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Roblox Treasure Quest Value List

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Treasure Quest Value List? Much like Anime World Tower Defense, the developers have recently introduced a trading feature accessible from level 15 onwards.

To secure a fair deal, it’s crucial to understand the value of every item available in Roblox Treasure Quest. To simplify your quest, we’ve crafted a Treasure Quest trading values list to assist you in making equitable trades.

Treasure Quest Trading Values List:

In Treasure Quest, there are numerous items that aren’t readily accessible. If you’d rather not spend hours grinding in the game to obtain a specific item, we recommend utilizing Treasure Quest’s Trading feature.

Treasure Quest Value List:

Caprice Ears330 Ultimates
Yolk Caster300 Ultimates
Dyed Egg Cas270 Ultimates
Doomsekkar250 Ultimates
Spookyrie150 Ultimates
White Sparkle TimeNA
Ghosdeeri100 Ultimates
Warlock90 Ultimates
Dark Pumpkin Staff85 Ultimates
Light Pumpkin Staff80 Ultimates
Monstruosus55 Ultimates
Toxic Pumpkin Staff60 Ultimates
Eggbeater70 Ultimates
Candy Corn Chainsword45 Ultimates
Eerie Saber40 Ultimates

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