Cookie Run Kingdom Characters List

cookie run kingdom characters
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Cookie Run Kingdom is a free-to-play mobile game in which you fight monster cakes and delicious sweets in a world full of them! You will find a lot of Cookie Run Kingdom Characters like sugar gnomes, wild cakes, and cookies that are just like you. You’re reconstructing the cookie kingdom, which has been ravaged by evil cakes and other desserts for a long time.

cookie run kingdom characters
cookie run kingdom characters

In the game, you’ll be battling monsters, defeating cakes, utilizing the abilities that each cookie has, and attempting to eliminate the evils. When it comes to having the best team, you should be aware of all the Cookie Run Kingdom characters available!

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Every cookie kind is listed by rarity in the Cookie Run: Kingdom, along with their role, and position. Hopefully, this guides you in forming the best squad possible!

Cookie Run Kingdom Characters

cookie run kingdom characters are called Cookies and i listed them based on their rarity:

Common Cookies

 GingerBrave Charge Front
 Muscle Cookie Charge Front
 Strawberry Cookie Defense Front
 Wizard Cookie Magic Middle
 Beet Cookie Ranged Rear
 Ninja Cookie Ambush Rear
 Angel Cookie Healing Rear
cookie run kingdom Rare characters

Rare Cookies

 Princess Cookie Charge Front
 Avocado Cookie Defense Front
 Knight Cookie Defense Front
 Blackberry Cookie Magic Rear
 Devil Cookie Magic Middle
 Adventurer Cookie Ambush Middle
 Pancake Cookie Ambush Rear
 Cherry Cookie Bomber Rear
 Alchemist Cookie Bomber Middle
 Gumball Cookie Bomber Rear
 Carrot Cookie Support Middle
 Clover Cookie Support Rear
 Onion Cookie Support Middle
 Custard Cookie III Healing Rear
cookie run kingdom Rare characters

Epic Cookies

 Werewolf Cookie Charge Front
 Dark Choco Cookie Charge Front
 Purple Yam Cookie Charge Front
 Kumiho Cookie Charge Front
 Red Velvet Cookie Charge Front
 Raspberry Cookie Charge Front
Mala Sauce Cookie Charge Front
 Milk Cookie Defense Front
 Madeleine Cookie Defense Front
 Strawberry Crepe Cookie Defense Front
 Moon Rabbit Cookie Defense Front
 Snow Sugar Cookie Magic Middle
 Espresso Cookie Magic Middle
 Licorice Cookie Magic Middle
 Latte Cookie Magic Middle
 Mango Cookie Magic Middle
 Squid Ink Cookie Magic Middle
 Rye Cookie Ranged Rear
 Tiger Lily Cookie Ranged Rear
 Pastry Cookie Ranged Rear
Twizzly Gummy Cookie Ranged Rear
 Chili Pepper Cookie Ambush Middle
 Vampire Cookie Ambush Rear
 Black Raisin Cookie Ambush Middle
 Sorbet Shark Cookie Ambush Middle
 Poison Mushroom Cookie Bomber Middle
 Mint Choco Cookie Support Rear
 Pomegranate Cookie Support Rear
 Almond Cookie Support Rear
 Cream Puff Cookie Support Rear
 Fig Cookie Support Middle
 Lilac Cookie Support Middle
 Parfait Cookie Support Rear
 Herb Cookie Healing Rear
 Sparkling Cookie Healing Rear
cookie run kingdom Epic characters

Special Cookies

 Sonic Cookie Ambush Middle
 Tails Cookie Ambush Middle
cookie run kingdom Special characters

Ancient Cookies

 Pure Vanilla Cookie Healing Rear
 Hollyberry Cookie Defense Front
 Dark Cacao Cookie (non-playable) Charge Front
 Golden Cheese Cookie (non-playable) Ranged Rear
 White Lily Cookie (non-playable) Support Rear
cookie run kingdom Ancient characters

Legendary Cookies

 Sea Fairy Cookie Bomber Middle
 Moonlight Cookie (non-playable)UnknownUnknown
 Fire Spirit Cookie (non-playable)UnknownUnknown
 Wind Archer Cookie (non-playable)UnknownUnknown
 Millennial Tree Cookie (non-playable)UnknownUnknown
 Dark Enchantress Cookie (non-playable)UnknownUnknown
cookie run kingdom Legendary characters

That’s all the characters we have in Cookie run kingdom. We’re going to update this list once they update a new character, so bookmark this page to stay updated or you can browse more cool stuff on our site.

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