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World of Trollge Value List [UPDATED]

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Are you in search of the latest World of Trollge Value list? Your search ends here. We provide you with a comprehensive updated World of Trollge value list to keep you updated on the most current in-game prices.

World of Trollge Value List

Within this guide, World of Trollge value list. It’s important to note that these values can fluctuate, so treat them as approximate estimates.

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Meaning of colors of rarity and demand:

Rarity & DemandColorMeaning
Very easy to getGreenAlmost no one wants it (1-3)
Quite hard to getYellowMost people are not looking for it, unless as an add (4-6)
Very hard to getOrangePeople are often looking for it (7-8)
UnobtainableRedAlmost everyone wants it (9-10)

Comprehensive World of Trollge Value List

Stability & PricingMeaning
StableValue probably won’t change at the moment, safe for trading.
UnstableValue has a big chance of dropping, should avoid trading for this.
RisingTroll/item went unobtainable, often gets overpays, consider holding for future profit.
HypedProbably new or received a rework, value will rise quickly, trade for great overpay (be cautious of potential future value drops).
OverpricedReceives a lot of offers higher than the expected value, focus on these for trading.
UnderpricedGets lower offers than the expected value, should be avoided in trading.

World of Trollge Value List

World of Trollge Value List Guide

Cups & TrollsCups appear regularly on the map and can provide different trolls. Some are rarer, and a few cannot be found naturally or crafted.
Troll StorageThe top of the screen has a troll storage for keeping acquired trolls. The Ki Bank also acts as additional troll storage. Be cautious, as switching trolls will lead to item loss.
Item StorageAt the screen’s top, you’ll find an item storage for cups and items. Click on a slot to store or retrieve items; the item drop option is within this storage.
TradingThe trading center is where you can swap your trolls/items with those of other players.
BossesEvery 15 minutes, a random boss appears. Defeating them can reward you with cups or relics, depending on the boss’s type.
RelicsRelics are used to enhance specific trolls. Upgrade trolls by equipping them, holding the relic, and interacting with the Troll Upgrader.
ForgingAnvils allow you to craft items and cups. To create something, ensure you have the necessary items in your inventory and interact with the anvil.

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