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Written by Wayka Mido Generator Generator generator is a general test on your Roblox knowledge and only if you got 100% correct answer that you will get access to Prorobux privat server to get your reward : Generator :

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What was the original name of the Roblox game?

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What was the name Roblox from?

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How old is Roblox?

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what was the first Roblox money called ?

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What is Tickets (Tix for short) ?

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Tickets (Tix for short) were a form of currency on Roblox, introduced on August 2, 2007.

Who is the Founder of Roblox?

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What is the username of the Roblox founder?

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What's the maximum number of friends you can have on Roblox?

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Name this Badge:

Roblox Badge
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