Hearthstone Mercenaries Heroic Bounties List

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Wanna know what you can possibly get when completing Hearthstone Mercenaries heroic bounties? We have created Hearthstone Mercenaries heroic bounties list just for you.

Before we jump into a ton of data though, we should first look at what bounties are.

Hearthstone Mercenaries Heroic Bounties
hearthstone mercenaries heroic bounties

Bounties are Hearthstone Mercenaries’ core PVE component. Collecting a Bounty from the Bounty Board at the Village’s Travel Point (Top of the Village) will open up a randomly generated map for you to fight on. The boss of each Bounty will always be the same, but your journey to the monster will vary each time. 

The bounty board will also reflect the suggested level for your Party to enter the Bounty itself, so keep that in mind before diving in.

Bounties also feature a Heroic difficulty level, which raises the level recommendation and makes things much tougher. A Legendary difficulty level is planned for a future release.

In addition to earning Mercenary Coins based on your Party members, Bounties are assigned to specific Mercenaries to allow you to target loot better, and it will be shown in the Rewards column.

Hearthstone Mercenaries Heroic Bounties – The Barrens

BountyLevel requiredLoot For
Ferocious Quilboar Heroic5-Millhouse
Air Elemental Heroic8-Cariel Roame
-Cornelius Roame
Serena Bloodfeather Heroic10-Guff Runetotem
-Morgl the Oracle
Apothecary Helbrim Heroic15-Blademaster
-Blink Fox
Sunwalker Proudhoof Heroic15-Cariel Roame
Barak Kodobane Heroic20-Cariel Roame
-Guff Runetotem
Mad Bomber Heroic20-Old Murk-Eye
-Tavish Stormpike
Plaguemaw the Rotting Heroic25-Kurtrus Ashfallen
-Lady Anacondra
-Tamsin Roame
Neeru Fireblade Heroic25-Blademaster

Hearthstone Mercenaries Heroic Bounties – Felwood

BountyLevel requiredLoot For
Raven the Hunter Heroic26-Grommash
-Kurtrus Ashfallen
The Annointed Blade Heroic27-Grommash Hellscream
-Lady Anacondra
Fallen Guardians Heroic28-Malfurion Stormrage
-Tamsin Roame
-Warmaster Voone
Xavian Satyr Heroic29-Blink Fox
Corrupted Ancient Heroic29-Gul’dan
-King Mukla
-Tavish Stormpike
Lord Banehollow Heroic29-Anduin Wrynn
-King Krush

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Hearthstone Mercenaries Heroic Bounties – Winterspring

BountyLevel required Loot For
Snowclaw Heroic30-Cariel Roame
Yeti Hunter Ranel Heroic30-Baron Geddon
-Garrosh Hellscream
-Scabbs Cutterbutter
Avalanchan Heroic30-Millhouse Manastorm
-Natalie Seline
Ursula Windfury Heroic30-Antonidas
-Morgl the Oracle
Icehowl Heroic30-Alexstrasza
-Cornelius Roame
-Varian Wrynn
Ahune Heroic30-Lady Anacondra
-Lord Jaraxxus

Hearthstone Mercenaries Heroic Bounties – Blackrock Mountain

BountyLevel required Loot For
Coren Direbrew Heroic30-Mannoroth
-Old Murk-Eye
High Justice Grimstone Heroic30-Cairne Bloodhoof
-Sylvanas Windrunner
-Varden Dawngrasp
Emperor Thaurissan Heroic30-Blademaster Samuro
Garr Heroic30-Guff Runetotem
-Jaina Proudmoore
-Prophet Velen
Baron Geddon Heroic30-Illidan Stormrage
-Tirion Fordring
Majordomo Executus Heroic30-Grommash Hellscream
-Lich King
Hearthstone Mercenaries Heroic Bounties
Hearthstone Mercenaries Heroic Bounties

All surviving Mercenaries will have their health restored after each combat, but any Mercenaries who did not survive the fight will not be able to be employed for the rest of the run.

Unless you can find a Spirit Healer. The Spirit Healer node resurrects one of your fallen Mercenaries at random.

If your team is depleted from a long journey or a difficult encounter, you may wish to choose the Spirit Healer’s route.

If, on the other hand, you see a Spirit Healer ahead of you, you might feel a little more secure about taking on that Elite encounter.

You can view the map at the start of a run, so you may utilize it to decide which path to go to the Bounty Boss!

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You can download Hearthstone Mercenaries here. Have fun playing!

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