All Best Animals to Tame Rimworld

Best Animals to Tame Rimworld
Written by Wike Cattleyana
Best animals to tame Rimworld

If you want to keep animals in your colony, you’ll need to practice maintenance taming. Not just as a source of food (meat and milk), but also as active participants – delivering materials, rescuing downed animals and men, and the elite fighting squad, among other things.

We have gathered players feed back on what is the best animals to tame Rimworld for you all.

Best Animals to Tame Rimworld – Haulers


Pigs are incredibly easy to teach and produce a large number of offspring, but they consume a lot of food. They will, however, eat anything, and you do not require a minimum animal skill. Pigs can only be purchased via traders.


They are better than labs. They’re faster, stronger, very easy to train, don’t eat as much as pigs, but don’t eat as much variety as pigs. You don’t need a minimum animals skill, but you also can only buy them off of traders.


Foxes are level 6 animals and maybe the best hauling animals, because compared to huskies and pigs they don’t eat much. The only downside on foxes is they only eat of meat and kibble.

Best Animals to Tame Rimworld – Fighters


They are reliable but delicate. They’re strong and fast and eat anything, and easy to train, as I said before.


Bears are my second favorite attack animal. They’re strong, bulky, and eat anything. I’d recommend bringing backup if you’re going to tame bears. Bring other tamed animals if available, as losing them isn’t a big problem if they take the brunt of the damage.

You’ll almost certainly have your pawn fire the first shot, but after that you’ll be alright. You shouldn’t lose any limbs if you’re wearing good armor.


Wargs were created to fight. They have great speed and damage, but they will only consume meat or corpses and will not take kibble. They’re difficult to train, and wild ones have a proclivity for devouring your animal tamer.

Best Animals to Tame Rimworld – Utility


Their wool is highly valued by traders, and clothing produced of it is not only valuable but also highly insulating against heat and cold. Plus, of all the wool-bearing animals, they produce the fastest wool.

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Best Animals to Tame Rimworld – Food


If you have land for them to graze, muffalo are a fantastic food source, especially since they’re easy to tame. You can also shear and milk them on sometimes.


Chickens are well-known food producers. Two of their eggs may make a basic dinner, and their meat is also a wonderful source of food because they grow so quickly (15 days) and produce so many babies. Traders can sell you fertilized eggs and chickens.

Be aware that a huge number of chickens (which is rather easy to obtain) will cause lag, deplete your feed supply, and result in a flood of sculptures depicting birds vomiting.

Cows and Pigs

They are inherently good because they’re domestic animals (real-life domestic animals tend to be the best ones to keep) however they’re a very long-term investment for colonies that are going to last years and also require lots and lots of food.


Just keep in mind that if you start taming predators in large numbers, your tamers will have a tougher time keeping your animals. And you Keep in mind that if you begin taming predators in big numbers, your tamers will find it more difficult to keep your animals.

You may also begin to lose specific animals, resulting in a return to a feral state. This can be dealt with in a variety of ways. Picking and choosing which predators to tame for your “animal army” is one technique.

The tutorial’s second half focuses on identifying how wild a predator is and how to select better predators to tame.

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