Best 9 Realistic Roblox Games

Realistic Roblox Games
Written by Wayka Mido

where we’ve created a list of the top 9 realistic roblox games. Even though the limit for these games are endless, we’ve put together the most popular, rising and best games for you.

You can fulfill the roles you’re trying to achieve in real life, here in these realistic roblox games. You can experience real life mechanics here too. These are the most suggested Roblox games for you then. Just jump into these games and enjoy the realistic simulators.

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Realistic Roblox Games List

These are top 9 realistic games on roblox:

9. Growing Up – College Dorms

Realistic Roblox Games : Growing Up
Realistic Roblox Games

By the name, you could tell that it’s a growing up simulator. You start off as a baby here with multiple choices given. You walk to the park, play a little, go to your home. Time after time, you grow up, decorate your house, build stuff and so on.

If you’re looking for a fun life simulator, try Growing Up – College Dorms. This Roblox game has around 375M+ visits and is updated every other month.

8. MeepCity

Realistic Roblox Games Meepcity
Realistic Roblox Games

Meepcity is a roleplay game where players can interact socially with each other in the town called meepcity. The pets here are called meeps and each player can own one meep and name them and play with them. They cost about 100 coins.

The game has gotten many updates and a lot of additions in it. They’ve added shops, houses, catalogs, and many other places to make the game interesting. The game can be called “club penguin” since players interact with each other mostly.

They have added race karts, portals, ice cream shops, cafeterias and many more. All of the stuff you think about for a perfect town is here.

Today, Meepcity has 11.8B+ visits. That’s a huge amount of numbers!

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7. My Restaurant!

Realistic Roblox Games my restaurant
Realistic Roblox Games

If you’re a foodie, this game is definitely for you! ‘My Restaurant’ offers you to build the biggest and the best restaurant. You are provided the options to expand your restaurant, hire workers, make many dishes and even become a rich tycoon.

It’s a real life restaurant building game where you can trade items in the marketplace for the betterment of your restaurant. It’s up to you about how you handle your restaurant. You’ll have many challengers, make your way to the top and take your restaurant to the top of the list. Make sure to decorate your restaurant in an engaging way and keep unlocking more space for your restaurant to grow.

Till date, My Restaurant has 381.4M+ visits. That means a lot of foodies in Roblox.

6. Lumber Tycoon 2

Realistic Roblox Games  Growing Up
Realistic Roblox Games

This game is based on a small town where we are lumberjacks trying to earn a living. We start off with nothing but a simple axe. By cutting down trees and selling them, we make money. This is what Lumber Tycoon 2 is all about.

We can find expensive wood, buy expensive trucks, build big and expensive homes and keep luxurious inventories. The game has a lot of easter eggs in it too since it gets an update every other month. So if you ever dream of becoming a lumberjack who wants an adventurous life or want to experience the life of a lumberjack, Lumber Tycoon 2 is the game we suggest.

Lumber Tycoon 2 is one of the oldest games on the platform as well, being released in 2009, the game has received around 840M+ visits.

5. Retail Tycoon 2

Realistic Roblox Games retail tycoon
Realistic Roblox Games

Retail Tycoon 2 is one of the most realistic games we’ve seen. By the name you could tell that you’re a small store owner where you try to build your store to make it better and bigger. The game provides you options to buy land, expand shelves, buy more material to put and attract more customers. You can hire workers, get your supply drops, engage with customers and many more.

If you ever wondered ‘hey, how does being a store owner feels like’ or if you’re ever thinking about working at a store for some extra money, this game is the Roblox version for it. Till date, the game has received 50M+ visits and it hasn’t even been one year since it’s release date.

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4. Strongman Simulator

Realistic Roblox Games strongman simulator
Realistic Roblox Games

If you’re into workout and gyms, here’s a realistic simulator for you. In ‘Strongman Simulator’ you make your way to the top by training on heavy items. And by heavy items I mean, ‘Actual Heavy Items’.

You get to drag a chicken which is 10x its size and 10x its weight to get stronger and to gain energy. By working out and by training on heavy items, you make your way to the top. But beware of the other trainers as well, You gotta beat them to show them who’s the champion!

They have added pets as well which grant you more bonus points on working out with them. This game receives an update about every month. Till date, there are about 360.5M+ views.

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3. Laundry Simulator (BETA)

Realistic Roblox Games laundry simulator
Realistic Roblox Games

Here we have a laundry simulator where you start off a small laundromat to wash your clothes. After you compete with some fellow players, you level up your score and make your washing machine better. After leveling up, you can increase the size of the plots which is even more fun.

This game is all about speed and cleaning. A lot of Easter eggs were also added in the game. Furthermore, they’ve added pets and beds for them as well. It’s simple! The more you clean your laundry, the better your plot becomes. The better your plot becomes, you could become the biggest cleaning mafia out there.

Are you growing up and have never done laundry? Laundry Simulator would be a good place to start at.

This game is still in Beta version but it’s one of the best rising games on Roblox. It was released earlier this year and has gained about 130M+ visits in just 9 months.

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2. Eating Simulator

Realistic Roblox Games eating simulator
Realistic Roblox Games

Funny thumbnail, am I right? You ever ate some food and felt like you were full. Well, Eating simulator got your back. If you feel full in this game, that means you’re levelling up. The catch here is you never get full, you only become fatter and bigger. The funny thing is that this is the way to beat the other players.

This game has codes being released nowadays which provide you premium items and objects in the game. Also, whatever you see in the game, eat it! Keep on eating and keep on becoming big. You won’t have to worry about your stomach getting full. Well, at least in Roblox, your character would be able to eat junk food, healthy food, basically every edible and enjoy their taste.

This game is the youngest game as it was released in June, 2021. In just 4 months, Eating Simulator has received 100M+ visits.

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1. Work at a Pizza place.

Realistic Roblox Games work at pizza place
Realistic Roblox Games

Work at a pizza place is the most relatable game we can think of. It has two roles in the game, one is working at the pizza place and the second is taking a break and enjoying the off days.

When you’re an employee, you get to work in six different roles of the shop. Each role has their own tasks in the shop. These roles are cashier, cook, pizza boxer, delivery guy, supplier and the manager.

As the cashier, you get to take orders by pressing “E” on your keyboard. Sometimes, you could get a special pizza order. The team of cashiers are highlighted in red.

As the cook, you have the main responsibility of the shop. You get to bake the pizzas according to the orders provided and put them in the oven. After the pizzas are baked, one of the chefs can place it in the conveyor so the pizzas could be packed properly. The chef’s team is coloured in Yellow.

As the Pizza Boxer, you get to pack the pizzas and the drinks. The packing team is coloured in orange.

As the delivery team coloured in blue, you got one of the most important roles as well. You have to find the house which is written on the order and deliver it to their front door.

As the supplier, you have to make sure that there are enough ingredients in the shop and refill the ingredients by taking your truck to the depo and by filling your truck. They’re highlighted in white.

Finally, you could also become the manager and give your employees many bonuses. You could even kick workers if they’re not doing their job properly.

In the second role which is ‘not working’, you get to build your house and enjoy parties by spending in-game money called “Moneyz”.

This game was released in 2007 and is the fourth game to reach 1 Billion visits. It has a total of 3.4+ Billion visits.

So there you go , this was the list of the Top 9 most realistic Roblox games. Hurry up and join these games to experience these lifestyles.

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