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King Legacy Value List [UPDATED]

King Legacy Value List
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Are you in search of the latest King Legacy Value List? Your search ends here. We provide you with a comprehensive updated King Legacy Value List to keep you updated on the most current in-game prices.

King Legacy Value List

Within this guide, King Legacy Value List. It’s important to note that these values can fluctuate, so treat them as approximate estimates.

We keep this list up-to-date, so be sure to bookmark Mydailyspins and check back regularly.

King Legacy Value List- Fruit Worth

FruitRarityTypeDemandValuePerm ValuePriceGem CostRobux Price
Ope Fruti FruitRareParamecia6/108,000,000106,000,000$3,500,0005 Gem1,750R$
Dragon FruitLegendaryZeon10/1045,000,000164,000,000$6,500,00010 Gem3,200R$
Mammoth FruitRareZeon6/109,000,000116,000,000$3,700,0007 Gem1,850R$
Sand FruitRareLogia4/10300,0008,000,000$1,500,0001 Gem750R$
String FruitUncommonParamecia5/101,500,00082,000,000$2,400,0003 Gem1,200R$
Bomb FruitCommonParamecia1/1060,0001,000,000$250,0001 Gem125R$
Human FruitCommonZeon3/10125,0001,000,000$850,0001 Gem425R$
Smoke FruitUncommonLogia5/101,500,00082,000,000$2,400,0005 Gem1,200R$
Paw FruitUncommonParamecia3/10125,0001,000,000$600,0001 Gem300R$
Flame FruitEpicLogia5/101,500,00082,000,000$2,300,0003 Gem1,150R$

King Legacy Value List- Accessories Worth

Hallow LampWaist5% Sword Damage, 7.5% reduced sword damagePurchase with 1-5% chance for 500 candies from NPC in front of the castle
Night NecklaceNeck Accessory+10% Sword Damage, +5% Sword Damage ReductionObtain by passing the 30th wave in a Raid, with a 1% drop from Mike
Biscuit ShoulderShoulder3% Sword Damage5% chance drop by killing Biscuit Man on Wholecake Island
Black CloakBack+1% to all damages, +250 HealthDrop from defeating Gate Keeper Level 1750 in a normal raid
Oni MaskFace+10% Devil Fruit Damage, 7.5% damage reduction5% chance drop after killing The Crimson Demon in Magma Zone
Inferno CloakBack, Cape+20% DMG reduction, +10% Speed BoostDropped by Hydra (2% Tier 1, 2% Tier 2, 5% Tier 3, 10% Tier 4)
Sally CrownHead+10% Sword Damage, +5 Run Speed5% chance drop from Sally on New Pirate Island (2nd Sea)
NativitatisHead, Hat+5% Health, +10% Reduced Fruit DMGDrop by killing Santa in Winter event 2022 (15% drop chance)
Blue CloakBack+1% to all damages, +250 HealthObtained after passing wave 5 in a normal raid
Hefty CoatBack10% Health, +5% Fruit Damage5% drop chance from Hefty in Marines Headquartier

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