Top 8 Friday Night Funkin Mods (FNF Mod List)

FNF Mod List
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FNF Mod List: the top 8 mods.

Best Friday Night Funkin, FNF Mod List
FNF Mod List

Friday Night Funkin’ or often called FNF is a free-to-play rhythm game that debuted as part of a game jam in 2020.

The game contains a combination of beautiful animations, various guest characters from the internet’s past, amazing music, and high-quality rhythm-game action, similar to games like Parappa the Rapper and Flash Flash Revolution.

Because of the game’s open-source nature, there are more than 1000 FNF mod lists, and it’s also encouraged by the developers. So, today, we’ll take a look at Best Friday Night Funkin, FNF Mod List.

Best Friday Night Funkin, FNF Mod List

Friday Night Funkin’: Neo

Friday Night Funkin’: Neo is a JellyFishedm mod. It modifies all of the game’s logos, songs, charts, and levels. The characters themselves take on a futuristic neon aesthetic, as does the rest of the mod.

Vs. Singe And Sear

Vs. Singe and Sear is one of the most underrated FNF modifications, containing a lot of fresh material and entertaining musical charts with a relaxed mood (albeit with one exception). The tale of this mod consists of four songs with a conversation between them that frames the events of the story.

This mod is unique in that it includes an additional option dubbed Inferno mode, which uses the same music but changes the graphics to be totally red and black, evocative of the Virtual Boy.

Vs. CJ Starlight Mayhem

Vs. CJ Starlight Mayhem is a mod that has a lot to offer, despite not being the toughest FNF mod. Vs. CJ’s difficulty level doesn’t require too much from the player, with three tracks to choose from, making it a good choice for intermediate gamers.

Additionally, the patch includes dynamic backdrops that vary throughout the course of songs, as well as dynamic camera zoom that is synced with musical cues to give it some life.

Vs. Matt

Vs. Matt is inspired by Wii Sports. It initially looks simple, with the first tracks being fun and accessible. The second week of Vs. Matt, on the other hand, quickly becomes one of the most fast-paced and skill-testing Friday Night Funkin’ modifications currently available.

The tracks “Sporting” and “Boxing Match,” in particular, are notable tests of talent for the most experienced players, with large quantities of notes played at a fast speed. It’s safe to say that the Vs. Matt mod’s difficulty level much transcends even the most challenging tracks in the standard version of Friday Night Funkin’.

V.S. Whitty

V.S. Whitty, by far the most well-known Friday Night Funkin’ mod, adds an extra week in which the player battles the mod’s namesake Whitty. While the Mod has well-done animation between songs that fit the game’s already established visual style, the mod’s three tracks appeal to different ability levels.

While Lo-Fight is a quiet and simple song, Overhead is a fun playtime for intermediate-level players, and Ballistic, the mod’s closing song, is fairly difficult for even the most experienced players.

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Smoke Em Out Struggle

Smoke Em Out Struggle is a considerably more laid-back mod. While many others mod aims to be fast courses with difficulty that push players to their limits.

The mod pits the player against the smoker, Garcello, on approachable tracks that should be achievable for players of all skill levels. Smoke Em Out Struggle is worth checking out for gamers of all skill levels, with three full songs and even an animated cutscene.

Mid Fight Masses

Mid Fight Masses is one of the most popular Friday Night Funkin’ mods, and for good cause. While the mod may appear simple at first, the complexity gradually increases with each song.

While these songs are demanding, they are far from the most egregiously difficult mod tracks around and are ideal for competent players.

V.S. Sunday

V.S. Sunday is a mod that was clearly made with a lot of love and attention, with an animated opening cutscene and voice acting, similar to the Tabi mod.

This mod, on the other hand, takes Friday Night Funkin”s music in a whole different direction, mimicking other classic rhythm games like Guitar Hero. This is a mod that fans of Friday Night Funkin’ and the greater rhythm game genre will enjoy because of its acceptable difficulty level.

Those are the 8 Best Friday Night Funkin, FNF Mod List we compiled for you. Do you have any favorites? Comment down below.

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