Where To Find Project Star Stand Storage?

Some player had difficult time finding Project Star Stand Storage

Project Star is an RPG game made by 10_MinuteAdRevenue and lmaginationBurst for fun. The game is inspired by a popular animated TV show series known as “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”.

What to do in Stand Storage?

Inside the Stand Storage you will find NPC Robert Speedwagon and he will Allows you to store up to 3 stands by default and 5 with both stand storage gamepasses.

Project Star Stand Storage

In the map

as you can see in the map the Stand storage is located in the left of the map next to Pluck:

project star stand storage map
project star stand storage map

High Resolution here

Stand Storage Preview

From the outside day time:

Project Star Stand Storage 2
outside Project Star Stand Storage

Preview from the outside night time:

Project Star Stand Storage 2
Outside Stand Storage

Stand Storage in the inside with the Robert Speedwagon NPC:

Project Star Stand Storage
inside Project Star Stand Storage

One new codes are released you can check them in Project Star codes.

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