6 Easy Ways on How to learn Lua for Roblox Fast

How to learn Lua for Roblox
Written by Wayka Mido

If you are wondering how to learn Lua for Roblox and become good at scripting, then you cam to the right place.

in this guide i will walk you through everything you need to start with to become a master of lua programing in no time.

but first

What is Lua ?

the name Lua means “Moon” in Portuguese, and it is lightweight programing language that is used for all kind of application, from games to web apps to image processing. And Roblox is written in Lua and it is made to run in form of scripts. these Lua scripts you can put in containers in the Explorer and when that container is loaded in your game Roblox will run that script.

Now we know what is Lua but :

Is it hard to learn Lua ?

Lua is not hard to learn at all in fact it is fairly easy compared to other programing language like python. you’ll learn it in no time. It’s designed to be a very simple and minimalistic language.

since it’s not that hard how long it will take you to learn it :

How long it will take to learn Lua?

learning the basics of Lua might take you a couple days depends on your programing knowledge and how much time you invest into it. but Lua is a very easy to learn and get around it’s basic it is considered one of the easiest programming language out there.

but if you want to master it it might take you some time and practice through projects to get around all it’s features and use it to it’s full capability.

no to the how to actually learn it:

How to learn Lua for Roblox?

to lean Lua and become good at it you need to get your hands dirty and practice, and that’s the golden rule. but in order to know the language and get familiar with it you have to start somewhere, that why we put together this list of resources that will help you accelerate your learning speed.

Lua Official Book

How to learn Lua for Roblox
How to learn Lua

Programming in Lua book covers everything you want to know about Lua from the basics to it’s API. its written by Lua’s chief architect Roberto Ierusalimschy. the book has examples to help you understand te language mechanism.

the only draw back for this book is it’s targeted for users with a background of programing so if Lua is your first programing language to learn look into the suggestions below .

Roblox education content

How to learn Lua for Roblox

the coding fundamentals from Roblox are a good resource for beginners to get familiar with How to learn Lua for Roblox. it’s a well detailed course that covers major topics with practical examples for you to practice.

The good this about this series is No prior experience in coding is needed, only a general knowledge of the Roblox Studio interface is needed in order to practice the examples.

Roblox creator Docs

Roblox creator documentation contains all details and documentation you need to make a Roblox game and it has a section for coding and Lua scripting. in this section you will learn about data types, data structures and features, it’s a small guide and you ca check it in no time but we advise that you go back to it to refresh and understand Lua more.

Learn By playing Roblox

learning Lua by playing is the easiest a fun way to attack the language, and luckily Lua Learning (a game in roblox) is made just for that.

this game is a hands down the best game to start learning Lua for Roblox , it’s an interactive game that has Lessons, quizzes, tutorials, and more! the game was made by @boatbomber back in 2018 and it’s still being updated till this day.

Learn By Challenges

Build It, Play It Challenges is a part of Roblox tutorial series in the education section. its purpose it introduce biginers who are interested in making Roblox games into Roblox studio scripting, desgning and building.

the series contains a series of guided challenges that are less than one hour to take and include a full step by step guides to customize a high quality game.

but these challenges are not all scripting focused. check Build It Play It here.

Watch Youtube Tutorials

YouTube tutorials are one of the best ways to lean Lua if you like to be guided by one person and follow what he is doing and teaching, the only recommendation we would give is stick to one teacher or channel and choose a playlist and follow it. also don’t just watch without practicing as you will learn from practicing and making errors and try to solve them yourself more than you watch a full long video about how to script.

What are Best youtube channels to learn Lua ?

here is a list of the best YouTube channels to learn Lua from (PS: we link to the playlists directly):

  • TheDevKing puts Educational Videos about Game Development.
  • alvinblox he puts easy to follow tutorials that are great for beginners or advanced scripters .
  • Jesse Warden another Roblox scripting playlist to check

all these channels are very good choose one and follow it’s tutorial and if you got stuck or didn’t understand the way one of them explanation, you can check the same topic in another channel.

To wrap up

Learning Lua scripting for Roblox is fairly easy as long as you put the time and practice often, it would be even better if you make your own project and try to make it live game. so happy scripting.

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