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Lumber Tycoon 2 Value List [UPDATED]

Lumber Tycoon 2 Value List
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In search of the latest Lumber Tycoon 2 Value List? Your search ends here. We provide you with a comprehensive updated Lumber Tycoon 2 Value List to keep you updated on the most current in-game prices.

Lumber Tycoon 2 Value List

Within this guide, Lumber Tycoon 2 Value List. It’s important to note that these values can fluctuate, so treat them as approximate estimates.

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Lumber Tycoon 2 Value List-AXES

Axe NameMoneyR$In StockHow to Get
Basic Hatchet121R$INBuyable in Wood R Us
Plain Axe901R$OUTBuyable in Wood R Us
Steel Axe1901R$OUTBuyable in Wood R Us
Hardened Axe5502R$ 1R$OUTBuyable in Wood R Us
Silver Axe20403R$ 2R$OUTBuyable in Wood R Us
Alpha Axe20k15R$ 10R$INBuyable in alpha
Beta Axe15k10R$ 5R$INBuyable in beta
Rukiryaxe20k10R$ 5R$IN“After purchasing all items needed to obtain this axe, the player must then enter the Taiga Biome”
Fire Axe15k10R$ 5R$INA 2015 Christmas gift
End Times Axe20k15R$ 10R$INAvailable on Halloween of 2016
Candy Cane Axe5k5R$ 3R$INA 2016 Christmas gift
Gold AxeN/AN/AOUTOnly obtainable by admins
Stone AxeN/AN/AOUTIn early development, replaced by basic hatchet
Chicken AxeN/AN/AOUTWas spawnable
Lumberman’s AxeN/AN/AOUT

Lumber Tycoon 2 Value List-ITEMS

Item NameMoneyR$In StockHow to Get
Yellow Noob Head20k20R$ 15R$INAvailable in Christmas of 2015
Red Noob Head20k15R$ 10R$INAvailable in Christmas of 2016
Blue Ball15k15R$ 10R$OUTAvailable in Christmas of 2016
Red Ball20k15R$ 10R$INAvailable in Christmas of 2015
Dark Pumpkin20k10R$ 5R$INAvailable in Halloween of 2016
Pumpkin30k15R$ 10R$INAvailable in Halloween of 2015
Sleigh35k25R$ 20R$OUTAvailable in Christmas of 2016
Spork30k25R$ 20R$INAvailable in Christmas of 2016
Numbered Cubes30k (Rares > 30k)50R$ 40R$OUTAvailable in Christmas of 2016
Turkey40k25R$ 20R$OUTAvailable during Thanksgiving of 2016
Coal40k10R$ 5R$OUTAvailable in Christmas of 2015
Bold and Brash40k30R$ 25R$OUT
Eyeball10k5R$ 5R$INAvailable for a limited time

Lumber Tycoon 2 Value List-WOODS

Wood NameIn StockHow to Get
Grey WoodINWas hacked wood no longer obtainable
Elm WoodOUTMost common tree spawns near spawn
Test WoodOUT?????
Pink WoodOUTAvailable for a week in June of 2016 only on Xbox
Snowglow WoodOUTObtainable in the Roblox Winter Games 2017
Oak WoodOUTObtainable on the mountain and near spawn
Walnut WoodOUTObtainable in the Safari Biome
Cherry WoodOUTObtainable near spawn, Safari Biome, and Cherry Meadow
Birch WoodOUTObtainable on the mountain and at the Tropics Biome
Fir WoodOUTObtainable in the Taiga Biome
Pine WoodOUTObtainable in the Taiga Biome
Koa WoodOUTObtainable in the Tropics Biome
Lava WoodINObtainable at the top of the Volcano
Zombie WoodINObtainable from the Swamp
Cavecrawler WoodOUTObtainable in a cave after going over the ferry
Gold WoodOUTObtainable from the Swamp
Palm WoodOUTObtainable from the Sand Islands
Spook WoodINObtainable in Halloween of 2015 and 2016
Sinister WoodINObtainable in Halloween of 2015 and 2016
Phantom WoodIN

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