Knockout City Codes

Knockout City Codes list
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In this article you will find all the valid Knockout City Codes, that will reward you with free items and game gems.

These codes might expire at any time so make sure to redeem them while they are still valid.

In the article below we listed all the working codes in addition to how to redeem them and also where to find newly released codes by yourself.

What are Knockout City Codes?

Knockout City Codes are a list of codes given by the developers of the game to help players and encourage them to play the game. The codes are released to celebrate achieving certain game milestones, or simply releasing them after a game update.

All Knockout City Codes list

Below you will find an updated list of all working codes for Knockout City. this list is updated on a regular basis as we add new codes and remove the expired ones.

If you came across any expired codes feel free to let us know in the comments.

Knockout City Codes

Here is a list of all working codes for Knockout City with the rewards of each one:

Euro 2021 Team Flag List

FHZ9-Z36L-29NH-8NZR-DXDRCzech Republic

General Working Codes List

9MRZ-V5T9-VQP3-6FNU-ZVDGRedeem code for Unity Icon (NEW)
3TYQ-LFML-EUT9-B5G3-MPWBRedeem code for Gorillaphent Cosmetics
A844-VTSD-ECRV-8PSX-3MW4Redeem code for Northern Lions Cosmetics
GBHZ-X7NQ-TET4-CUDF-C9S7Redeem code for AyChristene Cosmetics
5HMV-6K27-FLSZ-4LXN-W5LFRedeem code for Jonsandman Cosmetics
52T3-BMJD-3QNL-BQWB-LWK9Redeem code for All Pride 2021 Icons (Permanent)
E3HZ-3L9Z-CTML-4S2Y-FHQCRedeem code for Agender player Icon (Permanent)
9UY8-XR8S-T6EP-5TH4-ZPE5Redeem code for Aromantic player Icon (Permanent)
22PP-HLPD-83VD-MM55-TPBARedeem code for Asexual player Icon (Permanent)
89FF-U7WG-39FK-L2FE-AHUTRedeem code for Bigender player Icon (Permanent)
3Q22-D6XR-L42E-HGT9-VCCURedeem code for Bisexual player Icon (Permanent)
B2PP-FKZL-JTCP-DQ67-T9JSRedeem code for Demiboy player Icon (Permanent)
EZ6N-N6UQ-86Y3-TMT9-3YVFRedeem code for Demigirl player Icon (Permanent)
B9J2-S95N-7KY2-LFEA-WL4VRedeem code for Deminonbinary player Icon (Permanent)
85N6-P3YM-7WZA-JLNV-UFQGRedeem code for Demiromantic player Icon (Permanent)
42NE-CVAQ-E8U2-SWR4-X5VNRedeem code for Demisexual player Icon (Permanent)
7YPF-H4VP-YYNH-AX4G-H2W8Redeem code for Genderfluid player Icon (Permanent)
4STB-BMKL-YFDU-JK2J-4UG5Redeem code for Genderqueer player Icon (Permanent)
8HCL-5LSW-Z653-NPWY-6RJKRedeem code for Intersexplayer Icon (Permanent)
7UVD-FHPE-TMZR-NG4E-GTZKRedeem code for Lesbian player Icon (Permanent)
8AKK-5J7B-28JK-CKSM-XMMERedeem code for Men-Loving-Men player Icon (Permanent)
6RRH-K992-EQZ2-XY7T-3KJHRedeem code for Nonbinary player Icon(Permanent)
FS7F-APXD-H2DD-YMNV-AU5URedeem code for Omnisexual player Icon (Permanent)
24W6-JS56-JNWC-NZ4U-VK58Redeem code for Pansexual player Icon (Permanent)
DL5D-RPDS-VF2K-VHVR-WMKWRedeem code for Philly Pride Flag player Icon (Permanent)
6XDD-6TUG-TRNU-7PPK-4WFRRedeem code for Polysexual player Icon (Permanent)
7L2J-A4YU-NP2Q-W2HZ-54QZRedeem code for Transgender player Icon (Permanent)

How To Redeem Knockout City Codes ?

To redeem the codes for Knockout City it’s easy and straight forward just follow the steps below:

  • Enter the game. Look for the Menu button on the bottom left side of your screen and click on it.
Knockout City Codes
Knockout City Codes
  • Click on More..
  • Click on Redeem Code
Knockout City Codes
Knockout City Codes
  • Copy the code from the list above and paste it into the box.
  • Click the Enter button to receive rewards.
Knockout City Codes
Knockout City Codes

Just note that the codes are sometimes CASE sensitive so it would be better to copy them from the list above to avoid any mistakes.

Where to find new Knockout City codes?

To get new codes for Knockout City once they are released you can follow the game developers on their official Twitter account, and join their Discord server as the codes are announced there first and you will notice players talking about them once they are released.

you can also find the codes on the game description so make sure to give it a look before playing the game.

About Knockout City

Knockout City is an action video game developed by Velan Studios and published by Electronic Arts under the EA Originals label. It was released for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in May 2021


Now you have everything to know about Knockout City codes and the game itself, make sure to let us know in the comments if you have any trouble redeeming any codes.

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