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The Wild West Value List [UPDATED]

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Are you in search of the latest The Wild West Value List? Your search ends here. We provide you with a comprehensive Wild West Value List to keep you updated on the most current in-game prices.

The Wild West Value List

Within this guide, you’ll find The Wild West Value List. It’s important to note that these values can fluctuate, so treat them as approximate estimates.

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Comprehensive Wild West Value List

Exclusive Items:

Mare’s LegR$50 or R$25 (Paid Access Only)A lever action rifle cut down to large pistol size. High damage, good accuracy, fair capacity, high fire rate and reload. Part of the Paid Access Reward.
BanjoR$200A portable Banjo that can be carried around and functions like a portable piano.
Golden DragoonR$240A golden Dragoon Pistol. Part of the Dread Pirate gamepass. Uses the rifle draw animation, but cannot be used while carrying a Money Bag or lassoed player.
Firework LauncherR$250A different Flare Gun that shoots fireworks. Limited-time purchase, does not require Flare Gun Ammo. Lights up a small area when used.
MauserR$450An automatic pistol with a high fire rate, high accuracy, fair reload, and fair damage. Part of the VIP gamepass.


Volcanic Rifle$50/$17A lever action rifle with high damage, good accuracy, good reload, high capacity, and a very high fire rate. It is the only fannable rifle, available for purchase at Fort Spencer, and drops on death.
YellowBoy Rifle$1,000/$350A lever action rifle with fair damage, good accuracy, fair fire rate, and one of the best reloads in the game.
Lynx Bolt Action Rifle$1,500/$525A bolt action rifle with high damage, good accuracy, a slow fire rate, and a fast reload. It boasts strong Bullet Penetration, akin to the Hartford Rifle.
Sharps Rifle$4,500/$1,575A scoped falling block rifle with 3x zoom, extremely high damage, high accuracy, fair reload, and high Bullet Penetration. Compatible with Shotgun .45-70 gov.
Harmonica Rifle$7,000/$2,450A harmonica rifle with high fire rate, fast reload, high accuracy, high capacity, and good damage. Distinct from the Harmonica, despite the similar name.
Winchester Rifle$7,200/$2,520A lever action rifle with high damage, good accuracy, an average fire rate, good capacity, and fair reload.
Martini HenryTreasure Hunting (3 Parts)A single-shot rifle obtained by repairing 3 parts at the Blacksmith from Treasure Chests.
Hartford Rifle$12,000/$4,200A falling block rifle with high damage, high accuracy, fast reload, and very high bullet penetration. Compatible with Shotgun .45-70 gov.
Guycot Chain Carbine$30,000/$10,500 (starting bid)An automatic repeating carbine with extremely high capacity, dealing low damage. It features a fairly fast reload, low recoil, and good accuracy, though the reload may feel slow due to the high capacity.
Spitfire Revolving Sniper$120,000/$42,000 (offsale)A revolving pepperbox sniper rifle with two scope options, automatic firing, burst fire, reverse damage dropoff, shooting puffs of flame instead of smoke. It boasts very high damage at long ranges, fair reload, great accuracy, and fair recoil. Compatible with Shotgun .45-70 gov. No longer obtainable from the Auction House.
Mare’s LegR$50 or R$25 (Paid Access Only)An earlier sawed-off Winchester resembling a lever action rifle with fair damage, fair accuracy, fair capacity, and a high fire rate and reload. Part of the Paid Access Reward.


Peacekeeper Revolver$150/$52Provided to every player at the start of the game, possessing fair all-around stats.
Model3$350/$122A low-damage revolver with exceptional accuracy and reload capabilities.
Lemat Revolver$800/$280A fannable revolver with high damage but poor accuracy.
Navy Revolver$3,200/$1,120A lever-action revolver featuring fair reload, fire rate, high damage, and good accuracy. Carried hanging on the hip.
Lochke Revolver$6,500/$2,275A revolver with high damage, good accuracy, and quick reload, boasting a unique burst firing pattern.
Hammerless Revolver$9,000/$3,150A double-action revolver with good accuracy, fast reload, and a high fire rate, dealing a fair amount of damage.
Paterson Navy$80,000/$28,000 (starting bid)High damage revolver with incredible accuracy and range, but with a longer reload time. Poor fan-firing and kicks up when fired.


Volcanic Pistol$50/$17A lever-action pistol with high capacity, fair damage, high accuracy, a fast fire rate, and quick reload. Disadvantage: Drops on death, only available for purchase at Fort Henry.
Dragoon Pistol$4,000/$1,400An early revolver functioning as a double action shotgun, featuring a very fast fire rate, very high damage, but the worst accuracy in the game and a long reload time.
Lindsay Doubleshot Pistol$5,000/$1,750A double-hammered pistol firing and reloading two shots rapidly. Good damage, fair reload, fast fire rate, but low headshot damage.
Golden DragoonR$240A golden Dragoon Pistol utilizing the rifle draw animation, unable to be used while carrying a Money Bag or lassoed player.
MauserR$450An automatic pistol with high fire rate, high accuracy, fair reload, and damage. Exclusive as part of the VIP gamepass.
Guycot Chain Pistol$20,000/$7,000 (starting bid)A high-capacity automatic repeating pistol dealing low damage. It has a relatively fast reload but might feel slow due to the high capacity. It boasts low recoil and good accuracy.
Schwarzlose Prototype Pistol$60,000/$21,000 (starting bid)An early blowback automatic pistol with 8-round magazines, good damage, a fast fire rate, and an extremely fast reload. Features a pleasant ‘dinging’ noise while firing.
Lancaster Pistol$60,000/$21,000 (starting bid)A quad-barreled Howdah pistol, designed for defense against big game animals. Deals substantial damage, good accuracy, and a fast fire rate. However, it has low capacity and an average reload speed. Has the ability to send dead bodies flying.
Admiral’s Axegonne$100,000/$35,000 (starting bid)An axe with a single shot caplock pistol as its handle. High damage, long reload time, and functions as an axe when not aiming.


Sawed-Off Shotgun$2,000/$700A cut-down double barrel shotgun hanging on the hip. Features high damage, high spread, low accuracy, a fairly slow reload, and average fire rate.
Dragoon Pistol$4,000/$1,400An early revolver functioning as a double action shotgun with a very fast fire rate, very high damage, and long reload. Known for having the worst accuracy in the game.
Mule Shotgun$4,000/$1,400A double barrel shotgun with high damage, low spread, fair accuracy, quick reload, and a high fire rate.
1855 Revolving Shotgun$14,000/$4,900A 5-round revolving shotgun similar to the Dragoon. Features good accuracy, low spread, high damage, and a fairly long reload.


Knife$50/$17A small knife dealing fair damage with a short range.
Bowie Knife$4,000/$1,400A large knife dealing high damage with a slightly longer range than the normal Knife.
Tier One Axe$0/$0A free axe suitable for cutting a few trees and combat.
Tier Two Axe$4,500/$1,575A stronger axe with a longer range for combat and tree cutting.
Tier Three Axe$9,000/$3,150The strongest axe with the longest range for cutting all choppable trees and heavy damage in combat.
Kukri Machete$80,000/$28,000 (starting bid)A massive machete functioning as a multitool with high damage, capable of taking out a player in two powerful overhead swings or swift chops. Slightly slower but with similar range and higher damage compared to the Bowie Knife.
Admiral’s Axegonne$100,000/$35,000 (starting bid)An axe featuring a single shot caplock pistol for a handle. It delivers high damage, a long reload time, and acts as an axe when not aiming. Slightly slower than other axes with slightly lower damage.


Smoke Bomb$30/$10A throwable smoke bomb that releases a large quantity of smoke, obscuring vision. Stacks up to 4.
Dynamite$50/$17A throwable explosive with a 4-second fuse and a 3-second cooldown. Causes splash damage based on proximity. Ragdolls victims if they survive. Stacks up to 4.
Tomahawk$60/$21A throwing axe purchased from the Hunting Shack. Deals high damage but needs to be retrieved after being thrown, or it will be sent to the Mailbox.
Lasso$200/$70A rope used to catch and hogtie players. Tied Outlaws may be arrested. Potentially hinted to be used for catching animals in the future.
Longbow$2,000/$700A bow with high charging damage, especially to the body. Varies in accuracy, fire rate, and damage. Does not lose accuracy when used on horseback.
Blow Dart Gun$2,000/$700A blowpipe requiring consumable Blow Darts. Inflicts very low damage and paralyzes victims for 5 seconds. Can only be obtained from the Black Market.
Horse Bow$6,000/$2,100A bow with high fire rate and medium damage. Damage, accuracy, and fire rate vary based on charge time. Maintains accuracy when used on horseback.

Placeable Items:

Bear Trap$60/$21Placeable traps that last about a minute. Animals take 75 damage, players take 75 damage and are flung upwards when triggered. The trap snaps shut and needs to be replaced.
TNT$120/$42A placeable explosive that requires a Detonator to explode. Inflicts massive damage, ragdolls victims, and has a longer range compared to Dynamite.
DetonatorQuest ItemA placeable item that needs to be connected to a TNT charge. Interacting with the detonator triggers the TNT explosion.

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