Tree Kangaroo In Adopt Me: Rarity, Traits, and How to Obtain

Tree Kangaroo Adopt Me: Rarity, Traits, and How to Obtain
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Tree Kangaroo emerges as a legendary pet in Adopt Me! entering the virtual world on March 2, 2023. While currently no longer directly available, this elusive pet can still be acquired through the hatching of remaining Southeast Asia Eggs or by engaging in the trading system within the game

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Characteristics of the Tree Kangaroo

This legendary pet boasts a distinctive appearance—a round, brown body with a contrasting beige underbelly and face. Its ears, donning beige tips, complement its two brown arms and feet, while a brown tail with beige stripes completes its unique features.

OriginSoutheast Asia Egg
Items close in valueBat – Uncommon from Halloween 2020 (Bat Box)
VersionsTree Kangaroo, Neon Tree Kangaroo,
Mega Neon Tree Kangaroo
DescriptionLegendary Pet from Southeast Asia Egg.
Currently valued a little more than the
Traveling House, slightly less than the Diamond
Griffin, and almost equal in value to the Spinosaurus.
Dream Pet30 users currently have Tree Kangaroo
as their Dream Pet.
Popularity102 offers for the regular Tree Kangaroo,
42 for the Neon Tree Kangaroo, and 35 for
the Mega Neon Tree Kangaroo are active on

Tricks of the Tree Kangaroo

As the Tree Kangaroo matures, it acquires a sequence of tricks, advancing from “Sit” in the Newborn stage to “Trick 2” upon reaching Full Grown status. The progression includes endearing actions such as “Joyful,” “Beg,” “Jump,” and other entertaining stunts at various life stages, making it a delightful addition to any Adopt Me player’s collection.

Acquiring the Tree Kangaroo

PriceBucks 750 (Southeast Asia Egg)

While not currently available directly from the game, players still have the opportunity to obtain this legendary pet. Remaining Southeast Asia Eggs present a chance to hatch the Tree Kangaroo. Alternatively, players can explore the trading avenue within the game to potentially secure this elusive and highly sought-after pet.


For dedicated players and collectors in Adopt Me, understanding the rarity, traits, and availability of pets like the Tree Kangaroo can significantly impact their in-game experience. Unveiling the specifics of obtaining and nurturing these unique pets helps elevate gameplay, making it an essential knowledge base for passionate players looking to enrich their virtual world.

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