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Written by Wayka Mido

snake unblocked game is one of the most popular simple games ever invented, the goal is to consume goods and get longer while avoiding obstacles or bumping to yourself.

in the snake unblocked game we present you the challenge is even bigger as you have to beat other players, as you can consume smaller snakes and avoid bigger ones.

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snake unblocked

Here is the cool snake game 3D, enjoy playing:


How to play the snake game?

This snake unblocked is played using your mouse , avoid bumping to bigger snakes and make sure to consume anything that is smaller.

How to beat snake game?

snake game is an endless game where you try to achieve the biggest score and it doesn’t have an end.

How can i be a good snake game?

you can be good at snake game by playing it ofen.

Where i can play snake game?

you can play it online in this page, or download it on your phone or tablet : on android / Ios

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