Rise of Nations Roblox Best Countries

Rise of Nations Roblox Best Countries
Written by Wike Cattleyana
Rise of Nations Roblox Best Countries

In Roblox’s Rise of Nations, you can play as any nation with the objective of conquering other nations and eventually the entire planet. The gameplay is greatly influenced by Hearts of Iron in terms of gameplay (HOI4). This post will go through several Rise of Nations Roblox best countries.

Rise of Nations Roblox Best Countries – Tier S

Tier VII countries are the world’s major superpowers. Their population, labor force, and economy are massive. To play as any of these nations, you’ll need at least 100,000 XP, with China requiring the highest at 250,000. There are currently just three superpowers (at least for the time being):

ChinaEast Asia
IndiaIndian Peninsula
United StatesNorth America

Rise of Nations Roblox Best Countries – Tier A

Tier A countries are the world’s smaller superpowers. Their population is huge, and their economy and military are among the greatest in the world. On the country selection screen, all of these countries have a silver bar next to their flag.

BrazilSouth America
IndonesiaSoutheast Asia
JapanEast Asia
MexicoNorth America
RussiaEast Europe & North Asia

Rise of Nations Roblox Best Countries – Tier B

Tier B nations are global superpowers. Their personnel and military might are formidable, and their economy is flourishing. In the country selection screen, they will have a grey or gold bar to the left of their flag.

ArgentinaSouth America
ColombiaSouth America
EgyptMiddle East
GermanyCentral Europe
IranMiddle East
NigeriaWest Africa
PakistanSouth Asia
PhilippinesPhilippines Sea
South KoreaKorean Peninsula
TurkeyAnatolian Peninsula
United KingdomBritish Isles

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Rise of Nations Roblox Best Countries – Tier C

BangladeshIndian Peninsula
CanadaNorth America
ChileSouth America
Democratic Republic of the CongoCentral Africa
FranceWest Europe
IraqMiddle East
ItalyItalian Peninsula
MalaysiaMalay Archipelago
MoroccoWest Africa
PeruSouth America
PolandCentral Europe
Saudi ArabiaArabian Peninsula
South AfricaSouth Africa
SpainIberian Peninsula
SudanNorth Africa
TaiwanEast Asia
UkraineEast Europe
VenezuelaSouth America

Rise of Nations Roblox Best Countries – Tier D

Tier III countries aren’t insignificant, but they aren’t yet regional powers. Their economy, military output, and stability have all improved, and they now have a reasonable amount of money. They also start with a bit more than 60000 workers.

AfghanistanSouth Asia
AlgeriaNorth Africa
AngolaSouth Africa
AustriaCentral Europe
BelarusEast Europe
BoliviaCentral South America
BulgariaBalkan Peninsula
Burkina FasoWest Africa
BurmaSoutheast Asia
CameroonWest Africa
Cote d’IvoireWest Africa
CubaCaribbean Sea
Czech RepublicCentral Europe
Dominican RepublicCaribbean Sea
EcuadorSouth America
El SalvadorCentral America
EthiopiaEast Africa
GhanaWest Africa
GreeceBalkan Peninsula
GuatemalaCentral America
GuineaWest Africa
HaitiCaribbean Sea
Hong KongEast Asia
HungaryCentral Europe
IsraelMiddle East
JordanMiddle East
KazakhstanCentral Asia/Eastern Europe
KenyaEast Africa
LebanonMiddle East
LibyaNorth Africa
MadagascarSouth Africa
MaliWest Africa
MozambiqueSouthern Africa
NepalSouth Asia
New ZealandPacific Ocean
North KoreaKorean Peninsula
ParaguaySouth America
PortugalIberian Peninsula
Republic of CongoWest Africa
RomaniaBalkan Peninsula
SenegalWest Africa
SingaporeSoutheast Asia
SomaliaEast Africa
SyriaMiddle East/Levant
TajikistanCentral Asia
TanzaniaEast Africa
TunisiaNorth Africa
UgandaCentral Africa
United Arab EmiratesArabian Peninsula/Middle East/Gulf State
UruguaySouth America
UzbekistanCentral Asia
YemenArabian Peninsula/Middle East
ZambiaSouthern Africa
ZimbabweSouthern Africa

The biggest countries in the game are the first thing to notice. Russia, China, India, and the United States are the four countries. Unless you want to face the difficulty of defending against a big army with a small country from the start, you should avoid any nation close to these nations unless they are played by someone allying with you (your friend).

Being close to these nations puts you at risk of being invaded before you get a chance to achieve anything worthwhile and survive. Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Estonia, and a number of other minor neighboring nations should be avoided.

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