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Roblox Ghost Simulator codes

Roblox Ghost Simulator codes
Written by Wayka Mido

Redeem these new ghost simulator codes and get some free pets including Firefly Pet and Purple Pegasus Pet and also get some soul keys and Candy:

  • INFLUENCER: Vlad Flame/Vladrider
  • FIREFLY : Firefly
  • R1FT: Purple Pegasus
  • SPAC3: Dave
  • 1YEAR: x1 One Year Bag
  • THEEND: Gears & The End Hoverboard
  • PLAY: The Cosmic Hand Pet
  • 1YEAR (Must be in BloxByte Games Group): One Year Bag (Contains Anniversary Pet and Hoverboard)
  • FIREFLY: Firefly Pet
  • R1FT: Purple Pegasus Pet
  • SPAC3: Dave Pet

How to Redeem ghost simulator codes?

To redeem the codes for ghost simulator all you have to do is click on the twitter icon on the left and then past the code on the screen that shows and click on redeem:

ghost simulator codes
ghost simulator codes

where is the pet trainers net in ghost simulator?

About ghost simulator

ghost simulator is a Roblox game that was released on December 2018, it’s created by a group called BloxByte Games. the game had more than 90 million visits and more than 700K favorites.

In the game ghost took over the world and you have to stop them by catching ghosts and upgrading your equipment while doing so.

You can follow the developers on twitter to get the latest updates and events, you can also join the official discord server of the game to engage and chat with other players of Ghost Simulator.

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