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Here in this page you will find Robux to USD converter at Roblox currently exchange rate which is 1 Robux equals USD 0.0035.

But before thinking how much money you will get for the amount of Robux you have, you should know that you should have at least 50,000 Robux in your account to exchange your earned Robux for USD using the Developer Exchange program.

Robux to USD Converter

Roblox Developer Exchange rate

in this Robux to USD Converter The Current Exchange Rate for Cash Out is $0.0035 per Earned Robux.

Requirements to cash out in DevEx

A “Cash Out” is an option to convert Robux to USD at the “Current Exchange Rate. These requirement need to be met before you apply for cash out:

  • meet the minimum to cash out (50K Robux)
  • You are allowed to cash out only once a month
  • Roblox will review your earnings before approving the cash out to make sure you earned Robux in compliance with Terms of Use and Roblox Community Standards.

How to earn Robux?

You can earn Robux by creating games and assets and you can earn Robux from the following:

  • Selling avatar items – you can sell avatar items such as t shirts, hats and other items , either in Roblox market place or in your experience.
  • Offering in-experience purchases – If you are a developer and you made your own game you can offer in game items for players to purchase such as gems or game items and abilities. check how to become Roblox developer ?
  • Having an engaging experience – if you build an engaging game where players tend to spend lot of time, Roblox will reward you for that and it will be calculated automatically and receive your payment without having to request it.
  • Creating and selling Studio assets and plugins – If you build special models and plugins you can sell them in the community.


How much is 100k Robux in DevEx?

100K Robux in DevEx equals 350$.

How much is 1k Robux worth in USD?

1k Robux worth in 3.5$ USD

How much money is 50k Robux DevEx?

50k Robux in DevEx equals 175$ and it’s the minimum requirement that you have to meet to be able to convert your Robux into real money.

What is the price of 1 million Robux?

1 million Robux worth 3500$.

can you exchange robux for real money?

Yes, you can exchange your Robux to real money , but you have to have at least 50,000 robux in your account and to be 13 Yo or older.

What is Robux to USD Converter rate ?

The Current Exchange Rate is 0.0035 for each Robux you have.

Can robux be converted to money ?

yes you can convert Robux into money by using DevEx and after meeting the minimum requirement of 50K Robux

Final thoughts

Before being excited how much you will get for Robux you have make sure you meet all the requirements of DevEx. andthat you wait for a month between your requests to cash out ; and most importantly you should make sure you earned your robux while respecting Roblox TOS.

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