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Roblox Hero Havoc codes

Roblox Hero Havoc codes
Written by Wayka Mido

These new Hero Havoc codes will reward you some free gold and a green slime and a whole lot of other rewards, make sure to redeem these codes while they still valid and not expired:

  • Deadveloper: Rewards (New).
  • SummoningRitual: A Brick Lad.
  • AllIWantForChristmas: Gamer with freeze II.
  • Thanks: 2 Hour Soul Boost.
  • NotReallyASlime: Green Slime with Halloween.
  • OwolSword: .wooden sword with Owol.
  • Wishbirthday2: Gold.
  • ActualMelonBird: A Melon Bird.
  • UselessOwol: An Owol.
  • INVALIDPizza: A Pizza Warrior.
  • FireCactus: Prickles.
  • SoulSlime: An Owol.
  • Pittance: A gem.
  • GamerStatus: A gamer.
  • SickGoldBoost: 2h x2 hold.
  • GOODGOLD: 250k gold.
  • BATTLEROWOYALE: Use this code after completing the Cassidy Quest line and receive 1 Howoly Souls.

How to redeem Hero Havoc codes?

To redeem the codes for Hero Havoc codes just click on the twitter icon on the top menu then enter the codes in the next screen that appears:

Roblox Hero Havoc codes
Roblox Hero Havoc codes

About Hero Havoc

Hero Havoc is a Roblox game that was created in 2019 by wish_z, it reached more than 10 million visits since then, the game is a multiplier game where you have to defend your world against the devil , all while forming a good team and collecting gold.

you can follow the developer on twitter to get the latest updates about the game, also join the discord server of the game and engage with other players their.

Other Roblox Codes

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Roblox Hero Havoc codes
Roblox Hero Havoc codes

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