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Best Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Written by Wike Cattleyana
bloodborne weapon tier list
Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Bloodborne is absolutely packed of surprises and mysteries, and the quantity of substance it contains does not disappoint. There are so many weapons to chose from and utilize that determining which one best matches your playstyle might be difficult.

If you get stuck, I’ve compiled bloodborne weapon tier list in the game and it’s explanation. I hope it becomes useful to you.

Here are all of the weapons in Bloodborne Weapon Tier List:

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List – S Tier

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Saw Spear: The Saw Spear is essentially the same weapon as the Saw Cleaver, but it has a few unique features that set it apart.

The most notable difference is that it scales better with expertise than the cleaver. Because visceral attacks grow with skill, the Saw Spear is superior than the Saw Cleaver because it can do more damage from the skill.

It may also be achieved at the same time in the game, making it the best option for any build that focuses on either strength or skill.

When converted, it also has a more diverse moveset, including horizontal and vertical swings with serration damage in both forms, unlike the cleaver, as well as a trust damage R2 to deal with kin-type foes.

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List – A Tier

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Saw Cleaver: The symbol of the hunt is a dps machine that can eat through boss health bars when boosted with fire.

Fast R1 strikes with serration for increased damage against beast type enemies, the symbol of the hunt is a dps machine that can chew through boss health bars when buffed with fire.

While the centrifugal weapons are very powerful in their untransformed condition, it is the transform attack that propels them to the top of the list.

Aside from doing enormous damage in a short amount of time, the cleaver’s transforming strike allows it to deliver significant tension damage that matches even the game’s greatest weapons.

Speed, damage, stun, and range are all important factors to consider. It’s no surprise that beast hunters like this weapon.

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Whirligig Saw: It’s no secret that this weapon’s actual potency rests in its changed condition; yet, it’s worth mentioning that its untransformed version causes a surprising amount of damage given how quickly it swings.

This is quite useful for covering any matchups where the saw fails. This really does, hardly fail. If the huge stun and godlike damage weren’t enough, the changed state also deals serration damage and gives you handy choices like the charged R2, leaping strike, and shredding L2.

The weapon’s rolling assault is what elevates it to Trick-Weapon status. This attack adds speed and range to a weapon that already has a lot of power.

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Ludwig’s Holy Blade: Another weapon having a huge transformed state for dealing damage and an untransformed state for delivering speed.

LHB’s strength lies in its ability to cause massive poise damage to even the most powerful enemies. It can be boosted and has both blunt and thrust varieties to destroy even kin enemies.

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Church Pick: Even though it has one of the most useful move sets in the game, its several sources of damage stand out.

It’s the only weapon that does both righteous and serration damage on every attack. It also gives thrust-type damage on most assaults, making it beneficial against beasts, relatives, and church enemies. It’s also excellent if they’re buffable and skill-based.

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List – B Tier

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Bloodletter: Without a question, the most powerful damage type in the game is blood damage. It is nevertheless powerful against enemies who have a strong resistance to it, and it totally destroys anything weak to it.

The Bloodletter’s ability to do pure blood damage in its changed state makes it extremely powerful, despite its lack of range and bloodtinge scaling in its untransformed condition.

While you may not always have access to a gun, the Bloodletter’s changed condition substitutes with great range and speed, minimal stamina consumption, high damage, and a rolling strike that matches the Whirligig Saw’s.

The only thing holding it back in its untransformed condition is the need for strength and scale, as well as a lack of access to a gun in its transformed state.

However, as long as you’re ready to wander a little to gain some strength, it can be fairly useful on any bloodtinge build.

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Chikage: For the same reason that the Bloodletter is so good, Transformed Chikage’s blood form may have the most dps.

The Chikage would definitely claim the crown of trick weapons if it weren’t for the fact that it takes continual damage while in this mode.

However, because its morph attack does not need any repeated attacks, the user may take advantage of its enormous damage without causing too much self-harm.

However, if self-inflicted damage is too much for you, the untransformed condition has the moveset and damage to be quite beneficial.

It can’t be boosted and has split scaling across altered states, but with clever stat allocation, it can be made to work. Chikage remains within the high caliber weaponry of Bloodborne.

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Rakuyo: Rakuyo is another dps machine in this game, with a near-perfect moveset that scales with skill for high visceral damage.

It has the ability to totally paralyze smaller enemies at a vast range while also covering a large strike area.

It only has one flaw: the low poise damage causes some attacks to induce the player to overcommit owing to the extended attack time. It might also have certain attacks that aren’t very beneficial.

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Simon’s Bowblade: Simon’s Bowblade is the only right-hand weapon that can effectively strike at range in a game where approaching is sometimes the most difficult step.

When you combine it with a high-dps, skill-based sword with a long range, you’ve got yourself another weapon for tearing down bosses. High stamina consumption in bow form, a terrible sword charged R2 that doesn’t allow for backstabs, and divided bloodtinge scaling between altered forms must be its worst flaws.

However, the Noble Scion beginning class can help with that final issue.

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Beasthunter Saif: The Beasthunter Saif, like Simon’s Bowblade, specializes at bridging the gap between separating your enemy and being aggressive.

Due to strikes that compel the player to rush forward and attack with one of the greatest poise damaging values in the game. It also includes a morphing strike that allows you to back away from an enemy while remaining aggressive.

The Beasthunter Saif can be speedy and strong, but aside from lunging strikes, it has a very short range.

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List
Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Holy Moonlight Sword: Unlike Ludwig’s Holy Blade, The Holy Moonlight Sword features a huge changed weapon and a smaller untransformed weapon.

Furthermore, both modes feature excellent move sets and devastating morphing strikes. The only thing that keeps this sword from being higher on the list is the lack of a rapid move-set at any time.

To compensate, other huge weapons have lesser counterparts. It does, however, have excellent charged strikes, which help it climb the rankings.

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Bloodborne Weapon Tier List – C Tier

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List
Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Burial Blade: Has a significant advantage in the shape of its tremendous range. It has a strong moveset and would be higher on the list if it weren’t for its arcane split damage.

Arcane is likely the weakest non-physical damage type in the game, and because it has an intrinsic (and sucky) damage type, the burial sword can’t be boosted and has lesser physical damage.

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Threaded Cane: The whip is excellent for crowd control, but without a charged R2 and a reduced pace, it becomes less effective not long after the game begins.

The cane part is okay, but it lacks the power of the weapons that came before it. It possesses serration in the shape of a whip and righteous damage in the form of a cane, but it’s otherwise a rather standard weapon.

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Blade of Mercy: The Blade of Mercy has a poor range, low poise damage, and one of the worst R1 move sets in the game. That makes it sound like it should be lower on the list, but it also includes some fantastic movements.

Basically, anything that produces a pleasing twang is a smart move. Those moves are so good that they keep a weapon with a 50% bad move set from falling to the bottom of the list.

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Beast Claw: In many aspects, the Beast Claw is kind of similar to Blade of Mercy in that it can get away with some fairly horrible actions thanks to its saving graces.

For enemies with a lot of movement, the Beast Claw’s low range and a lack of untransformed moves may be quite unpleasant. The transforms into a beast and has extra move possibilities while wearing the “beast” rune.

Despite the fact that the beast boost is quite important in this game, both forms with and without the beast rune are ineffective.

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Hunter’s Axe: The axe’s most serious flaw is its ability to inflict damage. The move set is adequate, and there are a few really troublesome attacks on some of the less frequently used techniques.

The most serious issue, though, is the awful damage on the rolling strike. Rolling attacks are incredibly crucial, because the converted Hunter’s Axe’s rolling attack provides extremely low damage. A decent weapon with surprisingly low damage.

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Reiterpallasch: Another excellent weapon, and because to the nature of thrust damage, it causes a lot of damage. However, I feel the weapon’s most obvious drawback is its lack of range on all attacks.

You’ll be transforming from a weapon with a low range to even a lower range. The gun component of this weapon is also useless. 

It essentially just makes room for more weapon options. I believe this weapon would be much higher on this list if it had longer range, but due to the way Bloodborne awards ranged weapons, the Reiterpallasch will miss a lot of attacks.

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List – D Tier

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Stake Driver: Take everything I’ve written about how bad The Reiterpallasch’s range and double it by a factor of ten.

That’s the Stake Driver. Don’t get me wrong: Stake Driver is a fantastic when it hits. However, for late-game bosses and enemies, where everything moves a little faster, Stake Driver will fall short when other weapons may successfully close the gap.

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Beast Cutter: In a transformed form, it has a great range, but it’s sluggish and doesn’t cause much damage. This is the first weapon on the list that I found very challenging to use.

It also does just blunt damage, which may be the worst sort of damage in the game because most enemies tend to take less blunt damage.

When untransformed, it’s not a horrible weapon, but when transformed, it’s a real pain. To keep this whip from being significantly deficient, it requires either a damage boost or a poise damage boost.

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Rifle Spear: Because of its slow pace and poor crowd control, the untransformed move-set is likewise relatively ineffective.

The transformed state solves these issues, although it still appears that both forms do too little damage for their speed. Given that there are several weapons in this game with decent range and high damage.

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Kirkhammer: Hunters from the Healing Church frequently utilize this trick weapon. On one hand, a silver sword that is easy to hold.

On the other hand, a massive obtuse stone weapon with a blunt strike and high impact power. The silver sword is excellent. If you’re going to acquire it for the silver sword, though, LHB is the way to go.

Kirkhammer’s weapon is a mess, and that silver sword isn’t going to make up for it. The reason for this is because of the dreadful unpleasant spots.

The unpleasant places are primarily where the hammer strikes, as well as a little to the left and right

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Amygdalan Arm: The untransformed move-set is not very useful or good. The transformed move-set is pretty good and has a very good range, but is slow and doesn’t have damage to compensate.

It’s a pretty fun and interesting weapon, just not anywhere near the best.

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Boom Hammer: The Boom Hammer has very few attacks compared to just about every other weapon. The trick is that it really only starts doing viable damage when you buff it.

The buff lasts for only one attack though. You have to keep buffing it over and over for it to really be useable. The buff attack might actually be the only good attack. It just is really not good and is no fun to use.

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List – E Tier

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Logarius’ Wheel: Used to slaughter the Vilebloods in Cainhurst. Bathed in pools of their blood, and forever steeped in their ire.

This weapon really relies on it for its transformed state. It has low range, slow speed, and generally less damage than the other strength weapons even with more stat investment.

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Tonitrus: The lightning can help against kin, but it still does dull damage, bringing it up to level with other weapons in terms of damage.

The Boom Hammer, for example, is entirely devoid of attack possibilities, which, if I’ve learnt anything, is what elevates effective damaging weapons to the top of the game.

Bloodborne Weapon Tier List

Kos Parisite: The right-hand tentacles become dual-wield tentacles. When utilizing this weapon without the Rune, the character will have the unarmed moveset.

however, the Arcane damage will be added, allowing it to be utilized successfully with powerful enough jewels. It need to use of the milkweed rune as well as some major blood jewels to be even remotely viable.

The entire series was a nightmare, and Logarius’ Wheel came in second place in the battle for my least favorite weapon.

Well, that is my own preferences on Bloodborne Weapon Tier List. Do you have your own Bloodborne Weapon Tier List please comment down below. And also, make sure to check mydailyspins for the latest game info, gift codes and tier lists.

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