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Roblox Tatakai codes

Looking for Tatakai codes? here in this article we listed the latest codes make sure to redeem them while they still valid.

Tatakai codes :

these are all the active codes for Tatakai:

  • !code M3rryChristmas: 2x spins.
  • !code R3Ta3kw0ndo: Free spins.
  • !code Sub2Bapelxrd: 1x spins.

in addition to these codes you will get Free 2X EXP every 1 Hour of Playtime or A free Clan Re-roll every 1 Day of Playtime!

How to Find Tatakai codes ?

The codes are posted on Tatakai’s twitter or in Discord server and sometimes hidden on a video on youtube like this one:


Does uncommon clans have any special thing about them?

Uncommon clans gets a higher dura cap or a small damage boost (Only applies for Uncommon Clans)

Is there anyway to boost training durability?

Yes, Not many people know this but the less hunger you have the more durability exp you get!

How often does the game update?

Mostly weekly updates but could be postponed on special occasions(school exams etc)

Is there way to get Free Clan Re-rolls or Free 2x EXP Boosts?

Yes, You could get a Free 10 minutes every 1 Hour of Playtime and a Free Clan Re-roll every 1 day of total playtime.

About Tatakai game

Tatakai is a Roblox fighting game released on June 2020 and has more than 5 Million visits on Roblox. the game is based off Baki, with references from Naruto and even Hunter x Hunter.

If you have more questions about the game or a code didn’t work for you feel free to let us know in the comments.

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Roblox Tatakai codes
Roblox Tatakai codes

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