New Club Penguin Rewritten codes

club penguin rewritten codes
Written by Wayka Mido

These new club penguin rewritten codes will rewards Card-Jitsu Cards, hoodies and other items:

  • FREEHOOD: UK Hoodie. (New)
  • FREEHOOD2: Greeb Crosshatched Hoodie. (New)
  • ONLINESAFETY: Laptop. (New)

how to enter club penguin rewritten codes?

Here are the steps to enter the codes in club penguin rewritten

  1. Log in your account.
  2. On the servers page, click the “Unlock Items Online” logo in the top right hand corner.
  3. Click “I have a code
  4. enter the code.

how to become a secret agent on club penguin rewritten?

To become a secret agent follow the steps below:

  1. click on moderator badge on to right:
how to become a secret agent on club penguin rewritten
moderator badge
  1. Click on chat Nicely to open the Secret Agent Quiz
  2. Click on Mission to start the Quiz
  3. answer the Quiz questions

once you answer the quiz correctly you will be accepted into Penguin Secret Agency, and you will get a spy phone on your player card that you can use to learn about the Agency. and you will be assigned some special assignment from time to time.

How to do missions in club penguin rewritten?

  1. once you become a Secret Agent you will be given a spy phone,
  2. On that Spy Phone, press the “Visit HQ” button and you will be teleported to the HQ.
  3. Click on the green panel labeled “Top Secret” in the bottom right-hand corner once you are in the HQ.
  4. Simply select your mission and you are ready to play the mission.

how to throw snowballs fast in club penguin rewritten

To throw snowballs very fast in club penguin rewritten Tap on T key and clickon it rapidly.

how to fart on club penguin rewritten?

to fart on club penguin rewritten press “E” and then “T“, which makes your penguin to use a fart emoticon.

how to get unbanned from club penguin rewritten?

To lift the ban from your account you have to have proof that you didn’t break the rules like your account being hacked by third party apps then contact the team of Penguin rewritten

how to get coins in club penguin rewritten?

Here are all the ways to get coins in club penguin rewritten:

  • create a penguin (You receive 500 coins)
  • playing games
  • mining at the Cave Mine
  • using codes.

how to get a hard hat in club penguin rewritten?

hard hat in club penguin rewritten

hard hat could be obtained by using the code ‘BUILDERS‘. or by buying it from style catalog for 50 coins.

that’s it for club penguin rewritten codes, we advice to follow the game on twitter for the latest updates and news about the game, and feel free to check out blog for more game codes and guides.

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