New Coin Master free spins, rare card list , boom villages and tricks 2020

Looking New coin master free spins and coin links ? Get the latest updated free spins rewards and gifts also with 2020 boom villages and card tricks

Coin Master Free Spins

Reward DateReward GiftLink to redeem the reward
14.07.202025 free spins LinkCollect Reward
14.07.202025 free spins LinkCollect Reward
14.07.20202M coins LinkCollect Reward
14.07.202010 free spins + 1M coins LinkCollect Reward
13.07.202025 free spins LinkCollect Reward
13.07.202025 free spins LinkCollect Reward
13.07.202025 free spins LinkCollect Reward
13.07.20202M coins LinkCollect Reward
12.07.202025 free spins LinkCollect Reward
12.07.202025 free spins LinkCollect Reward
12.07.20202M coins LinkCollect Reward
12.07.202010 free spins + 1M coins LinkCollect Reward
11.07.202025 free spins LinkCollect Reward
11.07.20202M coins LinkCollect Reward
11.07.202025 free spins LinkCollect Reward
11.07.2020Set Blast linkCollect Reward
11.07.20202M coins LinkCollect Reward
10.07.202025 free spins LinkCollect Reward
10.07.202010 free spins + 1M coins LinkCollect Reward
10.07.202025 free spins LinkCollect Reward
10.07.2020Village Master LinkCollect Reward
09.07.202025 free spins LinkCollect Reward
09.07.202010 free spins + 1M coins LinkCollect Reward
09.07.20202M coins LinkCollect Reward
09.07.202025 free spins LinkCollect Reward
08.07.202025 free spins LinkCollect Reward
08.07.202025 free spins LinkCollect Reward
08.07.202025 free spins LinkCollect Reward
08.07.202010 free spins , 1 M coins LinkCollect Reward
07.07.202025 free spins LinkCollect Reward
07.07.20202M coins LinkCollect Reward
07.07.202010 free spins , 1 M coins LinkCollect Reward
07.07.202025 free spins LinkCollect Reward
06.07.202025 free spins LinkCollect Reward
06.07.202025 free spins LinkCollect Reward
06.07.20202M coins linkCollect Reward
05.07.202025 free spins LinkCollect Reward
05.07.202025 free spins LinkCollect Reward
05.07.202025 free spins LinkCollect Reward
05.07.20202M coins linkCollect Reward

Coin Master Cards

Coin master cards are items that you collect through the game , and in this section we will take you over the rare card list value and card set list collection .

Coin Master Rare card List 2020

Rare cards in coin master are cards that are really hard to find in chests or find someone kind enough to send you those cards for free .

so here is the full list of rare cards and their value so you know what to ask for on exchange when trading cards with other players .

Very Rare Cards list :

  • Martian Lettuce
  • Barrel Tank
  • Torero
  • Farmer Feng

High Rare Card list :

  • Santa
  • Creaky Crow
  • Kettle
  • Mythical Tune
  • Smoking Pipe
  • Satyr
  • Aztec Princess
  • Hobby Horse
  • Elder Elk

Mid Rare Card list :

  • Excalibur
  • Nessie
  • Gentle Delphi
  • Cleopatra
  • Tall Tim
  • Fighting Monk
  • Portly Pete
  • Kingsfoil
  • Fighting Fred
  • Baby Triss

Rare Card list :

  • Frida
  • Jelly Fish
  • Phantom
  • Mighty Wizard
  • Santa’s Sled
  • Holy Monk
  • Cheerful Chad
  • Fondue
  • Flamur the Flutist
  • Little Lenya
  • Mythical Dome
  • Evidence
  • Medusa

Low Rare Card list :

  • Flamingo
  • Genie
  • Gnome House
  • Silverback
  • Scarecrow
  • Santa’s Helper
  • Merry Matilda

Very Low Rare Card list :

  • Toto
  • African Warrior
  • El Tiger
  • Mastershop
  • Diablo
  • Magic Tree
  • Pink Eddy
  • Builder Beaver
  • Olympias
  • Sneaky Jaguar
  • Caring Cathy
  • Martian Wine

The Joker Card

Coin Master Joker Card is a very special card as you can turn it to any card you prefer , you can even make it any gold card that you couldn’t find .

Joker Card is only found in Mystery chests or won after events completion , the Joker card also has an expiry time so be sure to use as son as you get it .

Coin Master Card set list and card list

in this list we collected all card set names and the card list within each set , and home it helps you when searching for which card belong to which set

Card set listCards
Mighty Bull
Puddy Cat
Holy Cow
Fluffy Panda
Kitty Tiger
Best Friends
Funky Penguin
Caveman Joe
Golden Emperor
Walrus King
Funky Totem
Water Girl
BEASTSReef Guardian
Snoozy Camel
Mighty Eagle
MC Buffalo
Ocean King
Asian Elephant
El Tiger
Mighty Lion
ITEMSTreasure Map
Book of Spells
Space Quest
Lucky Strike
Magical Lamp
White Pearl
Last Chest
CREATURESCoin Gatherer
Blue Beak
Moon Crawler
Greedy Dragon
Ghost Dog
Lady Truffle
Chinese Dragon
Fire Bird
SWEETSChocolate Truffle
Sugar Rush
Gummy Bear
Ice Cream
Lemon Pie
Chocolate Bar
Coin Master
Luxury Yacht
Russian Diamond
Nick the Greek
Bling Bling
Viking Horn
Viking Queen
Golden Helmet
Viking Gold
Viking Heart
HOT RIDESGhost Rider
Barrel Roll
Rock N Roll
Panzer Master
Space Drifter
Foxy Lady
Gold Rush
Zombie Slicer
Nitro Blast
HALLOWEENTrick or Treat
Haunted House
El Mariachi
Guard Dog
El Diablo
Holy Grave
Jack o Lantern
Throne of Thorns
War Machine
Sky Racer
Master Shop
Level Up
Karma Police
Alien Plant
Desert Flower
Magic Tree
Olive Tree
Jurassic Plant
OZBrick Road
Wicked Witch
Tin Man
Emerald City
Brave Lion
AFRICATribal Mask
Savanna King
Happy Hippo
Chill Zebra
Mad Horn
Pink Eddy
Silver Back
Lucky Clover
Big Tony
Cheshire Cat
Frog Servant
Rabbit House
Queen’s Guard
White Rabbit
Red Queen
Holy Monk
Jungle Jane
Kings Guard
Mighty Wizard
Planet Explorer
Northern Ale
Foxy Fiona
Fish Cube
Playful Penn
Satisfied Sam
Tundra Tom
Winter Queen
HEROESAfrican Warrior
Croc Master
Dwarf King
Zombie Slayer
El Conquistador
Samurai Bot
Lord of Coins
CHRISTMASSanta’s Helper
Winter Cabin
Majestic Rudolph
Santa’s Sled
Christmas Gift
Toy Machine
Holiday Tree
SAND LANDSpace Mechanic
Wild Wilbert
Martian Wine
Sandy Settlement
Martian Lettuce
Metal Marvin
Jelly John
Mighty Ra
Egyptian Cat
All Seeing Eye
Cat Overseer
Little Lucy
Cheerful Chad
Suave Steven
Gnome House
Lawn Destroyer
Little Queen
Chill Caleb
Haunty Morty
ROBIN HOODSerene Steve
Hunters Hut
The King
Fighting Monk
Oblivious Jeff
Delicate Princess
Robin Hood
Valiant Vlad
Merchant Wagon
TRIBESilly Sally
Sneaky Jaguar
Aztec Princess
Lucky Spade
Aztec Treasure
Jungle Flower
Captain Nemo
Deep Diver
Electric Eel
Magical Squid
Ocean Treasure
CHINABill the Buffalo
Royal Pup
Princess Pei
Fisher Hut
Farmer Feng
Emperor Zuo
Imperial Temple
Builder Beaver
Cozy Cabin
Forest Guardian
Fine Log
Lumberjack Bill
Maple Tree
Canadian Gold
Helpful Roger
MONGOLIABow and Arrow
Bow Master
Calm Charlie
Caring Cathy
Dear Dolly
Royal Tent
Sleepy Sam
CIRCUSFearsome Farini
Juggling Jumbo
Fire Ring
Lovable Leo
Monsieur Loyal
Big Top
Trpeze Flier
Beltane Pyro
Charming Cesare
Gallant Gondolier
Golden Gondola
Creepy Cristina
Doge’s Palace
Murano Glass
Tracking Toby
Mystery Mansion
Smoking Pipe
Not So Safe
Merry Matilda
Golden George
Golden Egg
Giant Andre
Mythical Tune
Farm House
Lucky Jack
Great Stalk
Cute Cupid
Mythical Dome
Toffee Tree
BABA YAGALarge Lemmy
Broom Vroom
Frightening Fred
Hot Cauldron
Creaky Crow
Full Moon
Love Potion
Magic Skulls
Baba Yaga
Town Keep
Silly Scotty
Meat Pie
Rebel Ram
Fiery Felix
DINOSBossy Ross
Slow Abbot
Baby Triss
Gentle Delphie
Tall Tim
Gleeful Glenn
Ben the Bully
Mellow Matt
CAMPINGBenevolent Ben
Resourceful Rita
Walden Cabin
Trash Panda
Fabulous Fly
Alert Albert
FORESTCaptivating Celty
Elder Elk
Fair Aranel
Old Ogod
Calm Caldorei
Snoozy Erbag
Oak Cauldron
Gifted Glinda
SPACEMeticulous Marvin
Blithe Bruno
CM Enterprise
Peculiar Probe
Star Gateway
MEXICOCrazy Cactus
Mariachi Metal
Caring Caracara
Cocky Kelso
CYBER COWBOYSOld Trail Express
Darlin` Dollie
The Saloon
Sheriff Sawyer
Lenny the Lefty
Blazing Stallion
Lucky Hand
Bionic Rob
TOYSJumbo Plane
Beautiful Bella
Mud Ride
Fierce Fortress
Hobby Horse
Portly Pete
Robo Rex
Tin Thomas
Terrific Ted
GOBLINSBrash Boris
Proud Pavel
Little Lenya
Cavern Keep
Tzar Tolya
Barrel Tank
Swift Senya
Goblin Treasure
ARTISTRenaissance Man
Il Divino
Marble Man
Painters Palette
Pop Art Papa
Mellow Lisa
Vinny Van Ear
Model Behavior
Studio Time
SPAINNosy Nicolás
Sweet Sara
Don Quixote
Savvy Sancho
Ramirez Legacy
Incisive Islero
SWISSSwiss Knife
Playful Pan
Handsome Helga
Swiss Resort
Flamur The Flutist
Calm Carlo
Outfitted Olav
Cuddly Cujo
FAIRY TALESMagical Carriage
Snazzy Sneezy
Morbid Molly
Regal Richard
Puss in Boots
Snow White
Evil Granny
Furry Grandma
SPIRITSWild Burabura
Silent Shrine
Giggling Gaki
Friendly Fujin
Cute Kodama
Curious Kyuubi
Tricky Tengu
SPORTSVain Vassili
Marvelous Malik
Olympic Flame
Jovial Jade
Coach Caleb
First Prize
Magnificent Michelle
Golden Cup
Large Liev
Atomic Mine
Dr. Wicked
Skull Island
Amphibious Abe
Orc Overlord
Lava Blaster
Queen Bee
Edgy Eddy
Samba Dancer
Drummer Diego
Merry Macaw
Resting Raquel
Talented Toco
Tourist Timmy
Jet Ski
STEAMPUNKFusion Battery
Greasy Abu
Stabilizer Core
Dr. Ashtear
Little Lucca
Machine Heart
Vital Part
Helpful Vance
Titan Suit
ROUTE 66Biker Bar
Old Dan
Double Burger
Respectful Robert
Hot Rod
Bar Hopper
Highway Patrol
Hitchhiking Hannah
Lone Star
Penny the Poodle
Gary Grooms
Queen Elizabark
Ms Buffy
KNIGHTSlucky Lance
Scotty Squire
Archery Camp
Golden Trophy
Camelot Tent
Sir Richard Knight
Knight of Night
The Fur King
Big Bob Smith
Pig Knight
Night Guard
Spiculus the Strong
Magical Monkey King
Muscular Minotaur
The Ol` Ball & Chain
Gary the Goblin
Warrior Woman
Jolly Jasper
Haunted Harriet
Dante the Devout
The Beast
Spooky Simon
The Last Candle
Giggles the Gargoyle
House of Horrors
Cosmic Carl
Model Z
Captain Nash
Dr. Green
Iron Hand
Coin Master Full Cards Sets Collection

Coin Master Villages

Coin Master Boom Villages list 2020

Coin Master boom villages or boom levels are levels where you can get more gold and rare cards after you buy chests more than any other village,

It’s important to stay in these villages a little longer and spend some coins on buying more chests .

  • Village 5 : Far east
  • Village 7 : sunny hawai
  • Village 10 : atlantis
  • Village 13 : Arabian nights
  • Village 15 wild west
  • Village 17 jungle
  • Village 20 the arctic
  • Village 22 Candy land
  • Village 27 columbus
  • Village 30 india
  • Village 34 dragon lair
  • Village 35 greek island
  • Village 37 the wizard
  • Village 40 area 51
  • Village 45 musketeers
  • Village 47 theme park
  • Village 49 hell
  • Village 50 easter
  • Village 51 japan
  • Village 55 jurassic ville
  • Village 57 Mongolia
  • Village 60 Robin hood
  • Village 61 Deep sea
  • Village 62 don Quixote
  • Village 65 Olympus
  • Village 75 Unicorn
  • Village 79 Tin Soldier
  • Village 83 Car Racing
  • Village 87  Baba Yaga
  • Village 90 King Arthur
  • Village 93 Caribbean Resort
  • Village 95 Egyptian Pyramids
  • Village 98 Milky Way
  • Village 102 Goblin Ghetto
  • Village 105 Circus
  • Village 107 Golf Course
  • Village 110 Rice Farmer
  • Village 112 Irish Craic
  • Village 115 Aztec
  • Village 117 Ice Queen
  • Village 122 tennis
  • Village 125 Witches
  • Village 127 Zanzibar
  • Village 130 argentina
  • Village 135 Gymnastics
  • Village 136 New york
  • Village 138 Punk rock
  • Village 140 Rio
  • Village 141 space pirate
  • Village 142 Mech workshop
  • Village 143 Jock & Jonna

Coin Master village price list

After you reach higher levels in Coin Master you will get interested to know how much does it cost to complete the village in coin master?

the more advance you get the more costs it will get you to finish the next villages .

in the table below we put a Coin Master village price list for 2020 .

LevelVillageCostBoom Village
1Land of Vikings3.9 million
2Ancient Egypt6.5 million
3Snowy Alps11.9 million
4Inca16.5 million
5Far East20.4 millionBoom Village
6Stone Age21.7 million
7Sunny Hawaii25.8 millionBoom Village
8Troy32.3 million
9Africa38.8 million
10Atlantis43.5 millionBoom Village
11The Future44.7 million
12Woodstock46.8 million
13Arabian Nights51.2 millionBoom Village
14Moon Landing53.5 million
15Wild West58.3 millionBoom Village
16Netherland60.4 million
17Jungle64.1 millionBoom Village
18Wonderland67.3 million
19Miners70.3 million
20The Arctic75 millionBoom Village
21Apocalypse76.3 million
22Candy Land79.3 millionBoom Village
23Army Camp80.3 million
24Halloween84.1 million
25The Tribe83.2 million
26Australia88.7 million
27Columbus87.1 millionBoom Village
28Mexico94.7 million
29Magical Forest101.3 million
30India107.1 millionBoom Village
31The 50's114.6 million
32Thailand121.5 million
33Coin Manor136.1 million
34Dragon Lair144 millionBoom Village
35Greek Island150.1 millionBoom Village
36LA Dreams157.9 million
37The Wizard167.5 millionBoom Village
38Oil Tyrant176.9 million
39La Familia192 million
40Area 51204.7 millionBoom Village
41Night of the Dead206.4 million
42Steampunk Land218.2 million
43The Zoo225.6 million
44Russia240.4 million
45Musketeers256.2 millionBoom Village
46Lady Bug270.2 million
47Theme Park286.2 millionBoom Village
48Tibet314.4 million
49Hell341 millionBoom Village
50Easter348.7 millionBoom Village
51Japan353.6 millionBoom Village
52Swamp363.7 million
53Wizard of Oz380 million
54Timbuktu400.9 million
55Jurassic Ville431.6 millionBoom Village
56Canada435.1 million
57Mongolia460.5 millionBoom Village
58Jacks Beanstalks480.1 million
59Scotland512.4 million
60Robin Hood541.4 millionBoom Village
61Deep Sea566.6 millionBoom Village
62Don Quixote604.3 millionBoom Village
63Colosseum631.6 million
64Cat Castle653.8 million
65Olympus678.2 millionBoom Village
66Trolls707.2 million
67Aliens739.2 million
68Da Vinci787.5 million
69Sand Land823.1 million
70Elves868.5 million
71Switzerland907.8 million
72Truckers967.1 million
73Spain1.1 billion
74Little Red1.1 billion
75Unicorn1.2 billionBoom Village
76Scientist1.2 billion
77Romania1.2 billion
78Singapore1.3 billion
79Tin Soldier1.4 billionBoom Village
80Crazy Bride1.4 billion
81Pilot1.5 billion
82Fairy Tale1.6 billion
83Car Racing1.7 billionBoom Village
84Gnome1.7 billion
85Desert Punk1.8 billion
86Detective1.8 billion
87Baba Yaga1.9 billionBoom Village
88Barbarian2.1 billion
89Restaurant2.1 billion
90King Arthur2.2 billionBoom Village
91Sinbad2.3 billion
92Bikers Bar2.5 billion
93Caribbean Resort2.6 billionBoom Village
94Super Heroes2.7 billion
95Egyptian Pyramids2.8 billionBoom Village
96Olympic Games2.9 billion
97Mountain Climbers3 billion
98Milky Way3.2 billionBoom Village
99Ski Slope3.4 billion
100Royal Monkey3.5 billion
101Snow White3.5 billion
102Goblin Ghetto3.9 billionBoom Village
103Yemen4.2 billion
104Wu Xing4.3 billion
105Circus4.5 billionBoom Village
106Yokai4.6 billion
107Golf Course4.8 billionBoom Village
108Lucha Libre5.1 billion
109Cyber Cowboys5.3 billion
110Rice Farmer5.7 billionBoom Village
111Captain Shipyard5.9 billion
112Irish Craic6.3 billionBoom Village
113Oktoberfest6.6 billion
114Amazon7 billion
115Aztec7.1 billionBoom Village
116Forbidden City7.2 billion
117Ice Queen7.5 billionBoom Village
118Samurai8 billion
119Santa's Factory8.4 billion
120Soccer8.8 billion
121Tennis9.2 billion
122Thanksgiving9.8 billionBoom Village
123Toys10.2 billion
124Venice10.6 billion
125Witches11.2 billionBoom Village
126Yankee11.5 billion
127Zanzibar12 billionBoom Village
128Moby Dick12.8 billion
129Turkey13.3 billion
130Argentina14.1 billionBoom Village
131Boxing Club14.7 billion
132Carnival15.7 billion
133Dracula16.4 billion
134Future Park16.9 billion
135Gymnastics17.9 billionBoom Village
136New York18.1 billionBoom Village
137Swamp Princess18.9 billion
138Punk Rock19 billionBoom Village
139Railroad20.2 billion
140Rio22.3 billionBoom Village
141Space Pirate23.3 billionBoom Village
142Mech Workshop24.8 billionBoom Village
143Jocke & Jonna25.9 billionBoom Village
144Colombia26.4 billion
145Petra27 billion
146Monkey Kingdom27.5 billion
147Persian Sultan28.2 billion
148Desert Party28.6 billion
149Hercules29.2 billion
150Shaolin29.8 billion
151Baker Shop30.7 billion
152Billiard31 billion
153Noah's Ark32.3 billion
154Doomsday33.5 billion
155Orc35.2 billion
156Fairy36.2 billion
157Ice Age37.8 billion
158Cleopatra38.1 billion
159Valhalla39.1 billion
160Supervillain40 billion
161Horse Racing42 billion
162Jazz Club42.7 billion
163Fashion43.1 billion
164Barber Shop45 billion
165Mermaid City46.4 billion
166Street Dance47.4 billion
167Saloon Slickers48.5 billion
168Centaure50.7 billion
169Dungeon Lair52.2 billion
170Brazil Amazon54.8 billion
171Morocco56.2 billion
172Firefighters57.1 billion
173Jousting58.3 billion
174Sculpture Workshop60.5 billion
175Babylon61.3 billion
176Boarding School64.1 billion
177Movie Set66 billion
178Dino Ranch65.5 billion
179American Football70 billion
180Beauty and the Beast72.1 billion
181Galapagos74.5 billion
182Robo Tech Girl76.7 billion
183Darwin80.1 billion
184Dinner81.1 billion
185Mad Hatter83.7 billion
186San Fransisco85.7 billion
187Rally Racing88.1 billion
188Madagascar91.1 billion
189Police Station94.2 billion
190Bee Hive96 billion
191Napoleon98.9 billion
192Basketball102.7 billion
193Film Noir106 billion
194Baseball109.1 billion
195Pet Saloon112.1 billion
196Scouts Camp115.8 billion
197Leprechaun119.2 billion
198Athletics122.7 billion
199Burglar126.4 billion
200Ice Hockey130.2 billion
201Talk Show133.6 billion
202Havana138.2 billion
203Cyber Future142.2 billion
204Magic Show147 billion
205Arcade151 billion
206Jamaica155.5 billion
207Louise The 16th159 billion
208Sea Master Park165 billion
209Zombie Boogie169.8 billion
210Motorbike175 billion
211County Folk Band180 billion
212Trainer of Dragons186 billion
213China Wall191.25 billion
214Mail Man197 billion
215Theatre202.5 billion
216Grand Biking Tour208.75 billion
217Space Cleaners215 billion
218Dwarf Workshop221.25 billion
219Swimming Pool228 billion
220Odysseus235.5 billion
221Haunted House242.6 billion
222250 billion
223257.6 billion
224265.5 billion
225273.6 billion
226282 billion
227290.6 billion
228299.5 billion
229308.6 billion
230307 billion
231327.75 billion
232337.75 billion
233348.1 billion
234358.75 billion
235369.75 billion
236381 billion
237392.6 billion
238404.6 billion
239417 billion
240429.75 billion
241442.8 billion
242456.3 billion
243470.25 billion
244484.6 billion
245499.5 billion
246514.75 billion
247530.3 billion
248546.6 billion
249563.3 billion
250580.5 billion
251598.25 billion
252616.5 billion

Coin Master Events

In this section we will talk about events in coin master the full list and the explanation of each event .

Event List :

Coin Master events for 2020 are :

  1. Tournament Events
  2. Milestone Tournament event
  3. Gift Master event
  4. Special Events
  5. Attack Madness event
  6. Raid Madness event
  7. Village Master event
  8. Bet Blast event
  9. Cards Boom event
  10. Cards for Chests event
  11. Gold Card Trade event
  12. Balloon Frenzy event
  13. Viking Quest event
  14. Set Blast event

Tournament Milestone Events

Tournaments just got a whole lot more fun! 

This new feature of the Tournament gives the ability to win incredible rewards while competing for the top ranks on the leaderboard!

A progress bar with a number of rewards will appear presenting the opportunity to win several rewards with items such as :

  • Spins,
  • Coins,
  • Pet XP,
  • Pet Treats,
  • Gold Cards.

Each tournament milestone bar can be completed a number of different times as displayed above the progress bar.

Tapping on each reward on the bar will show it’s contents as well as how many points are needed to collect it, and tapping on the tournament icon on the left side of the progress bar will show the final reward which can be won. 

Tournament Milestone Events

What is a Tournament event in Coin Master ?

Coin Master is ready to challenge you in the new Tournament! ⎼ a fun new multiplayer event that allows players to compete with one another and track each others’ progress LIVE!

Players are split into groups of 50 and compete to become the number 1 Coin Master on the Tournament Leader-board!

In order to join the tournament, each player will first need to earn a certain number of Tournament Icons by fulfilling various actions including Attacks and Raids.

Every action completed will be reflected on the trophy icon seen at the top right corner of the screen! This number will represent your rank on the leaderboard where you will also be able to see your potential rewards as well as the stiff competition ahead! 

Gift Master Event :

A new and exciting event in the Coin Master universe – Gift Master!

Any purchase of a Coin or Spin pack with a “Free Gift” icon will reward the player with an incredible gift!

These remarkable gifts can contain combinations of Spins, Coins, Chests, Pet Food and even Pet XP!

The bigger the purchase, the bigger the gift! 

What will you get? Let’s find out!

Special Events

Special events in Coin Master are events where you will get extra rewards when raiding or attacking other players , every attack or raid will be rewarded with extra items of the symbol of the event , you also get extra rewards when you spin and get three similar event symbols :

coin master events
coin master special event example

The Challenge in this event is to increase your progress by Attacking and Raiding and by getting three themed icons !  the more advance you get the greater rewards you get .

Note that Attacks will count on the progress bar even if they are blocked.

Attack Madness event

In the attack madness event you will get rewarded with hammer symbols every time you attack other players villages even if the attack isn’t successful and blocked by Rhino or by a shield.

the more attacks you get the more and higher rewards you will receive , also be ready to receive some attack revenges from other players 🙂

Raid Madness Event

In Raid Madness event you will be rewarded by raiding other players villages .the goal in this event is to raid as many villages as possible and advance your raiding bar to get more rewards and greater gifts .

Village Master event

In the village master event the goal is to complete as many villages as you can . each village you complete during this event you will get extra rewards than normal village completion .

Bet Blast Event

In the bet blast event you will be rewarded extra gifts when you Raid , Attack other player villages and the more you bet the extra rewards you get.

Cards Boom event

in the Cards Boom event when you buy chests or open any gifted chest you will get extra cards , and most cases it will be 50% more cards .

  • the Wooden Chest will reward 3 cards .
  • Golden chest will reward you 6 cards .
  • Magical chest will reward you 12 cards .

If you’re in a boom village during this event it better to buy as many chests as you can so you can get more golden cards and complete more card sets .

Gold Card Trade Event

In the Gold card trade event you will have the chance to trade two gold cards of the event . as golden card are not tradable except in this event these very special events .

The gold trade event last 30 minutes after you click the link of the event .

this event is also a great chance to complete the most hardest card sets so be sure you don’t miss it if you need any golden cards .

Coin Master Golden Card trade event link
Coin Master Golden Card trade

Jackpot event

the jackpot event is simple : bet more to win the coin jackpot .

in this event you have to use the bet option to be able to win the jackpot

coin master jackpot event
coin master jackpot event winning example

Balloon Frenzy Event

In the Balloon Frenzy event you will see balloons appearing while playing just tap on them to win extra spins and other rewards , sometime the reward might earn you up to 1000 spins .

Viking Quest Event

In the viking Quest event you will get a new slot where you will be able to spin using your Coins instead of spins , and you will receive more rewards the more you advance .

during this event you will see an icon in the bottom right , just tap on it and a new screen will show you the missions that you will have to complete and the grand prizes you will get . the rewards in this event includes winning gold cards .

Coin master viking Quest event
Coin master viking Quest event

Note : All Coins that you won in the Viking Slots couldn’t be raided for three minutes after each press of the Viking “Spin” button. 

Coin Master Viking Quest Bonus Wheel play

Set Blast Event

In the Set Blast event the goal is to complete as many card sets as you can as you will get higher rewards for each set completed . in this event try to trade cards with other players and buy more chests in order to get the most out of this event .

Coin Master Pets

Pets in coin master are creatures that will help you in your game in order to earn more coins or do more effective attacks and also defend your village from attacks .

They are three pets in coin master : Foxy, Rhino and Tiger .

When you unlock your pet you have to feed it and level it up as you advance in the game . the two this you will need to work and advance with your pet are Pet food and Pet XP

How to unlock your pets ?

How to unlock coin master pets
How to unlock coin master pets

Foxy : Like mentioned in the picture the foxy is unlocked once you reach level 7 , after you unlock it an animation guide will show you how to deal with your pet like feeding it and leveling it up .

Tiger : once you complete the Beasts card set you will be able to hatch the egg and unlock the Tiger pet

Rhino : to unlock the Rhino pet you have to complete the Creatures card set .


the foxy job is to help you increase the coins you get when you raid a village as it will go and Dig a 4 hole after you end raiding the village.


The Tiger Pet job is to help you earn more coins during the attacks of other players villages and make your attacks more successful .


The Rhino pet job is to help you protect your village when you run out of shields , when you first hatch the egg of Rhino it comes with a chance of 10% protection of every attack

Coin Master Chests list and guide

Chests are used to get cards in coin master and there are different type of chests and they include different number of cards .

here are the chest list in con master and the probability of what kind of cards you might find in each one .

Wooden chests

coin master wooden chest
coin master wooden chest

Wooden Chests are available from village 3 and up , and it contains 2 cards .

here is the probability of your chances to get rare cards from this chest :

  • 1 Star Card: 86% 
  • 2 Star Card: 48% 
  • 3 Star Card: 18% 
  • 4 Star Card: 15% 
  • 5 Star Card: 2% 

Golden chest

coin master golder chest
coin master golden chest

Golden chests are also available from village 3 and up , and they contain total of 4 cards.

here is the probability of your chances to get rare cards from this chest :

  • 1 Star Card: 60.4% 
  • 2 Star Card: 77.74% 
  • 3 Star Card: 99.5% 
  • 4 Star Card: 35.87% 
  • 5 Star Card: 5.95% 

Magical chest

coin master magical chests
coin master magical chest

Magical Chest is available from village 3 and Up and it contains a total of 8 cards .

here is the rarity of cards that you can find :

  • 1 Star Card : 79.21% 
  • 2 Star Card : 94.29% 
  • 3 Star Card : 99.5% 
  • 4 Star Card : 99.5% 
  • 5 Star Card : 23.6% 

Mystery Chest

coin master Mystery Chest
coin master Mystery Chest

The Mystery Chest contains a total of 6 cards with the chance of finding the Jocker card . you might also find spins and pet food .

here is the probability of the cards that you might find :

  • 1 Star Card : 0.5%
  • 2 Star Card : 98.33% 
  • 3 Star Card : 98.33% 
  • 4 Star Card : 99.5%  
  • 5 Star Card : 99.5%
  • Joker Card: 10%

Sapphire Chest

coin master Sapphire Chest
coin master Sapphire Chest

Sapphire Chest is available from Village 70 and up , it Contains a total of 6 Cards, Spins and Pet XP. 

The probability of getting rare cards from this chests :

  • 1 Star Card : 71.78%
  • 2 Star Card : 79.16% 
  • 3 Star Card : 90.49% 
  • 4 Star Card : 99.50%  
  • 5 Star Card : 38.04%

The chances of getting spins from Sapphir chest :

  • 50 Spins : 2.35%
  • 55 Spins : 7.06%
  • 60 Spins : 9.41%
  • 65 Spins : 9.41%
  • 70 Spins : 9.41%
  • 75 Spins : 9.41%
  • 80 Spins : 9.41%
  • 85 Spins : 7.06%
  • 90 Spins : 7.06%
  • 95 Spins : 7.06%
  • 100 Spins : 7.06%
  • 150 Spins : 4.71%
  • 200 Spins : 3.53%
  • 250 Spins : 3.53%
  • 400 Spins : 2.35%
  • 500 Spins : 1.18%

Ruby Chest

Coin master Ruby Chest
Coin master Ruby Chest

The Ruby Chest in Coin Master is Available from Village 110 and up . it Contains a total of 8 Cards with a chance of finding a Joker card, Pet XP, 1 Pet Snack and Spins.

Here are the probability if cards you might find in Ruby chest :

  • 1 Star Card : 56.20%
  • 2 Star Card : 82.47% 
  • 3 Star Card : 97.19% 
  • 4 Star Card : 99.5%  
  • 5 Star Card : 61.14%
  • Joker Card : 1.9%

Here are the chances of how luch Spins you might find in this chest :

  • 100 Spins : 2.35%
  • 110 Spins : 7.06%
  • 125 Spins : 9.41%
  • 150 Spins : 9.41%
  • 175 Spins : 9.41%
  • 200 Spins : 9.41%
  • 225 Spins : 9.41%
  • 250 Spins : 7.06%
  • 275 Spins : 7.06%
  • 300 Spins : 7.06%
  • 325 Spins : 7.06%
  • 350 Spins : 4.71%
  • 425 Spins : 3.53%
  • 500 Spins : 3.53%
  • 750 Spins : 2.35%
  • 1000 Spins : 1.18%

Valentine’s Chest

Valentine chest in coin master
Valentine chest in coin master

Valentine’s Chest is Available from Village 30 and up .it Contains a total of 6 Cards with a chance of finding a Joker card, Spins and pet XP/Snacks

Here are the chences of which cards you might find in Valentine’s Chest :

  • 1 Star Card : 0.5%
  • 2 Star Card : 98% 
  • 3 Star Card : 98% 
  • 4 Star Card : 99%  
  • 5 Star Card : 99%
  • Joker Card : 4%

and you have equal chances of finding either 1 , 2, or 3 Pet snacks.

And regarding spins the more you advance in the game the more spins you get from this chest , it starts with a minimum of 60 spins from village 36 to a minimum of 360 spins in village 196 and up .and the maximum spins you might receive in this chest is 24 000 spins .

Small Lucky Chest

Coin Master Small Lucky Chest
Coin Master Small Lucky Chest

Small Lucky Chest in Coin Master is Available from Village 4 and up . Contains a total of 6 Cards with a chance of finding a Joker card, spins and Pet xp .

Here are the chances of which cards you might find in this chest :

  • 1 Star Card : 0.01%
  • 2 Star Card : 98%
  • 3 Star Card : 98%
  • 4 Star Card : 99.5%
  • 5 Star Card : 99.5%
  • Joker Card : 1.4%

Big Lucky Chest

Big Lucky Chest in coin master
Big Lucky Chest in coin master

Big Lucky Chest in Coin Master is available from Village 30 and up and it Contains a total of 8 Cards with a chance of a Joker card, Spins and Pet XP . 

Here are the chance of which cards you might find in this chest :

  • 1 Star Card : 55%
  • 2 Star Card : 82%
  • 3 Star Card : 96%
  • 4 Star Card : 99%
  • 5 Star Card : 60%
  • Joker Card : 14%

Small Easter Chest

Small Easter Chest in coin master
Small Easter Chest in coin master

Small Easter Chest in Coin Master is available from Village 10 and up : Contains a total of 6 Cards with a chance of finding a Joker card and spins and Pet XP .

Here are your chances of which cards you will find in this chest :

  • 1 Star Card : 0.01%
  • 2 Star Card : 99.5%
  • 3 Star Card : 99.5%
  • 4 Star Card :  99.5%
  • 5 Star Card : 99.5%
  • Joker Card : 2.4%

Big Easter Chest

Big Easter Chest in coin master
Big Easter Chest in coin master

Big Easter Chest in Coin Master is available from Village 20 and up Contains a total of 8 Cards with a chance of a Joker card, spins and Pet XP. 

Here are the chances of which cards you will find when opening this chest :

  • 1 Star Card : 56%
  • 2 Star Card : 83%
  • 3 Star Card : 97%
  • 4 Star Card :  99%
  • 5 Star Card : 61%
  • Joker Card : 6%

Tiger Chest :

Tiger Chest in Coin Master
Tiger Chest in Coin Master

Tiger Chest in coin Master is available from Village 10 and up. Contains a total of 6 Cards with a chance of finding a Joker card), spins, Pet XP/Pet food.  

Here are your chances of which cards you will find in this chest :

  • 1 Star Card : 0.01%
  • 2 Star Card : 99.5%
  • 3 Star Card : 99.5%
  • 4 Star Card : 99.9%
  • 5 Star Card : 99.9%
  • Joker Card : 2.45%

Foxy Chest

Foxy Chest in Coin Master
Foxy Chest in Coin Master

Foxy Chest in Coin Master is available from Village 10+and up.It contains a total of 6 Cards with a chance of a Joker card, Spins and Pet XP/food.

Here the the chances of which cards you will find in this chest :

  • 1 Star Card : 0.01%
  • 2 Star Card : 99.1%
  • 3 Star Card : 99.2%
  • 4 Star Card : 99.9%
  • 5 Star Card : 99.9%
  • Joker Card : 5%

coin master chest strategy

this chest strategy is about how to open chest in a sequence to receive new cards ,

Note : you have to spend a lot of coins with this strategy.

  1. start opening the wooden chests and so you receive a 4 star card .
  2. move on to Golden chest and start opening until you receive a gold card , any gold card even if it’s not new .
  3. move on to buying the magical chest until you just receive a new card . you can also receive a high rare card
  4. then once you get your new card you then just want to start the process again

Coin Master tips and tricks

Start in Guest mode

when you download coin master and start the app , it will ask you to log-in with your Facebook account .

i advise you to ignore this option and start playing as guest , because this you have the ability to take advantage from all the free spins given to you from the start .

Join Active Facebook Groups

Look for facebook groups with active members where they share cards for free also where some more advance members share Coin Master event sequences .

Spend some time buying chests in each village

buying chest in coin master is very important to complete the card sets and for finding golden cards , sometimes we just rush to finish the village and move to the next one , and by doing that we miss a lot of opportunities that are hiding in chests .

be sure to buy chests in each village especially in boom levels and card bomm event

stocking coins Trick

stocking coins in coin master is very useful trick that a lot of people don’t know about , but it’s very important if you want to advance in the game quickly .

how to stock coin in coin master ?

there a lot of strategies to stock coins one of them is to add people who stock coins that also allow you to raid them , or stock coins yourself and be sure to remove all the friends that raid you a lot .

we explained in details how to stock coin in this post so check it out if you’re interested to know more about it .

Example of people stocking coins in facebook group :

coin stocking in coin master
coin stocking in coin master

Coin Master Baby account

this trick is used by more advanced Coin Master players , they have a second account in coin master that they use to get cards that they missed while advancing on the game or even use it to stock coins …

the down side of this trick is that you have to use multiple facebook account as you will need one for every coin master account . and you will need an app cloner to install multiple coin master apps in one device .

Get Free spins reward links

in coin master you might run out of spins very quick you , that’s when coin master spin rewards comes handy , we share them and update them on a daily basis so be sure to add this page to your favorite and subscribe to our pop notification to be notified once new links are posted .

use two fingers when raiding

this trick come handy if you’re playing on mobile or on a tablet . when you’re left with two holes to dig use two fingers to tap on them simultaneously that way both holes will be uncovered for you .

coin master hacks : Be careful

if you join facebook groups related to coin master you will notice people sharing a lot of live video claiming that if you participate you will get a huge number of spins and coins , but all those live video are not true and you will just waste your time as they request human verification by filling a survey or downloading some malicious app to your phone .

there is also similar videos on youtube that claim the same but they are all the same .

and there is no hack without human verification so be careful when you participate in these websites .

Send more than 5 cards a day trick

Coin Master has a block on card sending and you can’t send more than 5 cards a day , but luckily there a way to go around this . the trick is changing the date 24H ahead and close coin master the open it again , after that you will be to send another 5 cards .


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