My Hero Mania codes, Quirks And Bosses

My Hero Mania
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Today we will talk about My Hero Mania codes, Quirks, Bosses and try to answer some frequently asked questions about the game

My Hero Mania is a fighting Roblox game released late April 2020 and reached more than 4 Million visits on Roblox. the game is still in early test stages so you might face some bugs and errors while playing.

My Hero Mania codes

  • likereward1: 2 spins
  • 110kcodeyay: 5 spins
  • plus120k!: 4 free spins
  • big130k: 5 free spins
  • ultra140k: 5 free spins
  • letsgo150k: 5 free spins
  • 160ktux: 5 free spins
  • zi170k: free spins
  • spinner180k: 5 free spin
  • thank220k: 5 Free Spins 
  • 210kCODE!: 5 free spins
  • goal200k: 10 Free Spins
  • theultra190k: free spins

My Hero Mania Quirks

these are all the available Quirks in My Hero Mania:

Common Quirks:

  • Super Strength
  • Super Regeneration
  • Invisibility
  • Shock Absorption
  • Ice

Rare Quirks:

  • Gravity
  • Engine
  • Air Cannon

Epic Quirks:

  • Explosion
  • Phoenix
  • Dark Shadow

Legendary Quirks:

  • One For All (OFA)
  • Half Hot Half Cold (HHHC)
  • Hellflame

My Hero Mania Bosses

Weak Villain:


  • Exp: 3500
  • Money: 350
  • Rank: +20
  • Required Level: 20



  • Heroes & Villains
  • Exp: 7000
  • Money: 200
  • Rank: 30
  • Required Level: 30



  • Heroes & Villains
  • Exp: 15200
  • Money: 1200
  • Rank: 40
  • Required Level: 60

My Hero Mania Map

This My Hero Mania map with location of bosses and villains:

My Hero Mania Map
My Hero Mania map

the developer of the game releases some rewards like Double EXP! for 1 Day, so make sure to follow their official twitter account and join MHM Discord server.

My Hero Mania codes
My Hero Mania limited Rewards
My Hero Mania codes
My Hero Mania limited Rewards

My Hero Mania FAQ

Will my stats get reset?

At the moment, the game is in it’s stress testing phase; expect your stats/progress to be reset.

How do I get a new quirk in My Hero Mania?

At hospital (Check the map). Or search for the respin icon.

How can I get gear and other items?

Search for the shopping cart icon in the map.

What’s the max level in My Hero Mania?

The Max Level now is 160, but this can be changed soon as the game owner still releasing updates and making improvements.

How do I get spins in My Hero Mania?

There are 3 ways to get spins

  1. Buy spins from the hospital.
  2. Every 5 levels you get 1 common spin.
  3. From daily rewards.

Are there spin codes?

For now there are no spins codes in My Hero Mania.

How do stats work?

  • Strength: Increases your combat/quirk damage.
  • Speed: Increases movement speed. (No, it has nothing to do with attack speed)
  • Defense: Increases health.
  • Energy: Increases your energy bar. (No, it has nothing to do with quirk damage)

If I spin my quirk, do I keep the skills I’ve purchased?

Yes, after you spin your quirk you still have the skills you purchased.

Other Game codes

that’s is for this guide abour My Hero Mania codes, quirks and bosses, for more infor about the game check the official Trello board here.

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