollect Reward
20.09.202110 spins rewardCollect Reward
20.09.202110 spins rewardCollect Reward
20.09.202110 spins rewardCollect Reward
20.09.202110 spins rewardCollect Reward
25.07.2021Coin Master Rare CardsCoin Master Rare Cards
25.07.2021BOOM villagesBOOM villages
25.07.2021Coin Master villages costCoin Master villages cost

How to get Coin Master Free spins and coins?

In Coin Master game there are multiple ways to get free spins to advance quickly and save your village.

these are all the known ways to get free spins in coin Master in 2021:

Claim Coin Master Daily rewards

Coin Master Constantly shares free rewards in their social media accounts such as free spins, free coins, events invites and much more.

the rewards can go up to 75 free spins, but usually they share links to 10 and 25 free spins.

Coin Master free spins daily rewards examples
Coin Master free spins rewards examples

Invite Friends to play Coin Master

you can also get up to 25 Coin Master Free spins by inviting one of your friends to join playing coin master.

this tactic has been the reason behind Coin Master growth, but you should be know that friends that you invite might attack and Raid your village..

Coin Master free spins by Invite friends rewards

as you can see in this screenshot Coin Master reward you 150 free spins for each friend you invite to join you play Coin Master.

Watch Rewarded videos for free rewards

Another way to get free spins is by watching rewarded videos within the coin master game. this option is useful when you are few coins ahead from finishing your village or and exclusive event.

Ask your friends to gift you coins and spins daily

when you have invited good friends they will make sure to send you a free spins and 20k free coins gifts each day. as that is the limit of what you can give daily.

Complete Coin Master Card sets

Completing card sets in another perfect way to get free spins as you might get a huge boost in the spins you can get that goes up to 1000 spins and extra rewards of course.

Participate in Coin Master Events

Coin Master events is online events held by Coin Master from time to time, and they give you big rewards if you manage to finish the event. each event has special symbols.

Rewards from event can be free Golden cards, a huge amount of free spins, special chest to open and a huge amount of free coins, pet XP and much more.

coin Master free spins in event rewards
coin Master free spins event rewards


what is coin master?

Coin Master is a free to play game made by Moon Active, and available on both Android and IOS and reached more than 80 Million downloads.

The goal of the game is to build your village and complete it to advance to next level. all that while preventing attacks from your friends and other players.

how to increase spins in coin master?

To increase the amount of spins in coin master click on the bet button above the amount of spins you have:

how to increase spin in coin master
how to increase spin in coin master

how to change raid in coin master?

in Coin Master the raids are chosen automatically and you can change that. you can go and clear the cache but its not a permanent solution, we recommend that you follow coin master rules.

how to hack coin master?

there isn’t any known way that will get you hack coin master game. so be careful of downloading fake apps that will end harming your phone or stealing your important information.

In addition there a lot of websites that claim that will give you an unlimited amount of spins and coins, but you will end up wasting time filling surveys and downloading third party apps.

what are the stars for in coin master?

Stars in Coin Master determine the rank of the players in the leader-board, the player with more stars is placed higher. you can earn more stars by getting new cards and by building village items.

what are the stars for in coin master?
what are the stars for in coin master?

how to get golden card in coin master?

The Golden cards in coin Master are given in a randomly when you open chests, the more chests you buy the more chances you have to get a golden card.

Also keep an eye on Golden card events where you can trade Golden cards and ask the ones that have extra ones.

when is the next gold card trade in coin master?

There is no specific date for gold card trade in coin master, just make sure to check there Facebook page and group where they share the announcements of different events.

how many levels are there in coin master?

In Coin Master there are 295 levels/villages, the more levels you finish the harder it gets to move to get to the next one.

how to cheat on coin master?

In coin Master there are some known cheats and tricks you can use t help you build your village like:

  • coin stocking,
  • using baby accounts
  • changing the date to send more cards
  • use symbol sequence in events

how to get free pet food on coin master?

Coin Master give you one free pet food every 24 hours, but you can get extra by opening chests and participating in events.

how to remove friend from coin master?

To remove a friend from coin master you have to first remove them from your facebook friends list, then after 24 hours your friend will no longer appear in Coin master or be able to attack your village.

how to add friends on coin master?

To add a friend on Coin Master make sure that you have added them in Facebook then you will be able to invite them to play Coin Master with you.

how to block someone on coin master?

To block someone on coin Master so they can’t attack or raid your village you have to remove them from your friends list on facebook.

Coin Master tips and tricks

Start in Guest mode

when you download coin master and start the app , it will ask you to log-in with your Facebook account .

i advise you to ignore this option and start playing as guest , because this you have the ability to take advantage from all the free spins given to you from the start .

Join Active Facebook Groups

Look for facebook groups with active members where they share cards for free also where some more advance members share Coin Master event sequences .

Spend some time buying chests in each village

buying chest in coin master is very important to complete the card sets and for finding golden cards , sometimes we just rush to finish the village and move to the next one , and by doing that we miss a lot of opportunities that are hiding in chests .

be sure to buy chests in each village especially in boom levels and card bomm event

stocking coins Trick

stocking coins in coin master is very useful trick that a lot of people don’t know about , but it’s very important if you want to advance in the game quickly .

how to stock coin in coin master ?

there a lot of strategies to stock coins one of them is to add people who stock coins that also allow you to raid them , or stock coins yourself and be sure to remove all the friends that raid you a lot .

we explained in details how to stock coin in this post so check it out if you’re interested to know more about it .

Example of people stocking coins in facebook group :

coin stocking in coin master
coin stocking in coin master

Coin Master Baby account

this trick is used by more advanced Coin Master players , they have a second account in coin master that they use to get cards that they missed while advancing on the game or even use it to stock coins …

the down side of this trick is that you have to use multiple facebook account as you will need one for every coin master account . and you will need an app cloner to install multiple coin master apps in one device .

use two fingers when raiding

this trick come handy if you’re playing on mobile or on a tablet . when you’re left with two holes to dig use two fingers to tap on them simultaneously that way both holes will be uncovered for you .

Send more than 5 cards a day trick

Coin Master has a block on card sending and you can’t send more than 5 cards a day , but luckily there a way to go around this . the trick is changing the date 24H ahead and close coin master the open it again , after that you will be to send another 5 cards .

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  • Links for free spins are gathered from the official Coin Master social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All of them are safe and tested to work before being updated!

  • Ty, for you inside you taught me a few tricks, for coinmaster I’m on village 141 ,it takes over 20 billion to build a Dame village, and I hate when they do the tournament where you only get rewards for either just raids or hammer strikes, I know they program the slot machine to hit every 20 to 30 times before you hit it, soooo not fare, I completed the set of toys card set yesterday ,8000 spins ,I bet 80 per spin to get better rewards but its only good at first ,come the third set of rewards gifts it almost impossible, do have any links that work please, thank you, and happy Thanksgiving 🥰

    • thank you so much for your comment,for the betting here is a small tip: play with the betting don’t stay at 80 or any number start slow and increment it gradually , coin master always update their system so there is no exact sequence to follow, and try to stay away from the game for a couple days as when you get back you will get a whole lot more rewards . and for the working links we make sure we update the links here everyday so make sure to check more often. thank you