Rimworld How To Feed Animals?

Rimworld How To Feed Animals
Written by Wike Cattleyana

Are you tired to see your animals dying because of malnutrition? There might be something wrong with how you feed them. Read this article to know tips in Rimworld how to feed animals

rimworld how to feed animals

In Rimworld there are a wide variety of animals you can have. From cattle, pets, guard animals to a pack of beasts. Each animal has its own set of statistics and hunger meters. That means that certain animals will become more hungry sooner than others, and some will run faster than others.

You might be happy if a group of animals wanders into your region and decides to join your colony. But you have to consider do you have the resources to feed them before you let these animals into your colony.

These animals have different diets depending on the species. However, you can feed all types of animals, including herbivores, with prepared meals (kibbles and pemmican), all animals except Wargs. Wargs can only consume raw meat and corpses.

Live plants (excluding trees) and hay grass are edible to all purely herbivorous animals and certain omnivorous species (most notably pigs and boars). Tree-eating animals like the Alphabeaver and Thrumbo can consume both trees and other plant-based diets.

Rimworld how to feed animals

Rimworld’s 1.3 updates added several of the new features. Certain animals, such as donkeys and mares, must now be kept in a confined area to prevent them from leaving your colony.

It’s critical to provide your pets with a food supply that they can reach once you’ve built a pen for them. You may either build a stockpiling area within their pen or just try to grow food for them there. In the best-case scenario, the enclosure will be situated in a grassy area where the majority of these animals will be able to roam freely without requiring much feeding.

If they don’t have access to a grazing area, you’ll need to build up a tiny stockpile zone where you may keep their food and set the priority to high.

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Why the Animals Won’t Eat?

The following are some of the most common reasons why your animals in Rimworld are still refusing to eat:

  • Simply said, you don’t have any of their meal types available.
  • The space where animals are permitted does not include the area where food is stored.
  • The animal is paralyzed or unable to walk due to a medical condition. They are grazing on the soil grass, devouring your plants, or just aren’t hungry!

That’s all our insights on Rimworld how to feed animals. You have to be aware that if animals are inside their permitted area, they may eat on consumable things nearby, so be sure to move these out of the way to prevent missing food supplies.

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