How much do Roblox developers make? High to Low

How much do Roblox developers make
Written by Wayka Mido

Anyone who wants to become a Roblox Developer will be interested to know How much do Roblox developers make.

How much do Roblox developers make can range from xx$ dollars if you’re freelancing and doing small gigs or selling services like scripting, to million of dollars if you made a popular game and sell ingame items.

Highest paid Roblox developers

The highest paid roblox developers are the game owners that made popular games like jailbreak developer Alex Balfanz who made more than 3M dollars from his game.

How much do Roblox developers make

You can check the top earning games on roblox and use an extension like to give you revenue estimations of each game.

Roblox game owners use Roblox Developer Exchange Program that is also known as DevEx to exchange their Earned Robux for real money.

but you should know that before participating in DevEx program you must meet certain requirement such as :

  1. Be at least 13 yo
  2. Have at least 50,000 Earned Robux (defined below) in your account;
  3. Have a Roblox-verified email address;
  4. Have a valid DevEx portal account;

and many others like having important tax files and respect terms and conditions of DevEX, check here for all the requirement needed.

Top earning Roblox games & developers

these are 7 of the highest paid developers on Roblox and the games they made

  1. Blox Fruits By Gamer Robot Inc
  2. Adopt Me! By DreamCraft
  3. Welcome to Bloxburg By @Coeptus
  4. Pet Simulator X! 🐾 By BIG Games Pets
  5. Brookhaven 🏡RP By @Wolfpaq
  6. PLS DONATE By @haz3mn
  7. BedWars ⛓ [WARDEN KIT!] By

Small Roblox Developers Salary

A small Roblox developer who works for other providing scripting services or other services can earn from 10$ a gig up to a decent 1000$ to 5000$ per month. check fiverr to get an idea of how much roblox developer charge for their skills.

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small developers

Where to find Jobs as a Roblox Developer?

They are many opportunities where you can present your services and get hired, like , and many other freelance websites. but in addition to that you can check famous game discord servers and websites for job offers and open positions.

but the most place where you might land your first job successfully is Roblox Talent hub that was introduced to public in october 2022 .

in Talent Hub you can Search and filter for open Jobs , Showcase your previous Roblox projects on the Creator Page and Apply for Jobs and chat with the Job Poster within Talent Hub. also you can make yourself available for others to reach out to you.

Wrapping up

so becoming a Roblox developer can make you some money and you can turn it to a side hustle if you focus and got good at it. but as you saw above the highest earning are from the game owners.

so if your aim is to make most money from Roblox you need to make your game eventually, but it’s not easy to make it popular as you actually have to make a good game that players will love then market it well.

Check also how to become a Roblox Developer & and how to learn Lua for Roblox fast.

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