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Written by Wayka Mido

Slither Unblocked is a multiplayer game where you control a colorful snake through the map and make it bigger by consuming small glowing dots and smaller snakes than you .

Slither io game was first relased in 2016 an it was developed by Steve Howse , and it got so popular after many gamer youtubers introduced it to their audience.

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Slither Unblocked


Are slither.io players real ?

slither.io players aren’t always real, many of the snakes you face are just bots.

Can you play slither io on pc ?

Yes you can play slither.io On PC using only your browser.

Can you play slither io with friends ?

You can play slither.io with your friends if you end up in same server , just remember their username and you will know when you face them.

When did slither io come out ?

slither.io game came out in 2016 , and it grew in popularity very fast.

What are games like slither.io ?

there are many games like slither.io like snake 3D , agar.io and worm.is .

Where to play slither.io ?

You can play slither.io online on your browser or on phone , or download it’s android or IOS app.

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