How to Send Envoy CIV 6 on PC ? (step by step)

How to Send Envoy CIV 6
Written by Wike Cattleyana

Are you struggling to send Envoy in Civilization VI? Don’t worry, check out our short guide below.

how to send envoy civ 6

An Envoy is a diplomatic representative of your Civilization who serves you in city-states.

Envoys are obtained through the use of influence points, which may be obtained in a variety of ways during the game. The key sources of influence points are governments and policies.

Envoys gain resources over time, and the more Envoys you send to a specific City-State, the more power you gain over that City-State. With enough power, you can become Suzerain of that City-State, which grants you special benefits and ensures your support in both peace and war.

Suzerains can even pay gold to temporarily levy the City-armed State’s formations.

How To Send Envoy CIV 6 on PC:

Here is w To Send Envoy CIV 6 :

  1. On the right corner of your your screen, you will see three horizontal buttons, press the middle button to see the City-State.
  2. You will see city-state list, envoy, and bonus earn section
  3. Press the right arrow on to send number of envoy you want to send on selected city state.
  4. After that, press confirm placement on the right bottom corner of your screen.
  5. And you successfully send the envoy!

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For more detail on how to send envoy CIV 6, see the video below

Players can even send an Envoy to a City-State with whom they are at war, changing the City-allegiance State’s in the middle of the battle. Declaring war on a City-State removes all Envoys from that City-State; otherwise, Envoys remain there indefinitely.

Certain circumstances and acts may allow Envoys to be withdrawn from a City-State, and we’ll clarify them as we come closer to the release of Civilization VI.

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