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Best Danganronpa Characters Tier List 2022

Danganronpa Characters Tier List
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In Dangaronpa you will investigate murders, look for clues, and speak with your classmates. There, you’ll engage in deadly wordplay with suspects.

Dissect their claims and respond with your own to expose their deceit! The only way to stay alive is to fire the trigger.

Danganronpa Characters Tier List
Danganronpa Characters Tier List

There are so many characters you will meet in Dangaronpa, and we’ll rank Danganronpa Characters Tier List based on the community rankings.

Danganronpa Characters Tier List – S Class

CharacterTalent & Abilities
Angie YonagaUsing “Atua’s divine reasoning”, she says that the criminal concealed within a secret room in the library and utilized it to execute their crime, Angie’s artistic abilities appear to be supernatural as well. She looks to be in a real coma whenever she makes her work. It is also demonstrated that her work has the ability to significantly influence the brains of others.
Aoi AsahinaAoi is strong enough to hold her own in a battle due to her fitness and athleticism. She was able to sprint at full speed for lengthy periods of time while carrying Makoto Naegi’s 52kg weight on her back.
Chiaki NanamiChiaki is the Ultimate Gamer, a gifted individual who shines at all games and even enjoys the “crappy” ones. Chiaki also has a tendency to get overly focused while playing video games, to the point that she forgets to sleep and even breathe.
Junko EnoshimaShe could identify everyone’s weaknesses and utilize this information to manipulate or even exploit individuals around her to do her bidding, according to her Super High School Level Analytical Prowess.
Kaede AkamatsuShe was a natural pianist from an early age, earning the title The Ultimate Pianist. Her main motivation for playing the piano was to make her audience laugh, and she kept this in mind during her performances to keep her nerves at bay.
Kyouko KirigiriKyoko is an expert at deciphering clues, as befitting the Ultimate Detective.
Maki HarukawaMaki’s true ability is as an Ultimate Assassin. Maki learned to use a variety of weapons as a kid under the fear of her orphanage being targeted if she failed. She also gained strong strength and endurance.

Danganronpa Characters Tier List – A Class

Character Talent & Abilities
Byakuya TogamiHe is extremely smart since he was the first to notice that one of the gang members had been deceived. He also defeated all of his siblings and established several Togami Empire branches, as well as amassing a vast fortune for himself.
Gundam TanakaGundam has a strong empathic bond with animals, believing that they are more trustworthy than people.
Miu IrumaMiu’s ability is the Ultimate Inventor. Miu is an accomplished inventor who has developed a number of ground-breaking items, the first of which was “Eye-Drop Contacts.”
Sakura OogamiSakura, being the Ultimate Martial Artist, possesses formidable combat skills. She has a 400-match winning streak and has won a martial arts competition in America.
Sayaka MaizonoSayaka is labeled the “Ultimate Pop Sensation” for her captivating voice, outstanding presentation, and incredible dance abilities. As a result, she has amassed over 100 million followers and admirers known as Sayakers all around the world.
Sonia NevermindSonia was destined to be the princess of the Kingdom of Novoselic from the moment she was born. She must study several things in order to become a real dignified princess, including leadership, foreign languages, economics, international law, and diagnostic medicine.

Danganronpa Characters Tier List – B Class

CharacterTalent & Abilities
Akane OwariAkane is a natural gymnast who was born with it. Since she was a youngster, her physique has grown in strength, agility, and endurance.
Celestia LudenburgShe became a gambler at an early age and won numerous games, even ones where her life was on the line, yet she was able to win nevertheless. She was known for robbing anybody who dared to oppose her of all their money, earning her the moniker “Queen of Liars.”
Chihiro FujisakiTaichi Fujisaki, Chihiro’s father, was a software engineer who worked on a number of significant computer systems, and one day, Chihiro discovered an incomplete voice-based information retrieval system on his father’s computer. As a result, he began to make his own improvements, and he quickly realized that he could build programs on his own.
Gonta GokuharaHe can communicate with animals since he was raised by them in the jungle. He also created farming methods and once identified a disease-causing parasitic worm, for which he was hailed as a hero after saving many lives.
Ibuki MiodaShe is said to be able to play both bass and drums on her guitar at the same time. She’s also a talented songwriter, having written her own singles and even a hit track.
Kirumi TojoKirumi, who works part-time as a maid. She could sense her classmates’ thoughts many times throughout the Killing Game and provided them personal services such as delivering food to Maki’s room, proposing innovative ideas to Miu, and assisting Korekiyo in documenting his findings.
Peko PekoyamaShe is an expert with a sword. With her shinai, she was able to block all of Mukuro Ikusaba’s assaults in rapid succession. Peko could utilize her shinai as a non-offensive weapon and even used the handle as a stepping stool to reach high locations, despite her katana abilities.
Shuichi SaiharaShuichi has a bright brain and is a quick thinker as a detective. He is able to reach the truth faster than anybody else by the first trial, but he is hesitant to express it due to his “fear of exposing the truth.”
Tenko ChabashiraTenko’s Neo-Aikido is more aggressive than the traditional Aikido instruction and includes a variety of attacking techniques. Tenko learned about mental fortitude via Neo-Aikido training. She can also read and comprehend the emotions of her training partner.

Danganronpa Characters Tier List – C Class

CharacterTalent & Abilities
Fuyuhiko KuzuryuuFuyuhiko’s pride and strong resolve, help him achieve the title of Ultimate Yakuza. He expresses his regret to Hiyoko by slashing his own stomach in order to show her that he felt sorry for the deaths of Peko and Mahiru, and that he was trying to redeem himself by being more responsible and kind to others.
Himiko YumenoHimiko can do parlor tricks such as properly guessing someone’s card, locating a penny in their ear, and summoning doves. She claims to utilize actual magic, although this has yet to be verified.
Hinata HajimeHajime, being the Ultimate Hope, possesses several abilities such as the Ultimate Analyst, the Ultimate Soldier, and so on. Unlike other persons with the Ultimate Analyst skill, Hajime is capable of feeling emotions and is not bored all of the time.
Kaito MomotaHe stated in his first Free Time Events that he could fluently speak Japanese, English, and Russian, as well as comprehend their cultures. This covers things like survival training and medicine. That appears that it was all part of his astronaut training.
K1-B0The K1-B0 features a “maturing AI” with superior learning and recording capabilities. He started off knowing nothing and grew up by learning, just like a person. He expresses emotions using mathematics.
Kiyotaka IshimaruKiyotaka has a strong sense of morality and responsibility as the Ultimate Moral Compass. He doesn’t lose his strict views about good and wrong even throughout the Killing School Life.
Kokichi OmaKokichi claims to be the head of a secret society with a membership of over 10,000 people. His name, rank, and attire all have dictatorial overtones.
Korekiyo ShingujiKorekiyo is an anthropologist, specifically a cultural anthropologist who studies customs, mythology, folklore, poetry, and other related topics. His area of expertise is cultural and ethical practices whose historical roots are unknown, such as shichigosan and setsubun.
Mahiru KoizumiDespite her expertise in a variety of photography genres, Mahiru’s favorite is photographing individuals who are smiling. She had the ability to capture the perfect image of someone’s grin, and Hajime claimed that he had never seen someone smile so brightly and warmly until he viewed Mahiru’s photos.
Makoto NaegiMakoto earned his gift as the Ultimate Lucky Student by winning a lottery among otherwise regular students, which led to his being accepted into Hope’s Peak Academy as the Ultimate Lucky Student.
Mondo OowadaMondo, as the Ultimate Biker Gang Leader, possesses a variety of professional talents, including physical strength, endurance, and motorcycle expertise, as well as a strong sense of honor and commitment to his gang.
MonodamDue to the Exisals’ deadly weaponry, such as a saw and a pistol, Monodam may direct the Exisals to influence the students into doing anything. He also employs the Exisals to punish students who disobey the regulations of the institution.
MonokumaJunko was the genius behind Monokuma’s concept and demeanor during the events of Killing School Life and Killing School Trip since she was in charge of him. Monokuma urgently tries to hide her identity from the survivors before Junko is revealed as the mastermind.
Nagito KomaedaNagito earned the title of Ultimate Lucky Student by winning a lottery among otherwise regular students, which led to his acceptance at Hope’s Peak Academy. Nagito has a recurring cycle of good and terrible fortune. Whenever he experiences anything exceptionally fortunate, something equally bad is likely to follow shortly after.
Nekomaru NidaiHis skill, Ultimate Team Manager, should not be taken as a slight, since Nekomaru claims that no athlete could have made it to the top without the assistance of a manager.
Ryoma HoshiRyoma was a promising tennis player who had been renowned across the world since his middle school days and had won several international tournaments. He may employ the Shukuchi Method, which is a form of quick movement that exploits the opponent’s blind spot.

Danganronpa Characters Tier List – D Class

CharacterTalent & Abilities
Hifumi YamadaThe Ultimate Fanfic Creator. His artistic abilities extend to costume design as well. He was able to construct a wearable Robo Justice outfit out of cardboard in less than 24 hours.
Hiyoko SaionjiUltimate Traditional Dancer. She is the heiress of the Saionji Clan, which is famous for its traditional Japanese dancing.
Kazuichi SoudaUltimate Mechanic. His father isn’t the most trustworthy mechanic in the family, therefore he’s always the one that helps out in the shop.
Leon KuwataUltimate Baseball Star. Despite his dislike of baseball practice, Leon is a natural-born baseball superstar.
Mikan TsumikiUltimate Nurse. She took an interest in nursing, realizing that it gave her a feeling of control over sick and injured people
Mukuro IkusabaUltimate Soldier. In elementary school, she won a survival game tournament and began writing for military magazines.
Rantaro AmamiUltimate Survivor. Due to surviving the previous Killing Game and participating in the current one, Rantaro gained the title of Ultimate Survivor.
Touko FukawaUltimate Writing Prodigy. Toko possesses extreme writing skills. 
Tsumugi ShiroganeUltimate Cosplayer. She claims that she likes to recreate outfits. She enjoys designing costumes because it is similar to bringing a fictional character to life.
Yasuhiro HagakureUltimate Clairvoyant. Yasuhiro’s powers only have a 30% success rate. Though, considering the low success rates of fortune-tellers, 30% is not terrible.

Danganronpa Characters Tier List – F Class

CharacterTalent & Abilities
Monophanie can control the Exisals on her command to manipulate the students into doing something since the Exisals carry dangerous weapons such as a saw and a gun.
Teruteru HanamuraHis cooking was very well-liked by everyone around him and with the assistance of Seiko, he could create concoctions like the doping corn syrup. His cooking is loved by the students.
Danganronpa Characters Tier List
Danganronpa Characters Tier List

Dangaronpa is available on Steam, PlayStation, or Xbox.

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