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Roblox Kat value list (Searchable List)

roblox kat value list
Written by Wayka Mido

Roblox kat value list below isn’t an official one by any means , but it wil helpful for you to know the range of how much an item is traded for and set a base cost between players.

roblox kat value list

Primaries items Value

Ban Hammer9,000Low9,000 - 9,000ShopStable
Karambit450,000Medium1 - 450,000Halloween CrateStable
Scream300,000Medium1 - 300,000Halloween 2020Unstable
Reaper115,000Normal80,000 - 135,000Halloween 2019Unstable
Null25,000Medium20,000 - 30,000CrateStable
Fury10,000Normal9,000 - 12,000CrateStable
Chaos8,500Low4,500 - 8,500ShopStable
Check V70,000Medium60,000 - 80,000CraftingStable
Piano-Breaker200,000Normal1 - 200,000Halloween CrateDeclining
Technolyze120,000Low100,000 - 140,000Halloween CrateUnstable
Cat Knife140,000Medium100,000 - 160,000Halloween CrateDeclining
Skylark85,000Low60,000 - 100,000Halloween CrateStable
Midnight8,000Low8,000 - 10,000CrateStable
Heartbreaker8,000Low8,000 - 10,000CrateStable
Tomahawk7,000Low8,500 - 8,500CrateStable
Stinger7,000Low7,500 - 7,500CrateStable
Dragonlore7,000Low7,000 - 7,000CrateStable
Flambe7,000Normal7,000 - 10,000CraftingStable
Overseer II6,500Normal6,500 - 6,500CraftingStable
Mirror Knife6,000Low3,000 - 8,000UnobtainableStable
Tombstoner (2020)25,000Medium20,000 - 30,000Halloween CrateStable
Check IV30,000Medium25,000 - 30,000CraftingStable
Check III15,000Medium10,000 - 20,000CraftingStable
Check II8,000Medium5,000 - 10,000CraftingStable
Yuki Onna10,000Normal5,000 - 15,000Halloween CrateStable
Void Knife15,000Low10,000 - 17,000Halloween CrateStable
Blackheart10,000Normal4,000 - 12,000Halloween CrateStable
Great Blue5,000Low4,000 - 8,000Halloween CrateStable
Evergreen10,000Low5,000 - 10,000Halloween CrateStable
Legacy15,000Normal13,000 - 17,000UnobtainableStable
Eternal Flames4,000Normal2,000 - 6,000CrateStable
Overseer3,000Normal3,000 - 3,000CrateStable
Check3,000Medium1,000 - 5,000CrateStable
Dark2,000Normal2,000 - 2,000CrateStable
Zombie Slayer1,000Low1,000 - 1,000CrateStable
Cutlass500Low500 - 500CrateStable
Thunder450Low450 - 450CrateStable
Poker300Low300 - 300CrateStable
Tombstoner (2019)35,000Medium25,000 - 40,000Halloween 2019Stable
Bone Knife20,000Normal10,000 - 25,000Halloween 2019Stable
Plasma3,500Low5,000 - 10,000Halloween CrateStable
Yin Yang4,000Normal5,000 - 15,000Halloween CrateStable
Azure3,000Low3,000 - 6,000Halloween CrateStable
Shovel4,500Low3,000 - 6,000UnobtainableStable
Frying Pan2,000Normal1,000 - 5,000CrateStable
Cleaver2,000Medium1,000 - 2,000CrateStable
Pickle Rick1,500Medium1,500 - 1,500CrateStable
Brain Buster1,500Low1,000 - 3,000Halloween CrateStable
Peanut Sparkle1,500Low3,000 - 6,000Halloween CrateStable
Binary300Normal300 - 300CrateStable
Silverfang300Low300 - 300CrateStable
Clown250Low250 - 250CrateStable
Danger300Low300 - 300CrateStable
Butterfly300Low300 - 300CrateStable
Pickle1,000Low1,000 - 1,000CrateStable
MLG250Low250 - 250CrateStable
Sand Dune300Low300 - 300CrateStable
Hamburger200Low200 - 200CrateStable
Pool Time200Low200 - 200CrateStable
Roblox Knife100Low100 - 100CrateStable
School Tool200Low100 - 100CrateStable
Hellfire250Low100 - 100CrateStable
Soundwave250Low100 - 100CrateStable
Watermelon200Low100 - 100CrateStable
Wooden200Low200 - 200CrateStable
Toilet Talk100#N/ACrateStable

Secondary items Value

The LongShot1,000,000Medium1 - 1,000,000UnobtainableUnstable
R6 Revolver1,500,000High1 - 1,500,000UnobtainableUnstable
AWP-Neo135,000High110,000 - 145,000CrateStable
Death AWP125,000High110,000 - 135,000CrateStable
AWP100,000Medium75,000 - 100,000CrateStable
King of Spades10,000Normal9,000 - 12,000CrateStable
Banana250,000Normal1 - 250,000Halloween CrateUnstable
USP-S30,000Medium25,000 - 35,000CrateStable
Six Bullets20,000Normal15,000 - 25,000CrateStable
Paintball Gun15,000Normal10,000 - 15,000CrateStable
Shotgun Revolver8,500Low8,500 - 8,500ShopStable
Gold Lugar4,000Low2,000 - 6,000CrateStable
Soul6,000Normal4,000 - 8,000CrateStable
Lost6,000Normal4,000 - 8,000CrateStable
Void Revolver2,000Low1,000 - 3,000CrateStable
Corrupt1,000Low1,000 - 2,000CrateStable
Spookshot8,000Low5,000 - 9,000Halloween 2019Stable
Desperado4,500Normal2,000 - 6,000CrateStable
Rosequartz200Low200 - 200CrateStable

Extra items Value

customBeam150,000Medium1 - 150,000Black MarketStable
MVP Token [BM]85,000Medium70,000 - 120,000Black MarketStable
Halloween Crate [BM]150,000Normal100,000 - 200,000Black MarketStable
VIP Token [BM]70,000Medium55,000 - 90,000Black MarketStable
Radio Token [BM]60,000Medium45,000 - 75,000Black MarketStable
Crate [BM]30,000Normal25,000 - 50,000Black MarketStable
Hyperbeam15,000Normal15,000 - 15,000Shop ItemStable
Deathbeam6,000Low6,000 - 6,000Shop ItemStable
Menacing25,000Medium25,000 - 45,000CrateStable
Burning Flames12,500Low10,000 - 15,000CrateStable
Overflow15,000Low10,000 - 20,000CrateStable
Hotdog Scout15,000Low20,000 - 20,000CrateStable
Halloween Crate90,000Normal50,000 - 110,000Robux
Tesla Token15,000Medium10,000 - 20,000RobuxStable
Halloween Crate15,000Normal10,000 - 20,000Hospital MapDeclining
MVP Token12,000Normal10,000 - 15,000RobuxStable
Radio Token4,000Low4,000 - 4,000RobuxStable
Shard Token8,500Low8,500 - 8,500RobuxStable
Shotgun Token5,500Low5,500 - 5,500RobuxStable
Coffin Dweller1,000Low500 - 2,000Halloween 2020Stable
VIP Token4,500Low4,500 - 4,500RobuxStable
Bombinomicon3,000Low2,000 - 4,000Halloween 2019Stable
Name Tag5,000Medium3,000 - 7,000RobuxStable
Crate1,500Medium1,000 - 5,000RobuxStable

Discord Trading server

To trade with other players you can join Main KAT Server on discord or the KAT: Trading Server here.

Can you trade in Roblox Kat?

Yes you can trade in Roblox Kat, the feature of trading items was added in the game on june 2020 update.

What is flambe worth in Kat?

The flambe item in Kat trades at 7,000 gems

How much is crescendo worth in Kat?

Crescendo is a unique knife that you can buy in the game shop for 3500 gems.

How much is Ban Hammer worth in Kat?

Ban Hammer is an item that is obtainable in the shop for 9000 gems.

Final thoughts

Hope you have fun trading to get your favorite item in Roblox Kat , if you like to play Flee The Facility check Flee The Facility value list .

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